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A Bibliography of the Writings of Mirza Abū al-Faḍl Gulpāygānī (1844-1914) and select literature about him.


ابو الفضل گلپاىگانى،

Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad Riḍā' Gulpāygānī
(b. Gulpaygan, Persia 1844- d. Cairo, Egypt, January 21, 1914),

entitled Abū al-Faḍl (Father of Excellence).

A Bibliography of Abū al-Faḍl, Muhammad ibn Muhammad Riḍā' Gulpāygānī and select literature about him.

Stephen Lambden UCMerced. 2017.

In Progress. Last updated - 02-04-2021.


Gulpāygānī was buried in Cairo in the New British Protestant Cemetery; his  grave is next to that of the American Baha'i Lua Getsinger in the Bahá'í cemetery in Cairo.


The  Writings of  Mirza Abū al-Faḍl, Gulpāygānī.


Risala-yi `Ayyubiyya  (The Jobite Treatise): Written in 1305/1887-8  

  • Risala-yi `Ayyubiyya
  • Sharḥ āyāt-i muvarrikha +  Risala-yi `Ayyubiyya . National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of India and Burma (with corrections). The `Azizi Press Agra (India) 1925.


Sharḥ āyāt-i muvarrikha  ("Commentary upon the Chronological Testimonia") - written Hamadan, 1887-8.

  • Sharḥ āyāt-i muvarrikha  with Faṣl al-khiṭāb.  Shanghai, China, 1923.   
  • Sharḥ āyāt-i muvarrikha ... National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of India and Burma (with corrections). The `Azizi Press Agra (India) 1925. 
  • Sharḥ āyāt-i muvarrikha .. Tehran: MMMA, 19XX  ....
  • Sharḥ āyāt-i muvarrikha  ("Commentary upon the Chronological Testimonia") . Trans. Stephen  Lambden (1982) Under revision and completion 2021

KITAB AL-FARA'ID - 1315/1898. Completed 1st Shawwal 1315 = 23rd Feb. 1898. 

Written in response to the anti-Baha'i criticisms of `Abd al-Sallam, the Shaykh al-Islam of Tiflis and centered on the Kitab-i iqan of Baha'-Allah,  The publication was financed by Mirza Hasan Khurasani and Faraj-Allah Zaki al-Kurdi (See E.G. Browne, Materials, p.195f; The Baha'i World XIII:915-916  ...).

Imaghes from the 1st Cairo ed. of the Kitab al-Fara'id

PDf  Eight downloads from the H-Baha'i Website:

Kitab al-fara'id...

  • 1315/1898. Kitāb al-farāʼid fī bayān wujūh aqsām al-dalīl wa'l-burhān wa-jawāb masāʼil intaqada bi-hā ḥaḍrat al-shaykh ʻAbd al-Salām ʻalá ahl al-Īqān. with the patronage of Hajji `Abd al-Karim Tehrani and Mirza `Ali Muhammad Shirazi and financed by Mirza Hasan Khurasani and Faraj-Allah Zaki al-Kurdi.  Cairo: Maṭbaʻat Hindiyya bi'l-shari`a al-Mahdi bi'l-Azbakiyya,   1315/1898. 731+xxv pages.  
  • 2001. Kitab al-fara'id : fi bayān wujūh aqsām al-dalīl wa-al-burhān wa-jawāb masāʼil intaqada bi-hā haḍrat al-Shaykh ʻAbd al-Salām ʻalʹa Ahl al-īqān. Hofheim-Langenhain : Baha'i Verlag, 2001. 489 pp. (25cm.).
  • PDf. download: Kitāb al-farāʼid.pdf
  • al-Farāʼid : Urdū tarjumah. Trans. AbūlʻAbbās Ridvī Jārcavī, Karāchī: Maḥfil Rūḥānī Millī-yi Bahāʼiyān-i Pākistān, 1957. 16, 488 pages.
  • al-Farāʼid : Urdū tarjumah = Urdu translation *2nd ed.).  Rāvalpindī : Bahāʼī Pablishing Ṭrusṭ Pākistān, 2003. 440 pages.


  • Durar al-bahIyya ... Cairo, ca. 1317/1899.  In Arabic.


 فصل الخطاب  = Faṣl al-khiṭāb  (The Decisive Testimony).

  •  فصل الخطاب  = Faṣl al-khiṭāb. Dundas, Ontario. : Muʼassasah-ʼi Maʻārif-i Bahāʼī, 1995. 362 pp. In Persian.

SYRIA 1911.

Burhän-i lämeh ("The Brilliant Proof") - Syria, 1911.

Written in reply to an attack upon the Bahai revelation by the Protestant, American Presbyterian missionary. Peter Zaccheus Easton (b. New York 1846-d. Tabriz [Persia], 1916). 

  • Burhan[-i] Lami`  (Burhäne Lämé), "The Brilliant Proof"  for the anti-Baha'i missionary Peter Z. Easton. Text downloadable in PDf from Google Books: Gulpaygani-Burhan lami`.pdf
  • The brilliant proof : (Burhäne lämé) = written December 28, 1911. in Syria. Chicago : Press of Bahai News Service, 1912. English and Persian. 

