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The Isolated Letters of the Qayyūm al-asmā' :

Tabulated and Introduced.

Complete Pdf. from Web I = QA-Isolated Letters.pdf

Stephen Lambden UC-Merced

Under revision - last updated 22/8/16

The isolated letter(s) of the Qayyūm al-asmā' are given below along with their abjad numerical value(s) though these possible meanings of these are currently obscure. The following sources and mss. were consulted regarding the isolated letters of the QA.

  • (1) Muhammad Karam mss. 1261
  • (2) 1323 AH / 1905 CE.
  • (3) E. G. Browne, Coll. mss. F11
  • (4) ADD
  • (5) See the paragraph below.

A letter Q.  in the 5th column indicates a disconnected letter(s) or series of letters found in the Q.; often with x__ or cross referencing indicating how often these isolated letters occur in the Qur'an. If the letter Q. is in brackets (Q.) it indicates a possible extension, contraction or rearrangement of a qur'ānic series of isolated letters. Also in column  five (5) Qur'ānic and Qayyūm al-asmā' parallels registering extensions or  contractions or rearrangements of a given set of isolated letter(s) series  in the Q. and / or (elsewhere) in the Qayyūm al-asmā' itself are noted. It should further be noted that it appears from mss. that I have seen that four surahs of the Qayyūm al-asmā' are (like most qur'ānic surahs save 28 of the total 114) without isolated letters:  namely, Qayyūm al-asmā' sūrahs, 52, 64, 67 and 74. Why these are blank or without isolated letters also remains unknown - there may be some deep meaning or colored inks might, for example, have  caused the text to fade and become illegible.

See Pdf. here for Tabulated List : The Isolated Letters of the Qayyūm al-asmā'.

Qayyum al-asma'-isolated.pdf

Cf. PDf  from Web I.  QA-Surah Titles.pdf