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QA. LIV [54] Sūrat al-Ghulām (The Surah of the Youth) on Qur'ān 12:53


Part   LIV

 سورة الغلام

  Sūrat  al-Ghulām 

(The Surah of the Youth) 


Qur'ān 12:53 

Trans.  Stephen N. Lambden


بسم اللّه الرّحمن الرّحيم

       In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

"Nor do I reckon [absolve] myself [soul] (nafsī) in that the soul (al-nafs) is prone to evil unless, that is my Lord be forgiving, compassionate" (= Qur'ān 12:53)



[Abjad = 231]

قل انّ اللّه قد اوحی الی حجّته علی ذلك الكلمة الاكبر انّی انا اللّه لا اله الّا انا ما خلقت خلقا الّا و قد اخذت عهد الذّكر فی اعلی مشاعره و قد عهدنا الی آدم و ايّوب و يونس فنسوا كلمة الاكبراقلّ من ذرّ الذّرّفقلنا لهم لم نجد عليهم عزماً ه فاخذناهم حول النّار حتّی قد اقرّوا سبحانك لا اله الّا انت قد رجعنا الی السّرّ المستسرّ هذ الغلام بالحقّ فاغفر لنا انّ كمولينا و انّك قد كنت بالعالمين رحيماً ه فقد غفرنا لهم و لمنالاوّلين و الاخرين و انّ كلمة اللّه الاكبر هذا بالحقّ علی الحق قّد كان عند اتّبعهم من اللّه العلیّ عظيماً ه


Say: `God did indeed divinely inspire (w-ḥ-y) His [messianic] Proof (ḥujjat) in accordance with that Greatest Word (al-kalimat al-akbar), [namely] `I, verily, am God, no God is there save I Myself [Me]. I did not create the creation save for [the purpose of ] My  taking a covenant [with  them] regarding the Dhikr [messianic] ( "Remembrance") in the most  elevated, sanctified regions (fī a`lā al- mashā`ir). [5] We did indeed take a covenant with [the progeny of] Adam, Job and Jonah,  but down to the [level of the] smallest existent particles (aqall min dharr al-dharr) they forgot that Greatest Word (al-kalimat al-akbar). Wherefore did We inform them that We never did find any constancy in them. [6] So We seized them in the precincts of hellfire until they were made to confess [supplicating] `Praised be unto Thee! No God is there save Thee'. [Then] did We, in very truth, return this Youth (al-ghulam) unto  the secreted [realm] of Occultation (sirr al-mustasirr). So be forgiving of us for Thou art indeed our Master and Thou  art One Compassionate unto all the worlds. [7] Wherefore did We certainly forgive them and such also as followed after them among those [both] of primordial (al-awwalīn) and of eschatological times (al-ākhirīn). And [know that] this is, in very truth, assuredly  the Greatest Word of God (al-kalimat Allāh al-akbar). He was indeed One Mighty nigh unto God, the Exalted.


O Solace of Mine Eyes!

(Qurrat al-`ayn = the Bāb).

 Inform the people about God in the Greatest Mount [Sinai] (al-ṭūr al-akbar) for "when Moses said unto his youthful servant [trad. = Joshua] (li-fatā-hu)  `I shall not give up until I reach the well-spring of Water (`ayn al-mā') at the confluence the two oceans  (fī majma` al-baḥrayn)' [= Q. 18:60b]  nigh the twin [cosmic] Fires (al-nayyīrayn) [emanating]  from the King of the two Names [= the Bāb as [1]`Alī + [2]Muhammad] for this [King] is indeed the Mystery (al-sirr) which hath ever been concealed about the [theophanic region of the Sinaitic] Fire (al-nār).

