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TB Hardegg 2

Georg David Hardegg and his Grave


(Tablet for Hardegg). 



TheTablet of Baha'-Allah to Georg David Hardegg,  The Lawh-i Hartik 

Translation Sterphen N. Lambden, BSB 2:1, June 1983.


In the name of God, the Most Holy.

[1] Thy sealed letter arrived before the Wronged One. [2] Therefrom did We catch a fragrance of thy sincerity towards God, the Protector, the Self Subsisting. [3] We entreat God that He might inform thee of that which is concealed in an inscribed Tablet; [4] might enable thee to hearken unto the cooing of the Dove upon the branches [5] and the murmuring of the Water of Life which hath flowed with Wisdom and Explanation from the spring of the Will of the King of Existence.



O beloved one!

It is necessary that thine eminence contemplate the Word of God, the grandeur and sweetness of which sufficeth all the worlds. [2] The first of those who believed in the Spirit [Jesus] was enraptured by the Word of his Lord and through it turned and believed, detached from whatsoever the people possess. [3] Such action is incumbent upon the fishes of the Most Great Ocean.



O Thou informed mystic knower and insightful religious leader!

[2] Know thou that base passion hath hindered most mortals from turning their faces unto  God,  the King of Names.  [3] Such, however, as gaze with the eye of insight, shall bear witness and seeing, exclaim, `Praise be unto my Lord, the Most Exalted.' [4] Land and sea hath rejoiced at the Beneficence of God. [5] The nations were given the promise regarding the appearance of the Healer of Infirmities. He, assuredly, is the expected Builder of the Temple. [6] Blessed be such as are possessed of mystic knowledge. [7] When the appointed time came, Carmel cried out, trembling as if shaken by the breezes of the Lord, `Blessed be such as hearken!' [8] Should anyone incline with the ear of the inner nature, the same would assuredly hear the cry from the Rock. [9] It, verily, proclaimeth in a most elevated voice and beareth witness unto the Eternal God.

[10] Blessed be such as catch a fragrance of the Utterance and turn unto the Kingdom, detached from the contingent world. [11] When that which is mentioned in the Holy Books hath come to pass, thou shalt see the people beholding but not understanding.



O beloved one!

Behold the mystery of reversal on account of the symbol of the Ruler for He hath made their exalted ones their lowly ones and their lowly ones their exalted ones.   [2] And call thou to mind the fact  that when Jesus came He was rejected by the divines, the learned and the educated.  [3] He who was a mere fisherman [Peter], on the other hand, entered the  Kingdom.  [4] This is the mystery of what was mentioned in the heart of the words by means of intimations and allusions.



Great, great is the Cause of God!

Peter the Apostle, in spite of his excellence and the eminence of his station, held back his tongue when asked about it. [2] Shouldst thou consider sincerely what hath heretofore come to pass, for the sake of the Lord alone, thou wilt assuredly see the Light shining before thine eyes. [3] The Truth is too manifest to be wrapped up in veils, the Path too open to be enveloped in darkness and the Certainty too evident to be obscured by doubts. [4] Those who have been held back are the ones who have followed their lusts and are today slumbering, sleeping. [5] They shall wake up and run around but find no place to  hide. [6] Blessed be such as catch the fragrance of Truth, then  awaken, that they might attain whatsoever the sincere servants attained.


[1] Know thou that We saw the exterior letter Ṣād (ص ) in the word  "Peace" (ṣulḥ) (Ar. صُلْح  ṣulḥ).  [2] It, verily, was adorned with the ornament of the upright letter Alif, "A” (= ا ) and is what hath assuredly been mentioned in an Outspread Tablet. [3] And upon the manifestation of the lights of that Divine Word, the Gate of Heaven was opened and the Kingdom of Names appeared.  [4] And this  matter was  completed through the letter  "H" (ه ) after which it was united to the levelled letter "A" (alif  = — ) which was adorned with the Point ( •  of the letter "B" = ب ) from which the Treasured Name, the Hidden Mystery and the Guarded Symbol ( بهاء = Bahā') emerged. [5] It, verily, is the Point ( ) from which existence hath appeared and unto which it hath returned.


[1] Then We saw the Word which uttered a Word which every community found to be according to its own tongue and language. [2] When that Word was uttered, a Sun shone forth from the Horizon of its Announcement, the Lights of which eclipsed the sun of the heavens.  [3] It said, `The head of the seventy hath been adorned with the crown of the forty and been united with the seven before the ten.' [4] Then it lamented and it said, `What is this that I see? The house doth not recognise its master neither doth the son pay heed unto his father; nor likewise is the hopeful seeker cognisant of his place of refuge and haven.



O thou who soarest in the atmosphere of mystic knowledge!

[2] Whoso knoweth the One in Whose Person what floweth yet exhibiteth solidity; [3] what soareth yet is at rest; [4] what is manifest yet concealed [4] and what is resplendent yet veiled, [5] shall be seized by the attraction of the divine Effulgences to such an extent that he will fly on the wings of yearning in the atmosphere of nearness, holiness and reunion.


[1] With regard to that which thine eminence hath mentioned concerning the darkness, [2] We bear witness that it hath encompassed the creatures. [3] Blessed be he who hath been illumined by the Light which shineth forth from the horizon of the Mercy of his Lord, the Most Holy. [4] The darkness is the vain imaginings by virtue of which the people were prevented from turning towards the Kingdom when the King of the Divine Realm appeared with the Cause of God.


[1] As for what thou hast mentioned, that a certain person hath supposed that there are no differences between us with regard to the Spirit [Jesus], [2] this is indeed the truth inasmuch as the Spirit [Jesus] is sanctified beyond being overwhelmed by differences or encompassed by symbolic expressions. [3] He, verily, is the Light of Oneness among mankind and the sign of the Ancient of Days among the peoples. [4] He who turneth unto Him [Jesus] hath turned unto He [God] who sent Him [Jesus] and he who rejecteth Him hath rejected He who caused Him to be made manifest and to speak forth. [5]  He hath ever been what He was and will ever remain the same as what He was; only the Effulgence of His Theophany in the Mirrors varies on account of Their different forms and colours.


O beloved one!

Should a hint of the secret which was veiled in mystery be disclosed, the hearts of those who cling unto what they possess and cast away what is with God would be thrown into confusion. [2] If thine eminence would ponder upon what We have set forth for thee and rise up according to what hath been mentioned with the greatest steadfastness, there would, verily, be manifest from thee what was previously made manifest


[1] O beloved one!

This Bird is ensnared betwixt the talons of oppression and hypocrisy, and seest no nest wherein he might dwell nor any retreat unto which he might wing his way.[2] In such a state doth He summon mankind unto everlasting life. [3] Blessed be the attentive ear! We ask God that he might bring us together in the same place and might assist us in what He loveth and is weIl pleasing unto Him.