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An Exposition of two Hadith Texts for Sayyid Yahya Darabi, Vaḥīd.


The Bab

An Exposition of Two Hadith Texts,

`On Living in Both Worlds' and `On the Hadith of `Ama' (The Theophanic Cloud) for Sayyid Yahya Darabi, Vaḥīd.

Introduction, Translation and Commentary

Stephen Lambden UC Merced.


The only complete ms. of this letter addressed to Sayyid Yahya Darabi, Vahid (d. Nayriz 1266/1850), the eldest son of Sayyid Jaʿfar Kashfī who became a Babi (follower of the Bab) in 1846,  known to the present writer, is that found as item 1 in the Iran Natonal Baha'i Archives ms. 6007C , pp.1-16.