The Tablet of Baha'-Allah perhaps written for Mullā Shaykh AIī Turshīzī (d. 1852), `Aẓīm






The early 1850s Tablet of Baha-Allah associated with Mullā Shaykh AIī Turshīzī (d. 1852) entitled `Aẓīm (Mighty), text introduction and translation.

Stephen Lambden, UC Merced 2020.

In Progress,

Last updated Oct. 13 2020.

The text of this Arabic and Persian Tablet of Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Baha-Allah (d. Acre, Ottoman Palestine,1892) is known through its citation by Mirza Asad-Allah Fadil-i Mazandarani (b. Babol. c. 1880 -d.  Khurramshahr, 1957), the prolific Baha'i author best known for his 9 volume Persian and Arabic historical and primary and secondary source scriptural compilation, Kitab-i Zuhur al-Haqq (The Book of the Theophany of the True One) which exists in a number of largely unpublished manuscripts. To date only vols, III [3] (2 editions, Tehran, c.1940s and Germany. Hofheim,165 BE/2008) -IV (forthcoming) and VIII parts I-II have been published. It is in volume IV [4] ms pages  15-18, commencing with the Arabic heading, al-Hayy al-Qadim (The Living One, the Ancient / Pre-Existent) - and in the printed text vol. IV (            pp.   -   ) that this  largely Persian text of this scriptural lawh (pl. alwah) can be found. The ms. I refer to here is one presented to me (in photocopy) 20 or more years back from the family archives of  Fadil-i Mazandarani himself.