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QA. CXI [111] Sūrat al-mu'minīn (The Surah of the Believers) on Qur'ān 12:111


Part CXI


 سورة المؤمنين    

 Sūrat al-mu'minīn

(The Surah of the Believers) 


Qur'ān 12:111

Translation Stephen N. Lambden


Last updated 05-05-2020.


بسم اللّه الرّحمن الرّحيم

           In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.




[abjad = 71]


We did indeed, assuredly establish between thee and between the blessed  reciters (al-qurra al-mubāraka) in addition to this Bab (min ba`d al-bab), a purified people (anās an ṭāhirīn) who summon the people unto this greatest Religion of God  (dīn Allāh al-akbar). Aside from God, the True One,  they fear nothing for these are they who are ones written down in the Mother Book (umm al-kitāb) as the companions of Riḍwān  (aṣḥāb al-riḍwān).


We assuredly established this Book as verses-signs for such as are possessed of intelligence, such as are tranquil during the night season and at noon time and do not weaken [commit forgery of] the Cause of God, which is the Truth from the Bāb, even, that is, to the extent of an atom's weight of the merest date stone.


يا اولی الابصار من اهل الباب

O possessors of insight among the people of the Bab!

This book does of itself  cry out unto thee in very truth! So do ye suppose that God established beyond it  blessed reciters  (al-qurrā al-mubāraka). By God. the True One! There is not beyond this for thee any patron (wali). It is not for thee that thou should wonder how it is that ye are unable to vision the Exalted, miraculous verses of God (ayat Allah al-`aliyy `ajib an). [7] By God! We shall indeed cause thee to taste, following they disbelief, of the severe punishmenmt of God (`adhab Allah al-shadid) as accords with the decree of the Book (hukm al-kitab) which is in line with the decree of the Bab (hukm al-bab), a mighty fire indeed (nar an `azim an)! [8] On the Day of Resurrection (yawm al-qiyama) thou shall indeed find thy deeds on the land of the assembly [gathering, banishment] (ard al-mahshar) as but a scattered [spread-open]  speck of dust floating in the air (haba' manshur an).

 و لقد جاؤك رجال من الارض اللّه المقدّسة هذه و قد قصدوا امر اللّه علی غير حكم

الكتاب فی شأن الباب تعجيلاً  قل ارجعوا الی مساكنكم و اذكروا اللّه فی سرّكم وجهركم علی سبل الباب بالحقّ علی الحقّ من نقطة النّار كثيراً 

[9] There shall indeed come unto thee a Man (al-rajul) from this sacred land of God (ard Allah al-muqaddasa) [Ottoman Iraq/ the `Atabat/ Tehran-Persia Iran?] and they [his opponents] shall direct the Cause of God (amr Allah) contrary to the decree of the Book (hukm al-kitab), hastily (ta`jil an) relative to the way of the Bab (fi sha'n al-bab), 




ارجعوا الی مساكنكم و اذكروا اللّه فی سرّكم وجهركم علی سبل الباب بالحقّ علی الحقّ من نقطة النّار كثيراً

[10] Return ye unto thy dwelling-places (masa'kin)! And make ye mention of God within thyselves secretly as well as publicly as accords, in Truth, in very Truth, with the pathways of the Bab (subul al-bab) repeatedly (kathir an) directed towards the Point of the theophanic Fire (nuqtat al-nar).


تاللّه لقد جائكم الامر من عندنا بغتة علی الارض المطهّرة علی كلمة الاكبر بالحقّ علی الحقّ قريباً ه

هنالك ينظرون النّاس الی اللّه العلیّ من سبل الباب علی الحقّ بالحقّ شديداً ه

[11] By God! The Cause hath indeed come unto thee from before Us, this suddenly (baghtat) upon the purified earth (`ala al-ard al-mutahhara) [Persia] through the Supreme Logos-Word (al-kalimat al-akbar) [the Bab]. In Truth, in very Truth is this near at hand! (qarib an). [12] In this region shall the people gaze upon God. the Exalted (al-`ali/`aliyy) through the pathways of the Bab (subul al-bab)!   In Truth, in very Truth is this powerful indeed! (shadid an).


