QA. XCI [91] Surat al-Qitāl [II]. The Surah of the [Eschatological] Killing on Qur'an 12:91



Part XCI


سورة القتال

Surat al-Qitāl [II].

The Surah of the [Eschatological] Killing

Fighting / Slaughter


Qur'ān 12:91


بسم اللّه الرّحمن الرّحيم

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


"'By God,' they said, 'God has indeed preferred thee above us, and certainly we have been sinful.'" (Q. 12:91, trans. Arberry). 






[Abjad 1+30+40+200+1 = 272]


        اللّه لا اله الّا هو الحقّ و هو اللّه قد كان بالحقّمعبودا

God, no God is there except Him, the True One (al-haqq) for He is God. In very truth hath He ever been One worshipped. [5] So hearken ye then unto My Call from the vicinity of the Bāb (min hawl al-bab) [echoing] from every direction, surrounding round about on all sides (`alā al-jihāt muhīṭ an).


  يا قرّة العين فانطق علی لحن الحبيب تحت قعر الحبّ من امر مولاك القديم بديعاً ً

O Qurrat al-`Ayn!

(Apple of Mine Eye = the Bab)

Then speak ye forth most wondrously (badi an) in the accent of the Beloved One (laḥn al-ḥabīb) [from] the depth of the pit of the breast (takht qa`r al-jayb) at the command of thy Lord, the Ancient of Days (al-qadīm).


انّی انا القدّوس قد كنت حول النّار فی بحر السّابع الفردوس مشهوداً

I am indeed the Sanctified One (al-quddūs)! for I was, about the [Sinaitic] Fire One, one manifest in the Seventh Ocean (baḥr al-sabi`) which is Paradise (al-firdaws).


 و انّی انا السّرّ المتجلّی فوق سطر المستسرّ تحت الحجاب الاصفر البرقیّ قد كنت حول العرش مسطورا

I, verily, am the Mystery (al-sirr) which is transfigured (al-mutajalli) above the [alphabetical] line (saṭr) yet secreted beneath the Yellow Veil of Lightening (al-hijab al-asfar al-barqī) for I was One inscribed about the Divine Throne (al-`arsh).


  يا اهل الحبّ فاسمعوا ندائی من نور الفؤاد لدی المسجد الاقصی حول عرش اللّه

 العلیّ بالحقّ علی الحقّ و هو اللّه كان عزيزاً قديماً

O People of Love!

(ahl al-ḥubb = Sufis?)

Hearken ye unto My Call from My Light which is of the inmost Heart (al-fu'ād) nigh unto the Furthermost Mosque (al-masjid al-aqṣā) in very truth about the Elevated,  Throne of God (ḥawl `arsh Allah). And He is God, One Mighty, Ancient.


انّی انا اللّه الّذی لا اله الّا انا قد اغرست بايدی جنّات فی ارض الفردوس لعبدی من قطعة الرّطبة من الذّهب الاحمر لا حظّ لشیء الّا نفسه احذرّكم يا عبادی بنفسه و انّ كلمة اللّه لهوالحقّ و هو اللّه كان عليّاً كبيرا

I, verily, I am God. No God is there except Me. I planted with mine own hands Gardens (jannat) in the domain of Paradise (ard al-firdaws) for my servant (li-`abdi)...



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Extract from Lambden PhD (1980s/2002).

There are several passages in the QA and other writings in which the Bāb refers to pre-Islamic scripture as alluding to himself or to the awaited messiah. In the highly 232 esoteric Sūrat al-tarbī` (Sūra of the Quadratic Talisman) of the QA, the Bāb, most likely referring to himself states :

You on the Mount (al-ṭūr) are in the Point of the Gate (nuqṭat al-bāb) in the vicinity of the [Sinaitic] Fire planted by the hand of God, the preexistent in the earth of the divine Cloud (arḍ al-`amā’). You are the shape of the talismans (shakl al-ṭalismiyyūn) in the Sinaitic Mount above the Light (al-ṭūr `alā al-nūr) . You are as the Jesus-like Word (al-kalimat al-`īsā’wiyyūn) in the Injīl (Gospel) and the Zabūr (Psalter), most assuredly inscribed in the form of the taṣbīḥ (= subḥān Allāh = `Praised be God!’).
Say: I, verily, am the triangular [talismanic] form (shakl al-thulth = `Alī?) written quadratic [fourfold = Muhammad?] (marbi` an) in the sanctum of the divine Cloud (al-quds al-`amā’) (QA 91:364).

In this passage the Bāb probably indicates his parentally bestowed name `Alī Muhammad (3 letters+4 letters). This was mystically registered in talismanic forms in Sinaitic pre-eternity. He was the locus of a Name (ism) written aforetime by the hands of the eschatological Dhikr in the Tawrāt (Torah), the Injīl (Gospel) and the Q. (QA 50:195).1

1.These statements may assume the pre-existent presence of letters of the ism Allāh al-`aẓam (the “Mightiest Name of God”) in pre-Islamic scripture (cf. T.Laylat Q. 69:18--> 8).