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The Bab - The Tafsir wāw -wa'l-Sāffāt ("Commentarty on the wāw of wa'l-saffāt")

The Tafsir wāw wa'l-Sāffāt ("Commentarty on the [letter] wāw of wa'l-saffāt") of Sayyid `Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bab.

Notes, Text and Translation.

See Nicholson   Descriptive Cat.  of the E.G. Browne Collection ... (1932: 62), pp. 44-60 +60-63. The Commentarty of the Bab on the waw of wa'l-saffat, "Those arrayed in rows" ( = Q. 37:1a).

Tafsir wāw of wa'l-Sāffāt is a Commentary on the first invocatory letter W ("By!), Arabic letter wāw of وَالصَّافَّاتِ صَفًّا wa'l-saffāt", from the opening verse of the Surat al-Saffat (Qur'an 37:1a), the `Surah of `Those [angels who are] arrayed in rows'), (AR.)  وَالصَّافَّاتِ صَفًّا  . This opening verse has been variously translated, "I call to witness those arrayed in rows". 

This work Commences :

In the Name of God the One Transcendent above the Most Great.

Praised be unto He in Whose hands is the Kingdom of All-Things (malakut kulli shay'). No God is there except Him, the  Unique (al-wahid), the One (al-ahad), the Supremely Great (al-muttakabir), the Overseer (al-Qa'im), the Full of Holiness (al-quddus), the Elevated One (al-rafi`), the Abstracted (al-mani`). God testifieth unto Himself by means of Himself for He, no God is there except Him, the Peerless (al-fard), the Living One [Regenerator] (al-hayy), the One (al-ahad), Separate [Uneven]    (al-witr), the All-Enduring (al-samad), the All-Eternal (al-baqi), the Wondrous (al-badi`). He is indeed the One Who testifieth unto all that originated after the likeness of what He originated. No God is there except Him, the Sovereign (al-malik), the True One (al-haqq),  the Firmly Established (al-makin)...