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TB Shams-i jamal -i Ilahi 1 Text + Lambden Trans

Lawḥ Shams-i jamāl-i ilāhī 

The Tablet of the Sun of the Divine Beauty of Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Baha'-Allah (1817-1892).


Stephen Lambden UCMerced.

1990s - 2006-7+ 2015.

Last updated 29-08-2015 - under correction and completion.

 This scriptural Tablet of Baha'-Allah commencing Shams-i jamāl-i ilāhī ("The Sun of the Divine Beauty") exists in the INBMC Vol. 32: 31-4 collection of mss. of the writings of Baha'-Allah. Another text was supplied to me some years ago by my colleague and friend Nejati Alkan (now in Istanbul), a clearer complete text in the Ottoman archives in Istanbul (Arsivi confiscated  alwah, Iradeler, Meclis-i Mahsus no. 1475/35, 7-13). The original text of the Lawh-i Shams-i jamāl-i ilāhī sometimes alternates between Persian and Arabic, with constant headings and often with a recreated alternating refrain. I have named  this perhaps Istanbul period (c. 1863??) Tablet of Bahā'-Allāh after its opening words. The date is unknown though  it might at the earliest be assigned it to the Sulaymaniyya interregnum years (1854-1856 CE)  if the address "O Darvish" is indicative of Baha'-Allah himself and not another unknown recipient of this Arabo-Persian poetic writing. As a wandering mystic Bahā'-Allāh was known as Darvish Muhammad during this time. A currently unidentified `Ali is thus twice addressed. If these addresses are not directed to Baha'-Allah himself, then the `Ali here would most likely be Darvish Siddiq/ Sidq-`Ali Qazvini (d.1299/1882) who had been a Babi-Baha'i from the late 1850s if not earlier.

Mss. of the Lawh-i Shams-i Jamal-i Ilahi

Translation Stephen Lambden (ongoing).



 He is God

The Sun of the Divine Beauty (shams-i jamāl-i ilāhī)  beameth forth  from the Lordly Orient of the Unseen  (mashriq-i ghayb-i rabbānī) and hath thereby shed illumination upon all realms of existence (mumkinat).

So Oh! Blessed be thou!

who art made luminous through its radiant effulgences (ishraqat).


He is God

The Lamp of God (sirāj Allāh)  radiateth light  such that through its intrinsic Splendour (ḍiyā'-yi khud)  the candles of the hearts of humankind are ignited!

So Oh! Blessed be thou!

who art  rendered resplendent through its splendours!


He is God

In this land the [Abstracted] Tree of Detachment (shajarah-i inqata`a) hath been purified at the hand of the One Beloved (mahbub) and inclineth  towards the Blessed Paradise of Holiness (firdaws-i quds).

So Oh! Blessed be thou! for thou art in its shade which is alotted unto such as seek its shadow; from its fruit is providence for such as seek sustenance therefrom. 


 He is God

The Sinaitic Lote Tree (sidrih-yi sina'i ) crieth out with the tongue of "I, verily, am God".

So Oh! Blessed be thou! who hast hearkened unto its melodies


He is God

The  Sanctified Phoenix (huma-yi quds)

eternally casteth a shadow upon the realms of contingent being (ka'inat).

So Oh! Blessed be thou! who seeketh shelter neath its shade. 


O Darvish!

Be thou detatched from the world of the nullification of selfhood  (`alam-i fani) that thou mayest ever soar up within the world of eternal subsistence (`alam-i  baqi)! Then cut thyself off from this mortal world (al-dunya') until God enableth thee to ascend unto the lofty heights of the heaven of holiness (sama' quds marfu` an).


O Darvish!

Be thou free of the tincture of the world (sibagh-i `alam) that thou mayest be ornamented with the wondrous tincture of the lovers (sibagh-i  badī`-yi janan)!

So Oh! Blessed be thou! who art numbered among such as  take action!


He is God the Desired One!

The Beauty of the Lord of Divine Majesty (jamāl dhū'l-jalāl) eternally riseth up as a Similitude (mithal) from the Dawning-Place of the Unseen (mashriq-i ghayb).

So Oh! Blessed be thou!

who werepresent between His hands and art numbered among such as are ennobled through His manifest and resplendent Beauty (bi-jamālihi al-zahir al-mubīn).


