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The Bab - Letter to `Ali Muhammad al-Mudhahhib on the Du`ā al-sabāḥ.



 Opening of the Du`ā al-sabāḥ - INBMC 40:155 

A Letter for Mīrzā `Ali Muhammad al-Mudhahhib

(The Goldmith, Guilder)


The Treatise on the Morning Prayer of Imam

Risala fi Du`ā al-sabāḥ.


Closing of the Du`ā al-sabāḥ - INBMC 40:162


A Select mss. of the Letter for Mīrzā `Ali Muhammad al-Mudhahhib.

  • TBA 6010C: 398-407 = INBMC 14:400-409.
  • INBMC 40:155-162.
  • INBMC 53:406-411.


A Letter for Mīrzā `Ali Muhammad al-Mudhahhib (The Goldmith, Guilder)


Risala fi Du`ā al-sabāḥ.

Translation from INBMC 40 and other mss. Stephen Lambden 2016-7.

Last updated 16-1-2016+ 23-08-2023.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Praised be to God Who originated the essences of all the atoms of the realms of existence (dharrat al-mawjudat)  through His Logos-Command (amr) and not by means of anything other than Him. This to the end that the very tongues of all spheres of possible being (al-mumkinat) might be muted [awestruck] in the light of the fact that God testifieth unto His Logos-Self (li-nafsihi), through His [own] Logos-Self (bi-nafsihi) in the stations [on the levels of] (maqamat) of the creation and the command (al-amr wa'l-khalq). He is indeed well-aware of  delimited nature of the theophanies [manifestations] (kull hadd zuhurat) pertaining to the station of the Divine Self-Disclosures (maqam al-tajilliyat) relative to the evidences of the Divine Names and Attributes (al-asma' wa'l-sifat) in relation to the Encounter [Meeting] (liqa') with His Countenance, that of His Holiness [representative of] the Divine Essence (tal`at hadrat al-dhat)!

So praised be unto God!