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Hajji Mirza Muhammad Bāqir Hamadani (c. 1823-1901)

 Portrait from Bamdad vol. 6:209.

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Stephen Lambden UC Merced

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Hajji Mirza Muhammad Bāqir ibn Muḥammad Jaʻfar Bihārī Hamadānī son of Muhammad Sadiq [Isfahani] Hamadani (b. Quhi [near Isfahan] 1239/1823-4, d. Jandaq 1319/1901 [buried Mashhad]) and his writings.

Muhammad Baqir with assocites and devotees (Bamdad 6:210).

According to the biographical history of Mehdi Bamdad, Muhammad Baqir was a prolific Shi`i- Shaykhi writer (Bamdad, Rijal VI: 211). A few of his numerous compositions have been printed (See ibid PDf. below). Hajji Mirza Muhammad Baqir Hamadani became the leader of the Hamadani branch of Kirmani Shaykhism when under the headship of Karim Khan Kirmani. On the death of Karim Khan  in c. 1871, he  opposed the leadership of his (younger son) Muhammad Khan Kirmani (d. 1324/1906) whom his father had appointed his successor in his will.  He supported the leadership position of Karim Khan's eldest son Muhammad Karim Kirmani though most Kirmani Shaykhis accepted his  younger brother Muhammad Khan Kirmani as the legitimate successor. The followers of Muhammad Baqir Hamadani were known as Baqiris in contrast to followers of Muhammad Khan Kirmani known as Natiqis or (pl.) Nawatiq. Mainstream Kirmani Shaykhism was thus split in that Muhammad Baqir Hamadani,  opposed this hereditory succession in favour of a successor to Karim Khan Kirmani being the most learned Shaykhi person of the `ulama' class (see MacEoin, Messiah, 152 fn. 69).

Mehdi Bamdad, Rijal, VI: 209-211. Bamdad.pdf.

Select Alphabetical Bibliography for Muhammad Bāqir ibn Muḥammad Jaʻfar Hamadānī (1239-1319 AH =1823/4-1901 CE.


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Kitāb-i mustaṭāb-i Ijtināb ...