QA. XVI [16] Sūrat al-`Arsh (The Surah of the Throne) on Qur'ān 12: 15


Part  XVI


 سورة العرش 

  Sūrat al-`Arsh

(The Surah of the Throne) 


Qur'ān 12: 15

Translation Stephen N. Lambden



بسم اللّه الرّحمن الرّحيم

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


"So when they went with him, and agreed to put him in the bottom of the well, and We revealed to him, 'Thou shalt tell them of this their doing when they are unaware.'" (Q. 12: 15. Trans. Arberry). 




abjad =  1+30+40+100 = 171


God indeed did send down the Book (al-kitab) unto him, in Truth, in very Truth, a clarification (tibyan) of all things as well as  a Mercy (rahmat) and an expression of Good-News (bushra) unto all the worlds [of God]. [5] Praised be unto God Who, in very Truth, sent down the Book (al-kitab) unto Our Word (kalimat). This to the end that the people might recollect [celebrate, make mention of]  (mazkur an) this Bab (Gate) [mentioned] in the Mother [Archetypal] Book (umm al-kitab)nigh the [Sinaitic] Fire. [6] This is indeed Our Book (al-kitab) which, in very Truth, crieth out unto thee though most of the people do not believe in God and in His verses [signs] sent, in very Truth, unto that Bab (Gate). And God is indeed witness unto all things.


O servants of the All-Merciful!

We indeed, with the permission of God, gave thee the Good-News of the Greatest Dhikr-Remembrance of God through, in Truth, in very Truth, a decree of the Ancient One (hukm al-qadim) about that Bab (Gate), a matter [Cause] which is indeed  weighty (amr an thaqil an). [8] Wherefore was it that what God intended for thee, in thy [eschatological] Day, is obedience before God (al-ata`a Allah), the True One, in accordance, in Truth, in very Truth, with His Cause [Command) (li-amr-ihi) which is a recompense (thawab an) Upright (qawwim) before God, the Ancient One (al-qadim). [9] .    






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