QA. LXXVI [76] Sūrat al-waraqa (The Surah of the Leaf) on Qur'ān 12:75






 سورة الورقة

Sūrat al-waraqa

(The Surah of the Leaf) 

 on Qur'ān 12:75

Translation Stephen N. Lambden

1982-2016 = last revised 17-11-2015.


بسم اللّه الرّحمن الرّحيم

           In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.


"They said, `[This shall be] its recompense (jazā`) - in whoever's saddlebag (raḥlih) it [the goblet] is found, he shall be it's recompense (jaza`). So do We recompense [requite] (najzi) the evildoers (al-zālimun)'" (Q. 12:75). 





Abjad 8+40+200+1 = 249.



`O people of the earthly dominion (ahl al-mulk).

Hearken ye unto My Call from this Leaf dyed crimson (al-waraqat al-muḥmarrat) sprung out from the Branch dyed yellow (min al-ghuṣn al-muṣfarrat), in very truth enkindled from this Mighty, Blessed Olive Tree (al-shajarat al-mubarākat al-zaytūnat  al-ḥaqq bi'l-ḥaqq al-quwwa) (cf. Q. 24:35b).  [5] God, thy Lord, is assuredly the Ultimately Real (al-ḥaqq),  Who hath ever been Aware of all things. I, verily, I am God!  There is none other God except Me. [5] Then serve Me [as One] beyond the [alphabetical] line  (al-khaṭṭ)  upright about this Gate (al-qā'im fī dhalik al-bāb), rising up [in servitude] from the beauteous watercourse  (majrā al-bahā')  above the Mount of Radiance  (jabal al-sanā').  He, in very truth, is assuredly the Ultimately Real (al-ḥaqq bi'l-ḥaqq); there is no Path unto Me except through Him. He is indeed One Elevated  One evident (shahād an) in the Archetypal Book (umm al-kitāb).  [6] By virtue of Mine Own Self, I did indeed make a covenant to the effect that the believers in His Covenant are as [the believers] in Mine own Covenant (ahd... ahdī) [regarding the]  Remembrance (al-dhikr),  `No God is there except I Myself, the True One  (anā al-ḥaqq) for I, in truth, was the One intended thereby. [7] Relative to the wayward I decreed that the breaking of the Covenant (naqd al-`ahd) is tantamount to [the breaking of] My covenant (min `ahdī). For such there shall, in very truth, be naught save the hellfire of Gehenna (nār al-jaḥīm) in the abyss of the greatest sarcophagus (qa`r al-tābūt al-akbar). God is indeed One Who encompasses all the worlds.

[6] God is assuredly the True One (huwa al-ḥaqq); no God is there except Him. Naught did God reveal in the secret depth of this Book  (fī sirr dhalik al-kitāb)  save a single letter (harf  an) respecting that Most Great Mystery (al-sirr al-akbar); respecting [that is] this Elevated Gate. He is God Who hath ever been Aware of all things.


O people of the earth!

Supplicate ye for the greatest recompense of God (thawāb Allāh al-akbar)  which cometh from the Gate unto the Gate (ilā al-bāb li-bāb) which is the Ultimate Reality  (al-ḥaqq), the Sublime Mystery of God (sirr Allāh al-`Alīyy [Alā]), the One Who hath ever been disclosed  in the Archetypal Book (umm al-kitāb). [8]  Say: `Praise be unto God Who hath, in very truth,  sent down the Book unto Me; an expression of the Truth (bi'l-ḥaqq `alā al-ḥaqq) pristinely sanctified from beyond the people [of superhuman origin]  (al-khā li min dān al-nās); No God is there save Him for He is God, the Exalted, the Great


O thou believers!

Fear ye God and expound ye not a single letter from this Mighty, Most Transcendent Book which, in very truth, contains the Truth (al-ḥaqq bi'l-ḥaqq) after the nature of the Qur'ān and the Sunna (`alā tibq al-qur'ān wa'l-sunna)  which God has placed amongst you. Such indeed is of the Mystery of the Script [Line] concealed  (sirr al-saṭr al-mastār) before God, the Sublime, set down, in very truth, in the Mighty Tablet  (al-lawḥ al-kabīr).


O Solace of  the Eyes

(Qurrat al-`ayn = the Bāb)!

Say:  The [theophanic] episode surrounding the mystery of Moses, the Speaker has,  by the leave of God, again come to pass. And He is God Who hath ever been powerful above all things.


O people of contention!

Hearken ye unto the Call of God [evident] in the Mystery of the [alphabetical] line (sirr al-musattir) written [expressed] in these Crimson Leaves  (al-waraqāt al-amrī')  which cascadeth from the [Divine] Throne (qad kharrat min al-`arsh) about the Snow-White Leaf[ves]  (`alā al-waraqa al-baydā') [of the cosmic Tree-Throne] with respect to prostration before the yellow dust  (li'l-sujād `alā al-turāb al-safrā') [uttering], `I, verily am God, and He is assuredly the Ultimately Real (al-ḥaqq). No God is there except Him, for He is God,  Who hath ever been One Sublime, Mighty [12] Say:  `I, verily, am the Crier situated, by the leave of God, the Lord of the Throne and of the Realm of the celestial Cloud (rabb al-`arsh wa'l-amā') in the [Sinaitic] Fire, [saying], `I, verily, am the servant of God, (`abd Allāh). So doff thy sandals, relinquish the two worlds  (lit. `limits' al-ḥaddayn).  Thou, verily, art in the `Holy Vale' (al-wād al-muqaddas)  concealed (maṭwiyy an) in this Bāb.