Ḥujaj al-Bahiyyih - Written for the American Baha'is,  USA 1901-2,

Some printings are a compilation which Includes the Tarikh  or Historical Tract of Gulpaygani refered to in the English of the 1st ed. of The Baha'i Proofs as  "A short historical and biographical sketch of the leaders of the Behai religion, written by the Honorable Mirza-Abul-Fazl.".

  • 1902. 1st.ed. Hujaj'ul Beheyyeh : (The Behai proofs) [sic.] New York : J.W. Pratt Co., Printers, 1902. 310pp. see 2002 ed. below.
  • Abū al-Faḍl Gulpāyigānī; Ali-Kuli Khan. Trans. Ishtael-ebn-Kalenter (= `Alī-Qulī Khan), The Behai Proofs, New York, 1902
  • 2nd ed.
  • 3rd ed.
  • 1919. 1st German ed and trans. Abū al-Faḍl Gulpāyigānī; Ali-Kuli Khan; Wilhelm Herrigel., Geschichte und wahrheitsbeweise der Bahai-religion. Stuttgart : Verlag des Deutschen Bahai-bundes g. m. b. h., 1919. xxiv, 294 pp.
  • 1925. Hujaj al-Bahiyya.  Egypt [Cairo]: XXX, 1342/1925.
  • 1983. The Baháʹí proofs : (Ḥujajʹl-Bahíyyih) ; and, A short sketch of the history and lives of the leaders of this religion. Wilmette, Ill. : Baháʹí Pub. Trust, 1983. xiii, + 305pp.  "Based on the third edition of The Baháʹí proofs, published in 1929".
  • 2002. The Baha'i Proofs: (Hujaj L-Bahiyyih); And, a Short Sketch of the History and Lives of the Leaders of This Religion Paperback – 2002,  305pp. Facsimile of 1902 edition.

Kashf al-Ghita'  `an hiyal al-a`da' ("The Uncovering of the Error propounded by the Stratagems of the Enemies").

An incomplete  apologetic response to the publication by Edward G. Browne (d. 1926) of the allegedly quasi-Azali, Kitab-i Nuqtat al-Kaf (Point of the Letter K)  ascribed to Hajji Mirza Jani Kashani (d. 1852). The first 132 pages were written by Mirza Abu al-Fadl Gulpaygani himself, while others, including his nephew Aqa Sayyid, Mirza Mahdi Gulpaygani, completed the work apparently utilizing notes of his deceased uncle. It was once or twice printed though its contents were deemed unsatisfactory by `Abd al-Baha' who is said by some to have ordered that all copies be destroyed. Copies were, however, several times printed and though very rare, original printings are extant. E-copies of varying quality can also be found on the internet. For some details see MacEoin, Sources pp. 110, 141, 136-139; 112-152+155-161. Though there are serious misunderstandings of the work of Browne and western academics, and of academic scholarship, many important Babi and Baha'i  scriptural and other documents are found in this marred though fascinating Persian and Arabic volume. 


Rasāʼil va raqāʼim

  • Rasāʼil va raqāʼim. Tehran:  Muʼassasah-ʼi Millī-i Maṭbūʻāt-i Amrī, c. 1974. 553, 43 pp.
  • Rasāʼil va raqāʼim
  • Abū al-Faḍl Gulpāyigānī; Trans.  Juan Ricardo Cole : Letters and essays, 1886-1913. Los Angeles : Kalimát Press, 1985. xv+193 pp. .Based on Ruh-Allah. Mehrabkhani's collection of Mírzá Abúʼl-Faḍl's letters, published in Iran as Rasāʼil va raqāʼim

مجموعة رسائل

Majmu`at al-Rasa'il (Compilation of Treatises).

Majmu`at al-Rasa'il. Cairo : Maṭbaʻah-i Saʻādah, 1920. Arabic and Persian, 155pp.


Durar al-bahiyya, Cairo, Egypt 1900.

  • Durar al-bahiyya

Trans. Juan R. Cole.

  • Miracles and metaphors. Los Angeles : Kalimát Press,1981. xx+210 pp.  Translation of: Durar al-bahiyya


Moojan Momen,

Ruh-Allah Meḥrābkhānī,

  • Sharḥ-i aḥwāl-i ǰanāb-i Mīrzā Abu’l-Fadāʾil Gulpāyigānī, Tehran, 131 Badīʿ/1974.

Aziz-Allah Solaymānī,

  • “Janāb-e Abu’l-Fażāʾel Golpāyegānī,” in Maṣābīḥ-e hedāyat II, Tehran, pp. 235-382.

Ḥāǰǰī Mīrzā Ḥaydar-ʿAlī Iṣfahānī,

  • “Tarǰama-yi aḥwāl-i Abu’l-Fadāʾil,” MS, Haifa, August, 1915.

H. M. Balyuzi,

  • Edward Granville Browne and the Baháʾi Faith, Oxford, 1970, pp. 65-72.

Mihdi, Bāmdād,

  • Riǰāl I, pp. 54-55



Door named after Gulpaygani into the shrine of the Bab,  Mt. Carmel, Haifa, Israel.