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The Commentary of Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri (d. 1892) opon the basmala and Qur'an 68:1: "N" (Nūn). By the Pen!

Stephen Lambden UCMerced.

Baha’u’llah on Nun. By the Pen and the Basmala  Text from INBMC 56:23f/24-43


Bism Allah al-Bahiyy al-Abha
In the Name of God, the Radiantly Splendid, the All-Glorious.

[1] Praised be to God Who made the Point (al-nuqta) to be outstretched within the Book of Origination (Kitab al-ibda`a), an Ornament (taraz) through which is  the Genesis of Creativity. From it He differentiated the knowledge (`ilm) of what hath been and what had and will come to pass. He made it to be a manifestation of the mysteries (mazhar al-asrar) of what distinguished  the [Arabic letter] “K” and the [Arabic letter] “N” (="Be!")! He ennobled it

... So be [thou] perceptive of the [Arabic letter] "N" (al-nun) ..  for in its outward, linguistic sense it hath the meaning of "Fish" (al-ḥūt)...