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QA. XLIV [44] Sūrat al-Ruyā' (The Surah of the Dream) on Qur'an 12:43


Part  XLIV


 سورة الرّؤياء

 Sūrat al-Ruyā'  

(The Surah of the Dream)

on Qur'an 12:43


Trans. Stephen N. Lambden 1982-2014.


بسم اللّه الرّحمن الرّحيم

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.



"And the king said, 'I saw [in a dream] seven fat cows (al-baqarāt), and seven lean ones (`ajā'if) devouring them; and [I saw] seven green ears of corn (sunbulāt khuḍr), and [seven] others withered (yabsāt). O my advisory concoursel! Advise me about my dream (ruyā’), if you be expounders of dreams (l'l-ruyā'  ta`burūn)" (Q.12:43, trans. Lambden).




Tā-Mim-Ra'-Alif  [Abjad 641]


ت م س

Tā-Mim-Sin [Abjad = 500]


  الحمد للّه الّذی قد نزّل الايات بحقّ علی عبده ليكون النّاس بذكر الرّحمن فی ذلك الكتاب مؤمناً و علی حبّ الذّكر شهيداً


و انّا نحن قد نقصّ عليك احسن الرّؤيا فی رؤياك من رؤيا البشر علی الحقّ بالحقّ الّذی قد كان فی امّ الكتاب صادقاً مكتوباً


    و ما يتحمّل المؤمنون بشیء ممّا قد اراك اللّه فوق العرش بالحقّ علی مشعر الفؤاد و هو اللّه كان علی كلّشیء شهيداً

[4] Praised be to God Who, in very truth, sent down the verses unto His servant [the Bab] to the end that the people might believe in the Remembrance of the All-Merciful (dhikr al-raḥman) according to this Book, witnessing thereby the love of the Remembrance (ḥubb al-dhikr). [5] And We have indeed related for thee the very best of dreams [visions] (aḥsan al-ruyā') through thy  dream [vision] of the dream [vision] of the human being (al-bashar) [Joseph] (cf. Q. 12:31b] who, in very truth, is assuredly one faithfully written down in the Mother Book (umm al-kitāb). [6] And the believers did not bear anything of what God, in very truth, had established  above the Divine Throne (al-`arsh), through the inspirational realization of the inmost heart (mash`ar al-fū'ād). And He is God Who hath ever been Witness unto all things.

[6] Say: `I indeed did see, after the [obligatory] dawn prayer (ṣalāt al-fajr) in the sacred month which is the month of Ramadan (in which the Qur'ān was previously sent down) [whilst] inclining towards the [Islamic] Qibla [`Point of adoration' at Mecca] sitting upon the [my] heels, gazing unto God, the Exalted. And God hath ever been Witness unto everything. [8] And there came a Person (nafs) from the Holy Land (al-arḍ al-muqaddas), the sanctified region of [the shrine of Imam] Ḥusayn [= Karbala]. He hath ever been of the Shī`ī party, a remnant [?] (ghubr an) inclining unto  me [the Bāb], according to the [Divine] Command within the Cause (`alā al-amr bi'l-amr), a returning reality (ma'āb an).  [9] He indeed said, `I, verily, saw in the dream (al-manām) an elevated Tree (shajarat) spreading out over the earth from the sacred enclosure of Ḥusayn (fī harām al-Ḥusayn), cascading out from the injured area (li-maṣra`) of his [Ḥusayn's] Noble Head. It hath ever been, in very truth,  raised up aloft! 


And I did indeed see above it a beautiful Maiden (ḥuriyya) proclaiming : 

I am indeed the Beloved of all the worlds (mahbub al-`alamin)  from those Primordial unto those Echatological, whether of the East or of the West!  `And I am indeed the Eye of God which is Overseeing (al-nāẓira)! And I am the Hands of God which are Outstretched (al-bāsiṭa) And I am the Ear of God which is ever Hearing (al-wā`iyya)!' 

And the like of these words were raised aloft there reverberation reaching heaven (al-sama')

[11] And I was ennobled by being in the presence of Imam Musa ibn Ja`far [the seventh twelver Inman], the Greatest Proof of God (hujjat Allah al-akbar)...

[12] I was thus astonished by the Tree and what was above it

showed me a mighty vision





































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