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The Sun of Reality (āftāb-i ḥaqīqī) is the Divine Word (kalimat-i ilāhī)...

The Sun of Reality (āftāb-i ḥaqīqī) is the Divine Word (kalimat-i ilāhī)...

An untitled Tablet of Bahā’-Allāh published in Daryā-yi Danish,  Selected from the Tablets of Bahā’u’llāh (NSA of the Baha’is of India, 1985), pp.106-7.
Trans. Stephen Lambden, UCMerced – 8th February, 2017 (Beta version).

O He!

The Sun of Reality (āftāb-i ḥaqīqī) is the Divine Word (kalimat-i ilāhī)

which is for the instruction of the denizens of the domains of spiritual meaning and exposition (ma`ānī va bayān). It is centered in Him for He is the Spirit of Reality (rūḥ-i ḥaqīqī) and the celestial “Water” of mystic meaning (mā’-i ma`navī) which hath ever been and will forever remain, by virtue of His assistance and beneficence (madad va `inayat), the “Life” [the Living force] of everything (ḥayāt-i kull-i shay’). And His theophanic appearance (tajallī), as evident in every “mirror”, is expressive of His own [reflected] “color“(lawn-i ū). For example, in the “mirrors” of the hearts of wise sages (ḥukamā’), He made evident a theophanic manifestation (tajallī) expressive of divine Wisdom (ḥikmat). It is likewise in the “mirrors” of the hearts of the mystic knowers (`ārifīn), that the theophany is similarly realized by virtue of the wonders of Gnosis [mystical insight] (badā`i`-yi `irfān) and the realities of evidential proofs (tibyān).
All the peoples of the world, and whatsoever is evident therein, are actualized through the rising up of that Divine Man (insān). From Him things become manifest. By virtue of the Sun of the Lordly Word (shams-i kalimat-i rabbāniyya), the Divine Man (insān) is found to exist, for the “Most Beautiful Divine Names” (asmā’-i ḥusnā’) and the Most Elevated Divine Attributes (ṣifāt) hath ever and will for evermore circumambulate around His Word (kalimat). He is the Divine “Fire” (nār)! And it is on this account, that whatsoever is other than of God is burned away from within the inmost depths (ṣudūr) of the hearts of such yearning lovers (`ushshāq) as are consumed by this “Fire”. This is so on account of the conflagration precipitated by this “Fire”. Indeed! It is the very reality of the [celestial] “Water” (ḥaqīqat-i mā’) which is evident in the form of this “Fire” (nār). Its outer reality (ẓāhir) is “Fire” (nār) while its inmost depth (bāṭin) is “Light” (nūr).

It is on account of this “Water” (mā’) that all things (kull shay’) hath eternally remained and will for evermore exist [as is stated in the Qur’ān]: “Through water (mā’) are all things living (ḥayy)” (Q.21:30). We beseech God that we may drink of this divinely sweet “Water” (mā’-i `adhb-i ilāhī) through this spiritual سلسبيل‎‎  Salsabīl [a Fount of Paradise, see Qur’an 76:18] (salsabīl-i rūḥānī) and we may be detached from the world and its inhabitants (`ālam va `alamiyyān) upon the Pathway of His Love (sabīl-i muḥabbat).
And may the Glory (al-bahā’) be upon the people of Glory (ahl al-bahā’).