Rashh- `Ama' - Zarandi ms. Translation.



رَشْح  عَمَاء


Text and trans. from Zarandi ms.


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Ms. Nabil-i Zarandi. PDf. Rashh-Zarandi.pdf

Translated by Stephen Lambden -Last revised 10-11-04.

Under further revision 2017.

He is God

 رَشْح عَمَاء 

  He is God


رشح عما از جذبه ما ميريزد

 سّر وفا از نغمه ما ميريزد

On account of Our rapture the sprinkling of the Cloud of Unknowing rains down.

The mystery of fidelity pours forth from Our melody.


از باد صبا مشك خطا گشته پديد

    وين نفحه خوش از جعده ما ميريزد

The Musk of Cathay hath appeared from the Zephyr.

This Sweet-Scented Breeze wafts down from Our Ringlet.


شمس طراز از طلعت حق كرده طلوع

 سّر حقيقت بين كز وجهه  ثا  ميريزد

The Ornamented Sun hath arisen from the Countenance of the True One.

See thou that the Mystery of Reality rains down from the Countenance of [the letter] Tha' !


بحر صفا از موج لقا كرده خزوش   

 و  ين طرفه عطا از جذبه ما  ميريزد

Out of a Wave of the Ocean of the Encounter with God the Sea of Purity hath cried out :  

On account of our Rapture this Precious Favor pours forth


گنجینه  حب در سینه فا گسته نهان

زین گنج محبت در وفا ميريزد

The Treasury of Love  appears  hid in the breast. 

  Though this love's treasure it cascades as pearls of fidelity


بهجت  مل  از نظره  ك گل شد ظاهر

 اين رمز مليح از رنّه را ميريزد

 At the sight of the Rose was the delight of the Wine apparent.

This sweet accent rains  down through the melody of the letter ر  "R". 


نقره ناقوری جذبه لاهوتی   

    اين هردو بيك نفحهٌ از جوّ سما ميريزد

  The Stunning Trump!  The Celestial Rapture!

In the firmament of Heaven they twain rain down as a Single Breath.


دور  انا هو از چهره ما ها كرده بروز

كور هو هو از طفحه با ميريزد

 On account of Our Visage the dispensation of "I am He" hath commenced.

Through the overflowing of  [the letter] "B" the cycle of "He is He" is diffused. 


كوثر حق  از حقه دل گشته هويدا

 و اين ساغر شهد از لعل بها ميريزد

The Kawthar  (Fount) of the ultimately Real hath appeared from the receptacle of the Heart.

Out of the  vermilion lips of Bahā'  this Cup of Honey pours forth.


يوم خدا از جلوه رب شد كامل  

  اين لغز حديث از غنه طا ميريزد

The "Day of God" hath been fully realized on account of  the Effulgence of the Lord.

Through the warbling of  the letter "Ṭ" ( ط  = ṭā') this New Beauty pours forth.


طفح بهائی بين رشح عمائی بين

   كاين جمله زيك نغمه از لحن خدا ميريزد   

Observe the Glorious Overflowing!

Behold the Beclouded Sprinkling !

Through the Melody of God  all this pours forth as a single Song.


ماهی سرمد بين طلع منزه بين

صدر ممرّد بين كز عرش علا ميريزد  

 Observe the Eternal Moon!

Behold the Pristine Ascendant Sun!

 See thou that the Pure Breast sprinkles out from the elevated Throne.


نخله طوبی بين رنّه ورقا بين

غنّه ابهی بين كز لمع صفا ميريزد  

Observe the Blessed Palm-Tree!

Behold the cooing of the Dove!

See thou that the Abha (Supremely beautiful) lament  rains down   from  the brilliancy of Purity.


آهنگ عراقی بين دفّ حجازی  بين

كف الهی بين كز جذبه لا ميريزد

Observe the Iraqi Harmony! 

Behold the Hijazi Tambourine

See thou that the rapture of  "No!" (   lā ) rains down from the Divine hand


طلعت لاهوتی بين حوری هاهوتی بين

 جلوه ناسوتی بين كز سّر عما ميريزد   

Observe the deified Countenance!

Behold the God-like Maiden!

See thou that the terrestrial Effulgence  rains down from the mystery of the Cloud of Unknowing!


وجهه باقی بين چهره ساقی بين

رق زجاجی بين كز كوبهء ما ميريزد

Observe the All-Enduring Face!

Behold the Visage of the Cupbearer!

See thou that the Sparkling Draught  rains down from Our Goblet!


آتش موسی بين بيضه بيضا بين      

 سينه سينا بين كز كفّ سنا ميريزد

 Observe the Fire of Moses!

Behold the Snow-White Brightness!

See thou that the Sinaitic Breast rains down through the Radiant Palm.


ناله مستان بين حالت  بستان بين 

 جذبه هستان بين كز صحن لقا ميريزد

Observe the state of the Intoxicated!

Behold the verdure of Orchard!

See thou that the Rapture of existence rains down from the  Court of the Meeting with God!


غنچه هائی بين طرزه بائی بين

 رنّه فائی بين كز كلك بها ميريزد

   Observe the [letter] "H"-like (   ) rosebud!

Behold the [letter] "B"-like (    ) ringlet!

See thou that the timbre of the Flute reverberates through the hollow-reed of Bahā!


طفّ ظهوراست اين رشح طهوراست

اين غنّ طيوراست اين كز عين فنا ميريزد

 This is the overflowing Theophany!

This is the sprinkling of Manifestation!

Such is the warbling of the heavenly birds  which sprinkle from the fount of mystical death.