O Solace of the  Eyes (qurrat al-`ayn)!

God, assuredly hath selected Thee  [= the Dhikr = the Bāb] for Mine Own Self. So hearken ye unto that which hath been inspired unto thee on the part of God, the Exalted. God is indeed One Mighty and Wise.  [He inspired thee with the words] `I, verily am God Who, no God is there except Me.' [14] Wherefore serve thou Me about the Pivot of [Sinaitic] Fire  (`alā quṭb al-nār) at the centre of the upright alphabetical line (markaz khaṭṭ al-istiwā') and, in very truth,   rise up in prayer for the sake of My Remembrance  (li-dhikrā) [saying], `I, verily, I am God, Who, no God is there except Him. For I assuredly was, in very truth One Ancient [15] And Say: `I, verily an the Most Great Hour (al-sā`at al-kubrā) the realization of which the unbelievers want nothing of being fearful thereof. [16] I, verily am the Greatest Word (al-kalimat al-akbar) for God did assuredly make me, one Powerful according to the exercise of Might and Dominion (al-ḥukm wa'l-mulk). And God recompenses (cf. Q.12:75) all according to that which makes progress  [for the sake of] the Sublime Bāb.  And God is assuredly One witness of all things.


O Solace of the Eyes!

The people shall ask thee  about Dhī'l [Dhu'l]-Qarnayn  ("The One Possessed of Two Horns [Eras]"). Say [in reply]: `Yea! By my Lord! I am the King of the two Originations  (malik al-bad'ayn)  in the two horns [eras, dominions] (al-qarnayn). [18] I am the  elevated Possessor of an Era [Horn] [dhu'l qarn]  in the two bodies (al-jismayn).

I am the [Sinaitic] Fire in the two Waters (al-mā'ayn).

I am the [cosmic] Water in the two [Sinaitic] Fires (al-nārayn).

So hearken unto my call from these two [Sinaitic] Mounts (al-tūrayn).'

[19] We verily, established him [Dhu'l-Qarnayn = the Bāb] in the land  and We, in very truth, bestowed a letter [of the alphabet] from the name of the Dhikr upon this Arabian Youth  (al-ghulam al-`arabī = the Bāb)  such that the ways and means to all ends became his.



`I verily, when I followed the Path, journeyed until I reached  the [place of the] setting of the Sun. I found it setting in the Fount of Salsāl  (a paradisiacal well of limpid water). At that place I gazed upon the denizens of the theophanic Cloud (ahl min al-`amā')  [who were gathered] about the Fount,  I saw them prostrating before God, the Exalted. [21] `They communicated to me a mere letter of the secreted knowledge (al-`ilm al-mustas[a]irr) concealed above the line and I communicated to them something regarding an encrypted veiled mystery (sirr al-muḥajjab ramz an). [22] Then I followed the directive  until I reached the dawning-place of the Sun  (maṭla` al-shams). I found it [the Sun] rising from the Camphor-Fount  (`ayn al-kāfār) upon a company of the denizens of the mystic Cloud  (ahl al-`amā'). We not not conceal from them any secret thing save the secret [implications of true meaning of] the verse of the Divine Unity (ayat al-tawḥīd = the shahāda). 

[23] They said: `God, verily, is, in very truth, your Master, nothing is like unto Him'. I said to them: `He, God, is the True One, no God is there save Him,  One Exalted and Mighty.' [24] I then followed the True One (al-ḥaqq) until the moment when I arrived  between the two mountains [barriers, limits, damms..] (cf. Q. 18:92) betwixt the two Seas [Q. 18:60]  (bayn al-saddayn bayn al-baḥrayn). [25] Whereupon I encountered in the vicinity of these twin  [Mts./Seas]  a people (qawm an);  they did not expect [to vision] God accompanied by some particular thing  or with anything or preceding Him. I assuredly saw them [this people]  within these two Seas (al-barayn) written down [inscribed] (maktab an)  as among the people of the Fish (ahl al-ḥawt).