 يا قرّة العين

ابلغ النّاس عن اللّه فی الطّور الاكبر اذ قال موسی لفتيه لا ابرح حتّی ابلغ الی عين المإ فی مجمع البحرين حول النّيّرين من مالك الاسمين هذ السّرّ الّذی قد كان حول النّار مستوراً ه

[9] So when We attained the "the confluence the two oceans"  (majma` al-baḥrayn)' [cf. Q. 18:60b] [situated] at the Gate of the twin inmost hearts (bāb al-fū`ādayn), God caused these two ["Moses"+ his "youthful page"] to forget the "Fish" of the [messianic] Dhikr ("Remembrance") (ḥawt al-dhikr). Thus indeed did We set forth for it [the "Fish of the Dhikr"] a swift, marvelous pathway to the Ocean (sabīl al-baḥr) [which is] at the [confluence of ] the two Oceans (baḥrayn). [10]  This until they attained unto the Dhikr [messianic "Remembrance"] [who is naught] but one of His servants. We assuredly followed him knowingly, as One announced before Us according to that "letter" allotted to the secreted [realm of the] Occulted One [the 12th Imam?] (ḥarf min al-sirr al-mustasirr). [11] ....





و قد انّی انا النّورين فی السّرّين

و انّی انا الشّكلين فی الهيكلين  و انّی انا السرّاجين فی الزّجاجين


I, verily,

I am indeed  the dual Lights (al-nūrayn) in the twofold mysteries (al-sirrayn)!

I, verily,

I am the dual Forms (al-shaklayn) in the twin Temples [Bodies] (al-haykalayn)!

I, verily,

I am indeed the two "Lamps" (al-sirājayn) in the dual "Glasses" (al-zujjājayn)!


 و لقد نطقت بالحرفين و لا انطق حرفا من النّفسين الاوّليين  و لا يوجد حرفا من سرّ الطتنجين الّا بنفسی الحقّ حامل الاسمين

We did speak forth through two letters although I did not speak forth a [single] letter through the two foremost souls [= Shaykh Aḥmad Aḥsā'ī and Sayyid Kazim Rashti ?]. No single letter will be discovered of the mystery of the two Gulfs (al-ṭutunjayn) save, that is, through My Logos-Self (bi-nafsī), which is the Ultimately Real [True One] (al-ḥaqq)  and the bearer of the twin Names (ḥāmil al-ismayn) [= [1] `Alī [2] Muhammad= the `Alī Muhammad, the Bāb).



  قد اسبّح مولائی فی اجمة اللّاهوت باذن ربّی  فسبّحت المتسبّحون للّه الحقّ

 و احمدت اللّه فی ارض العمإ  فحمدت المتحمّدون فی ارض ذلك الباب بالحقّ الاكبر

I do glorify my Lord, with the permission of my Master,  in the thicket of the Divine Sphere (lujjat al-lāhūt). So do I glorify the ones possessed of glory before God, the True One. And I do laud God Himself in the sphere of the Theophanic Cloud (arḍ al-`amā'). And likewise have I lauded the ones possessed of qualities laudatory in the domain [earth, land] of that Bāb who is, in very truth, the Greatest.

And I do hallow the All-Merfiful in the [sphere of the] [atomic] constituents  of the Divine Throne (dharrwat al-`arsh) 

[1]  SWB:

“Verily, I am the Twin Lights in the Twin secrets.  Verily,  I am the Twin forms in the Twin temples.  Verily, I am the Twin Lamps in the Twin Glasses.  I have spoken with two letters and I speak not a letter from the first two souls [Ahmad and Kazim].  Not one letter will be found of the secret of the Twin Gulfs, save by Me, the Truth and bearer of the Twin Names. 

I give praise to my Master in the thickets of Lahut by leave of my Lord.  They who render praise to God, the Truth, hath given praise, and glorified God in the Land of the Impenetrable Cloud.  They who glorify of praise in the Land of that Gate by the sovereign Truth and joyously praised the All-Merciful in the apex of the Truth.  The praisers have given praise unto unto the surface of the Throne in the midst of Truth.  They, in truth, hath glorified me by the leave of God.  They who offer praise to God hath, in truth, glorified that God.

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