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The Kitab-i badi` of Baha'-Allah c. 1283/1866-7. I Some Introductory Notes


The  Kitab-i badi` of Baha'-Allah c. 1283/1866-7.


The Kitab al-Badi` - Some Introductory Notes

The word Badi` or al-Badi` is one of the most important Divine Attributes. It is among of the al-asma al-husna (Most Beautiful Names) inclided among  the 99 Names of God set from in traditions of the Prophet Muhammad relayed in Sunni sources through Abu Hurayra and in Shi`i texts from Imam `Ali Ibn Abi Talib (d. 40/661), the first (twelver) Imam and fourth Sunni Caliph. Many commentaries on this title, Attribute or Name of God have been written in the Islamic world from the early centuries until modern times. It also has more mundane senses and it often used today in middle eastern and Asian cultures as a propher name for both genders. Among the basic sense which this Arabic or Persian (loanword) has are :