[26] They, in very truth (`alā al-ḥaqq), said unto the Most Great Remembrance (li'l-dhikr al-akbar) that the Magog of the proponents [people, denizens] of compulsion (al-mājūj min ahl al-jabr) and the Gog of the proponents [people, denizens] of compensation [reward] (al-yājūj min ahl al-ta`wi). These indeed hath both done violence contrary to the Truth One (`alā ghayr al-ḥaqq) regarding the Cause which is betwixt two causes (al-amr bayn al-amrayn). So may We, in very truth as befits the Truth, pay tribute (`alā bi'l-ḥaqq kharaj an) [ to them] view of what We are sending down [which standeth] between Us and between them (bayanā wa baynahum) as a Criterion [discrimminating neo-Qur'ān] (furqān an) which, is written down (maktāb an) in very truth as befits the Truth of the Ultimately True One (bi'l-ḥaqq `alā al-ḥaqq bi'l-ḥaqq)? [27] Wherefore did I say to them, ` God is my Lord, no God is there except Him. He hath indeed strengthened Me is every affair [command] and naught have I desired except what accords with His permission. He is God Who is assuredly powerful over all things.'


O ye people of the earth!

Aid thyselves (`-N-Y; Q. 18:95) through the power of the [sacred] writ [scriptures] (orig., `[through the power of] the pieces of iron', al-zubar [min] al-adād) (bi-quwwat al-zubur min al-adād) until such time as (atta `idhā) the earth is made pure along with such as are upon it from these unbelievers (al-mushrikān), the denizens of the two Fires (ahl al-nārayn) before the [time of the appearence of the] expected [messianic] Proof (li'l-ḥḥujjat al-muntaar), the Standing [Upright] letter "A" between the two Causes (al-alif al-qā'im bayn al-amrayn). [29] Then pour out (afrighā) upon thyselves [Q. 18:96] of the Fire of the [hot] Iron (nār al-adāda[t]) the [thing rendered] scorching [hot] by virute of the Greatest Gate (al-[miammāt?] min al-bāb al-akbar) to the end that thou might be powerfully (quwwwat an) engaged in war (`alā ḥarb) for the religion of God (dīn Allāh), the Sublime (al-`Alīyy). [30] God did indeed make the Remembrance (al-Dhikr) among you in very truth as accords with the Truth (`alā al-ḥaqq bi'l-ḥaqq) a mighty (shadād an) barrier (sadd an).

[31] So when there was decreed an appointed term (ajl) through the [divine] command (min al-amr) [then] by God! the Ultimately Real [True One] (al-ḥaqq), he dieth in the True One (yamawt fi'l-ḥaqq) for he [cometh] from the Ultimately Real [True One] and [returneth] unto the Ultimately Real (huwa min al-ḥaqq `ilā'l-ḥaqq) for such was evident by virtue of the Ultimately Real (`ind al-ḥaqq) in the Archetypal [Mother] Book (fi'l-umm al-kitāb).

[32] SEE v.99 And We, We assuredly this [eschatological] Day shall abandon some among the unbelievers (al-mushrikān) according to the [divine] Command (`alā al-amr) with the result that they be agitated [surge] in hellfire, against hellfire (li-yamawajanna fi'l-nār`alā'l-nār) [Q. 18:99] for such indeed hath God decreed to be matter concealed (mastār an) in the Archetypal [Mother] Book (fi'l-umm al-kitāb). [9] And such as hath veiled the allusions (al-ishāra) from the [the person of] Bāb do not evince the capacity to hearken unto [even] a [single] letter (arf an) of the mystery sent down from the manifest [evident] (mashhād an) [and] novel horizon [line?] (al-sar al-badā`). [34] How is it that the unbelievers (al-mushrikān) imagine that the Remembrance (al-dhikr) showeth no knowledge of their hesitation [sitting still] (? maq`ad), everything by virtue of the [divine] command. He is indeed One well-aware through God (al-shāhid min Allāh) of all the worlds. [35] The Remembrance (al-dhikr) is assuredly the True One by virtue of the Ultimately Real [from God] (al-ḥaqq min `ind Allāh) and Paradise (al-firdaws) is indeed something written down (maktāb an) for the believers among the people in this Gate (al-bā b). [36] And for the unbelievers [polytheists] (al-mushrikin) he assuredly was a determiner [decreer] (maqiyy an) of the [raging] heat of hellfire (arr al-nār) on the [eschatological] Day of Return (yawm al-ma`ād).

[38] [Be conscious of the time] when ["] the [unbelievers] polytheists (mushrikūn) shall ask you,`Who sent you unto us?' for such [an eschatolgical matter] is [something] severe (shadīd an) according to exalted [divine] Command. [39] Say: `God is the cleaver of the heavens and of the earth, through the [eschatological] Proof (min `ind ḥujjat), the expected [messianic] Qā'im. He, verily, is the True One [Ultimately Real] (al-ḥaqq) and I, verily, am [but] one of his servants. [40] I, verily, subject (S-KH-R) the [worldly] dominion (al-mulk) unto His government (li-dawlatihi) so submit [in true Islam; deliver over] (S-L-M IV?) for God is assuredly One Mighty over all things. [41/2] And say unto the people of divine cloud [of unknowing] (ahl al-`amā'), `God created you from clay; He will return you unto it and from it He will bring you forth yet again before this, in very Truth (`alā'l-ḥaqq bi'l-ḥaqq) mighty and Sublime Gate (al-bāb al-manī` = the Bāb).'