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The Bab -Tafsīr Sūrat al-Tawhid (Commentary on the Surah of the Divine Unity) or al-Ikhlās (`The Pure-Sincere Religion’). Q.112.

The four verses of Qur'an Surat al-Tawhid  or al-Ikhlas, Q. 112:1-4.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

[1] Say: He is God! One (ahad).

[2] God, the All-Perpetual (al-samad).

[3] He neither begetteth [a son] nor is He begotten [by a father]!

[4] No one is comparable unto Him.

The Commentary on the Tafsīr Sūrat al-Tawhid (The Surah of the Divine Unity)


Sayyid `Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bab (1819-1850).

Introduction and Translaton

Stephen Lambden UCMerced,

1980s + 2021. In Progress and Under Revision.

Last updated 09-02-2021.

Select Manuscripts of the  Tafsīr Sūrat al-Tawhid of the Bab

  • Tafsir Surat al-Tawhid. Tehran INBA 6010C, pp.199-211.
  • Tafsir Surat al-Tawhid. INBMC 14: 209-221.
  • Tafsir Surat al-Tawhid. INBMC 69 : 2-13.
  • Tafsir Surat al-Tawhid. INBMC 98: 165-174.
  • Tafsir Surat al-Tawhid.

Opening lines of the Tafsīr Sūrat al-Tawhid (The Commentary on the Surah of the Divine Unity) from INBMC 69

The Tafsīr Sūrat al-Tawhid (The Commentary on the Surah of the Divine Unity) of the Bab.

Beta translation Stephen Lambden, UC Merced.

In Progress 1980s + 09-02-2021.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Praised be to God! who sent down the Logos-Command (al-amr) in the Book (al-kitab) to the extent of its being unlimited, beyond computation (ghayr al-ma`dud). So bear witness that there is no God except God as accords with the fact that He is [thus for] His commmunity [people] (ahl) for they do inwardlly verify this even though it is impossible that anyone should fully comprehend how He is other then He Himself. So Glorified be He and exalted be He above whatsoever some feign to assert. I bear witness unto [the Prophet] Muhammad and the [Shi`i] family of God in the light of the fact that God Himself so willeth and determines their destiny for He is indeed One Mighty and Loving (al-`aziz al-wudud). 

And now that I have recited they missive (kitab) and become aware at this moment of thy supplication for it is fitting that thou should enquire about the Tafsir Surat al-Tawhid (The Surah of the Divine Unity). So know the Reality regarding that which God hath sent down for thee out of the clouds of His Divine Bounty (saha'ib al-fadl) touching upon His Divine Unity (tawhid). This since God hath indeed stated - and His Speech (al-qawl) is indeed the Real Truth (al-haqq) - and they shall ever prove unable to determine the full extent of His Power! 

So know that this Surah [of the Divine Unity, Q. 112] is the very Spirit of the Qur'an (ruh al-qur'an)  and is the quintessential cause of the realization of the descent of the Bayan (`illat al-ghayat fi nuzul al-bayan). Above it circumambulates the occasions for the modes of universal realization (`ilal al-kulliyya) relative to everything that transpired through the Name of a given thing! Then be ye prepared for the Encounter with thy Lord (li'l-liqa' rabbika) for the time is nigh, near at hand (qarib qarib).

Indeed! the Glorious theophanies of Self-Revelation during the Days of the [coming] Divine Manifestation (tajalliyyat ayyam al-zuhur) are speedily hastening along relative to all things (kull shay')! God hath not desired that the realization of the Divine Unity (izhar al-tawhid) be other than by means of the word of the Glorification (kalimat al-tasbih) and that it not be realized through something other than the word of Laudation (kalimat al-tamhid)! Nay indeed! Not be realized other than by means of the word of lawfulness (kalimat al-tahlil)! Nay indeed! Not be realized other than by means of the word of magnification (kalimat al-takbir)!

This since the Unity of the Divine Essence (tawhid al-dhat)