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TB T-Huwa




Stephen N. Lambden

Last written 2006 - being updated

Baha'-Allah's wholly Arabic scriptural Tablet sometimes referred to in Persian  as the Tafsīr-i hu is (more correctly Arab.) Tafsīr huwa, the "Commentary on the He is"  ( هو   =  huwa = "He is"). It is a scriptural Tablet of around twenty  pages dating from the mid.-late Iraq (Baghdad) period (c. 1859?). It has the following Arabic prescript

هذا ما نزل من جبروت العظمة بلسان العزة وا لرفعة في حق مراته القدسية وا لنور الازليه

"This is that which was revealed from the Empyrean of Grandeur (jabarūt al-`uẓmat) through the Tongue of Power (bi-lisān al-`izzat) and raised up regarding the Truth of His sanctified Mirror (mirātihi  al-qudsiyya) and All-Eternal Light (al-nūr al-azaliyya)."

In basic grammatical terms  هو   huwa is the Arabic third person masculine pronoun. In the Qur'ān and in numerous other Arabic Islamic religious texts, traditions and literatures  it is often indicative of the  existent reality of the Godhead whose personal Name is Allah is presupposed. Thus  هو   in the Qur'an and elsewhere as well as in thousands of Babi-Baha'i religious texts, indicates the reality, transcendence and absolute existence of the Godhead.  Thus also the common theological phrase هوالله  which also has deep theological and  alphabetic or numerological significances in Islamic mysticism as well as in a considerable number of  the writings of the Bab and other primary and secondary Babi and Baha'i sacred literatures.  Additionally, the Bab wrote several commentaries on the first letter of the   هو huwa or several works  entitled Tafsir al-hā' (Commentary upon the letter "H").  Baha'-Allah's Tafsir-i hu  or Tafsir Huwa was writtern in a Babi universe of discourse before he had announced his own messianic or theophanological claims in 1863 (near Baghdad) and subsequently in 1866-7. (from Edirne) CE. 

The text of the Tafsir-i hu / Tafsir  huwa has never  been officially published or translated. The text I refer to, translate and to some extent reproduce here is based on a typed text communicated to me by the Baha'i World Centre (Haifa, Israel) in 1982