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Tablet on Moses and the Sinaitic Mysteries, Deuteronomy 33:2f - `Abd al-Baha'



"Tablet on  Moses and the Sinaitic Mysteries, Deuteronomy 33:2f., and related theological matters"

in Makatib-i Hadrat-i `Abd al-Baha' Vol.1:102-108.

"Tablet on  Moses and the Sinaitic Mysteries'

Lambden Trans. January, 2017

He is al-Abha

(The All-Glorious)

[1] Praised be to God Who hath divulged His Splendour  (tajalla) unto Moses, the Speaker (al-kalim) in the Blessed Spot (al-buq`a al-mubaraka), the Holy Land (al-ard al-muqaddisa), the Vale of  Security (tur al-ayman), the Vale of Tuwa, Mount Sinai (jabal Sina')!

[2] And He shone forth unto Jesus, the Messiah (al-masih) in the sacnctified Locale (bariyyat al-muqaddas), the Holy Vale (wadi al-muqaddas), Mount Seir (jabal sa`ir), the Snow-White Spot (al-buq`at al-bayda') and the Apex of Luminosity (al-`adwat al-nura')!

[3] And He was made manifest unto  Muhammad, the Beloved One (al-habib) in the Paran of Love (faran al-hubb), the Dawning-Place of the Lights (matla` al-anwar), the  Brilliant Apex of the scriptural Configurations (mashriq al-athar), the Batha' [`Open Plain' = Mecca] of the Spirit (batha' al-ruh), the Yathrib [Medina] of the Mysteries (yathrib al-asrar), the Theophanic Radiance evident throughout the four celestial Streams [in Paradise] (zuhur al-diya' fi rabi`at al-nahar)! [4] He shed luminosity and radianted forth in the transcendent Sphere of Being (kaynuniyyat al- a`la),  the Quintessential Essence of Laudation (dhatiyyat  al-thana'), the Niche of the Supreme Concourse (misbah al-mala' al-a`la), the Primal Point [Locus] of the Horizon of the Divine Unity (al-nuqtat al-awwali ufuq al-tawhid). [5] Then did He tear asunder the veil of things unseen (sitr al-ghayub), He  caused tyrannical ways (zallam) and darkness to abate, and enabled the splendors of the locus of transfiguration (subuhat al-majalla) to be disclosed through the Sun of the Divine Theophany [Manifestation] (shams al-zuhur). He raised aloft the coverings (al-niqab), shattered the clouds (al-sahab), and negated of the veils (al-hijab).

Such was the Promised Day of Return (yawm al-i'yab al-maw`ud) anticipated within every sacred writing (suhuf), scriptural work (zubur) and Book (kitab), The Almighty One (al-`aziz), the Bestower  (al-wahhab) revealed these things  during bygone centuries, ages and epochs  (salaf al-qurun wa'l-duhur wa'l-ahqab). Wherefore did the  Light of the Divine Beauty (nur al-jamal) shine forth, express radiance, shed luminosity and break forth within the Temple of the Divine Glory (haykal al-jalal) such that the All-Merciful was established upon the Throne of the Realms of Being (`arsh al-akwan), Thereat did the Sun of Reality (shams al-haqiqat)