He is God

The Divine Cupbearer (saqi-yi ilahi) proferred the Lordly wine (khamr-i rahmani) from the Goblet of the All-Merciful (khamm-i rahmani)!

So Oh! Blessed be thou! that thou art numbered among such as have drunk deep of this Wine (khamr)!



May the annihilated soul (jan fani) become the Immortalized soul (jan baqi) such that by means of the Divine Names of the Deity Most proximate (asma'-i aqrab) thou be carried aloft.

So Oh! Blessed be thou! that thou art numbered among such  have are efficacious (al-fa`alain).


He is God

 Take ye flight on the wings of mystic meaning (bi-pir-i ma`ani) towards the heaven of Lordly Holiness (sama'-i quds-i rabbani) and  bypass this world (jahan) until thou hast entered the worlds of souls (jahan-i janan) nigh the Gate of the Divine Splendor (bab-i subhan).

 So Oh! Blessed be thou! that thou art numbered among such  have hearkened aright (al-sami`in).


He is God

The Divine Fire (nar-i ilahi) blazeth forth from the Sinaitic Lote Tree (sidra-' sina') and the Moses of the Spirit (musa-yi ruh) discourses saying, "I, verily am God! Thy God! And the Deity of all the worlds!"

So Oh! Blessed be thou! that thou hast hearkened with the ear of Reality (sam` al-haqiqat) unto its words (kalimat) and visioned therein with the eye of the Fire (bi-basar al-nar) its fiery blazing (lahab). 


He is God

In the Name of Eternity (bi-nami-yi baqa') through the Lote-Tree of the Encounter with God (sidra-' liqa') and with the melodies of the Dove (varqa'), it warbleth forth and saith: `O  People! This is the Greatest Beauty of God (jamal Allah al-akbar) who hath risen up from this Dawning-Place of Lights (mashriq al-anwar) and discloses the Veil (al-niqab) from the Supremely Pure Countenance (wajh al-athar). 

So Oh! Blessed be thou! that thou art to be numbered among such as have attained unto His Beauty (jamal)!


He is God

Envision with the insight born of Reality (basar-i haqiqi) such that the Pearl encrusted Beauty (jamal-i durri) might glisten forth! And thus, with the tongue of the inward Mystery (lisan-i sirr), thou shall utter the [words] "O Thou Best of Creators" (ya ahsan al-khaliqin) [= Q. 23:14b].

O thou who art the Ornamented Garment of Reality (ay mutarraz az haqiqat)!

The Nightingale of the Mystic Holiness (bulbul-i quds-i ma`ani) in the best of accents warbleth forth the words, "Regenerate anew with every Melody!" (abda` min kull naghmat).

So Oh! Blessed be thou! that thou art numbered among such as have truly hearkened!!


O `Ali

Peel away the husks the world of contingency (imkan) so that thou might ascend to the Pre-Existent Throne of the Placeless (`arsh-i la makan-i qidam)!


He is God

 The Falcon of Rapture [Love] (shahbaz-i `ishq) hath been made manifest from the Horizon of Divine Holiness (ufq-i quds-i ilahi) such that all of the [heavenly] birds sing out with wondrous new melodies (bi-naghmat-i badi`) thereby inducing intoxication and drunkenness. 


He is God

The Peacock (tawus-i baha) of Baha'

So Oh! Blessed be thou!

that thou art, on account of His Glory (jalal), numbered among such as have envisioned through the ....


He is God

The XXX of Eternity (    ) ...


This is the rose of Eternity (ward al-baqa')



He is the Beloved One (al-mahbub)!

This is the rose of Eternity (ward al-baqa')


He is God



He is God! The Beloved One (al-mahbub)!


He is God

The Lordly Hoopoe (hudhud-i rabbani) from the Horizon of the Holiness of the Glorification (ufq-i quds-i subhani)

So Oh! Blessed be thou! in that thou hast gazed upon His Beauty (jamal)!



He is God!

This is the Tree of Holiness (shajarat al-quds)!

It hath indeed been planted in the Sinai of the Spirit (sina' al-ruh) and crieth out [with the words], `Indeed He, no God is there except Him'.

So Oh! Blessed be whomsoever hearkeneth unto its melodies then findeth repose in its shade; then, furthermore, is given Providence by virtue of its fruits.