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Apostle 1

Mirza Musa (18XX-1887), brother of Baha'-Allah.

Alwah (Scriptural Tablets) of Baha'-Allah to Apostle 1 

Like the biblical Moses who experienced the Divine Theophany (Ar. tajalli) and the Qur'anic Moses (= Ar. Musa) who held conversation (Ar. kalim) with God, Mirza Musa Nuri (d.1887) was known as (Per.) Aqa-yi Kalim ("His Eminence of One who Conversed with God"). He was a full, younger brother of Baha'-Allah born of Mirza `Abbas Nuri (d.1255/1839) a minister or Vazir known as Mirza Buzurg (d. 1255/ 1839) and his second wife Khadijih Khanum. The father,  Mirza Buzurg had four wives and three concubines which led to a large family of four full siblings  of Baha'-Allah and  another  thirteen or so. The following passage from Hasan Balyuzi's Baha'u'llah - The King of Glory  may be cited at this point :

"The first-born of that marriage [of Mirza Buzurg to Khadijih Khanum] was a daughter, Sarih Khanum; she is generally known as 'Ukht', Arabic for sister, because Bahá'u'lláh has thus referred to her. The next was a son, Mirza Mihdi, who died in his father's lifetime; and Mirza Husayn-'Ali (Bahá'u'lláh) was the third-born. The fourth was another son, Mirza Musa, entitled Aqay-i-Kalim in later years, and the fifth was another daughter, Nisa' Khanum, who was married eventually to Mirza Majid-i-Ahi, a secretary of the Russian Legation" (p. 13).

At this point in time scriptural alwah for Mirza Musa seem to be unpublished.