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The Islamo-Biblical Pseudo-Gospel of Barnabas


انجيل برنابا

Stephen Lambden UC Merced. 

Under revision and completion - 2021.

The 222 chapter (200+ page) “Gospel of Barnabas”  (= GB) ascribed to a Christian companion of Paul originally named Joses then Barnabas (fl. 1st cent CE., Acts 4:36, Chs. 11-15). It is essentially a 16th century CE Islamic created Gospel harmony extant in only  a few 16-17th mss. of Spanish and Italian Morisco (Crypto-Muslim) provenance. Most likely without any ancient mss. basis the so-called Gospel of Barnabas' has been frequently reprinted and translated in the Muslim world (Arabic, 1908; Urdu, 1916; Persian, apparently translated from an Arabic translation of the Italian original by Ḥaydar Qulī Khān Qizilbāsh "Sardār-i Kābulī"  and entitled  انجيل برنابا / Injīl-i Barnābā, ترجمۀ حيدر قلى خان قزلباش، سردار كابلى. صفير، محمد على.  Tehran: : Kitābfurūshī-i ʻIlmīyah-i Islāmiyya, 1345/1966.. Also, for example,  كتاب مقدس انجيل برنابا e.g. as the Kitab-i Muqaddas Injīl-i Barnābā (20th-21st cent. editions); among them Ḥaydar Qulī Khān Qizilbāsh "Sardār Kābulī", ترجمۀ حيدر قليخان قزلباش ''سردار كابلى''. سردار كابلى، حيدر قلي خان. Tehran: Chāpkhānah-i Ḥaydarī, 1345  1966 (399 pages). These  translations, it seems, from the Oxford 1907 English translation of an Italian MS. in the Imperial Library at Vienna by the British, Anglican priest Lonsdale Ragg  (1866- 31 July 1945) and his long-lived wife Laura Maria Ragg [nee Roberts] (1865-1962). Many translations were without the Ragg critical introduction in which this text is exposed as a Medieval forgery. Many Muslims today view the GB as the only remaining authentic Gospel despite the fact that western scholarship has for long remained unconvinced of its veracity (Ragg, 1907; Sox, 1984; Slomp, URL). A massive literature now surrounds the debate over this and related issues of scriptural preservation, transmission, falsification and veracity. Abrahamic religionists have long accused each other of tampering with sacred writ and of misquoting established scripture to suit selfish or polemical purposes.

Ragg, Laura and Lonsdale.

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  • 1908? Arabic Trans. from the Engliah [of  L and L. Ragg], as Injīl Barnābā = Gospel of Barnaba, Muhammad Rashīd Riḍā.; Khalīl Saʻādah; Aḥmad Ḥijāzī Saqā. Many 20th and 21st cent. editions.
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  •  متن کامل انجىل برنابا ؛ براساس نسخۀ اىتالىاىى کتابخانه وىن و نسخۀ اسپانىاىى دانشگاه سىدنى =  Matn-i kāmil-i Injīl-i Birnābā : bar asās-i nuskhah-ʼi Ītāliyāyī-i Kitābkhānah-i Viyan va nuskhah-ʼi Ispāniyāyī-i Dānishgāh-i Sīdnī. ترجمۀ سعىد کرىم پور. کرىم پور، سعىد. ; ; Saʻīd Karīmʹpūr; Pizhūhishgāh-i ʻUlūm-i Insānī va Muṭālaʻāt-i Farhangī.  Trans. by Saʻīd Karīmʹpūr.Tehran : Pizhūhishgāh-i ʻUlūm-i Insānī va Muṭālaʻāt-i Farhangī, 1393/ 2014. 823 pages.

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Luis F. Bernabe Pons, 1992> In Spanish:

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 "John Toland, Christianity Not Mysterious (London 1696) had a rationalistic understanding of the miracles narrated in the New Testament. In his work Nazarenus he attributes at the same time a great probability to the Gospel of Barnabas going back to the very first centuries A.D.: John Toland, Nazarenus or Jewish, Gentile and Mahometan Christianity (London 1718). He defended the Gospel of Barnabas against the common charge from the Christian side as being a willful forgery of a renegade of the Middle Ages: "How great ... is the ignorance of those, who make this an original invention of the Mahometans." J. Toland, Nazarenus, p. 17. Or: "After this mature examination I could safely say, that this Gospel might in the main be the ancient Gospel of Barnabas." J. Toland, Tetradymus (London 1720), p. 148." (Schirmacher, in Wardenburg, 1999: 278).

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Miscellaneous editions of the Gospel of Barnabas.

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