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The Tafsir al-Ha' II (Commentary on the Letter Ha' II) of the Bab.

The Arabic letter al-ha' ("H") -Initial form

INBMC 67 - Heading in ms. identifying this as a compilation of communications and devotional works of the "Primal Point" found in a nashk-i khatti (a  handwritten manuscript) in the Library (kitab khaneh) of the Blessed House [of the Bab] in Shiraz. This ms. contains both ( one after the other) of the successive mss. of the Tafsir al-Ha' I and II.

INBAMC 67: 52 Extract from opening words of the Tafsir al-Ha' II according to ...

Introductory Note on the Tafsrir al-Ha'  No. II of the Bab

Stephen Lambden, UC Merced,

In Progress - last updated 08-02-2021.

Select Manuscripts of the Tafsir al-Ha' II (Commentary on the Letter Ha' II). 

  • Tehran Baha'i Archives INBA 3006C pp.58-96.
  • Tehran Baha'i Archives INBA 4002C - listed by MacEoin as in "private possession" (Sources, 199).
  • Tehran Baha'i Archives INBA 6010C pp.274-310 = [as INBMC 14:284-320 - see below?]
  • Tafsir al-Ha' I (Commentary on the Letter Ha'). INBMC 14:231-283.
  • Tafsir al-Ha' I (Commentary on the Letter Ha'). INBMC 53:125-156.
  • Tafsir al-Ha' I (Commentary on the Letter Ha'). INBMC 67: 52-85.
  • Tafsir al-Ha' I (Commentary on the Letter Ha'). INBMC 86: 154-181.

Each of these six or seven ms. listed above  follows a ms. text of the Tafsir al-Ha' I (Commentary on the Letter Ha' I) - see MacEoin Sources, 199 and the page on this website for Tafsir al-ha' I..

The Tafsir al-Ha' (Commentary upon the Letter "H") II of the Bab is likely of a similar date to Tafsir al-ha' I (c. 1261/1845). It again is a commentary upon  the Arabic letter "H" (ه) extending for just over thirty pages (in one mss INBMC 67: 52-85). With an abjad value of five, this fifth letter of the Arabic alphabet has the same numerical value as the word Bab (2+1+2 = 5) itself. This quite lengthy text again cites 

Select Notes


The  Opening Lines from Tafsir al-ha' No.II - INBMC 67: 52


The Tafsir al-Ha' (Commentary upon the Arabic Letter "H") No. II of the Bab.

Stephen Lambden UC Merced,

In Progress 08-02-2021

Beta Translation in progress.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

Praised be to God Who engendered Holiness by means of the Sanctity of His Own Beingness (kaynuniyyat) by virtue of the Most Transcendent Gnosis (`irfan a`la ) of the apophatic tokens of disengagement (al-mujarradat) relative to Divine Reality (al-lahut)... And Praise be to God! One supremely transcendent on account of the elevatedness of His Essential Reality (dhatiyyat) above the Ramparts of the Most Sublime and Lofty Mountains of  the Realms of Being (bunyan a`la al-shawamikh al-mawjudat) ...