فسوف يغفر اللّه لكم عمّا تعملون بغير اذن اللّه علی غير الباب من غيرالحقّ فانّ اللّه قد كان علی المؤمنين توّاباً رحيماً ه

فمن آمنكم من دون الباب للّه العلی غير هذا الباب الّذی قد كان النّاس عنه بالحقّ مسئولاً فسوف يعذّبكم اللّه فی يوم القيمة من حرّ الشّجرة المخرجة فی ارض السّجّيين الّتی قد كانت فی امّ الكتاب من حكم الباب زقوماً ه

افلانقلّبكم باللّيل و النّهار ما لكم كيف مشون فی ارض اللّه من غير الحقّ و لاتؤمنون باياتنا علی الحقّ بالحقّ الخالصت مؤمناً كفيلاً ه

هو اللّه الّذی لا اله الّا هو ما جعل اللّه فی يومكم هذا دون عبده علی الحقّ بالحقّ من عنده علی العالمين شهيداً ه

[13] Wherefore shall God forgive thee of whatsoever thou hath comitted without the permission of God Himself or without the permission of the Bab, outside of the Truth-True One (al-haqq). God hath indeed ever been All-Merciful (rahim an) towards the repentant (tuwwab an) believers (al-mu'minin).  [14] So whomsoever hath believed though thee in other than the Bab unto God, the One Exalted (`Ali/`aliyy), through other than this Bab  about whom the people had indeed raised questions before God, God  will surely torment [punish] thee on the Day of Resurrection (yawm al-qiyama) by means of the searing-heat of hellfire from the Tree which emerges from the land of al-Sijjin  (min hurr al-shajarat al-mukharat fi ard al-sajjin) which was indeed in the Mother Book (umm al-kitab), according to the decree of the Bab, designated Zaqqum [the Infernal Tree, Q.  37:62-68;  44:43; 56:52]. [15] Is it not that We drew nigh unto thee in the night season and at noontime? It is thus not at all  befitting that ye should walk about on earth questioning things outside of the Truth  and not believing, in Truth, in very Truth,  in Our verses as one sincere (al-khalis), believing (mu'min an), responsible     (kafil an). [16] He is God! Who, no God is there except Him! God did not establish in this thy [eschatological] Day (yawm), in Truth. in very Truth,  other then His servant (`abd) [the Bab] from before Him [to represent Him], as a Witness (shahid an) unto all the worlds!


قل يا اهل الفرات

O people of the Euphrates (ahl al-furāt)!  

  لامقام لكم فارجعوا الی مساكنكم و ارتقبوا امر اللّه الاكبر علی الحقّ بالحقّ قريباً ه

فو ربّكم لقد جائكم الحقّ من بين ايديكم و من شمائلكم بالبيّنات الاكبر علی الحقّ بالحقّ الثّقيل مراراً ه

[17] There is no place (maqām) for thee. So return unto thy stronghold and anticipate ye the [advent of the] Greatest Cause of God (amr Allāh al-akbar) which is, in very truth, near at hand (qarīb an). [18] So By thy Lord! It hath indeed come unto thee betwixt thine own hands and to thy left-side, in very truth with the greatest clarity of expositions (bi-al-bayyināt al-akbar), weighty indeed (al-thaqīl) and of frequent availability (mirar an).  

[ ]

And thou, thou shalt not

[ ]

[ ]

O thou inmost breast (al-jayb)!


Heaken then unto My Call which cometh from God, thy Master (mawla), the True One, from Thy Most Great Logos-Self (nafs). God, no God is there except Him.

O My servants!


Be ye prostrate before God and serve ye Him in the Path of this Most Great Bab (al-bab al-akbar)....