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TB Mathnavi-yi mubārak I


Notes on select mss. ,printed texts and translations of the Mathnavi of Baha'-Allah dating to the Constantinople period, 1863.

Stephen N. Lambden

In progress, May 12 2015


  • Mathnavi-yi mubārak. Ms. in the hand of the Baha'i scribe Zayn al-Muqarrabin dated 8th Ramadan, 1299 or 24th July 1882 CE.
  • 1905. Mathnavi-yi mubārak. Indian ed. in the script of Mīrzā  Husayn Isfahani  Mishkīn Qalam, the Musk-Scented Pen  (b. Isfahan c. 1826-d. Haifa, 1912).
  • 1914 Mathnavi-yi mubārak. Printed with the Haft Vadi (Seven Valleys) and Kalimat-i maknuna (Hidden Words) of Baha'-Allah in Cairo in 1333 AH/1914 CE.
  • 1932 = 89 BE. Mathnavi-yi mubārak. [Tehran?]  Jellygraph ed. with poems of Tahira Qurrat al-`Ayn (d. 1852) and  an Istidlaliyya (Testimony Book) and poems of the Baha'i poet Mirza Na'im of Siddih [Isfahan] (       ).
  • 1953 =110 BE. Mathnavi-yi mubārak. printed in a small 54 page volume in Delhi, India.
  • 1964 =121 BE. Mathnavi-yi mubārak in the Tehran ed. of AQA vol. III.
  • 1992. Mathnavi-yi mubārak. Bahāʼ Allāh; Prologemenon Waḥīd Raʼfī (pp. 1-5) Based on and reproduces a forty or so page calligraphic rendering in the script of Mīrzā Husayn,  Mishkīn Qalam held at the Baha'i World Centre, Haifa, Israel. 1992.  pp. vii+ unpaginated. Contains a useful introduction in Persian by Waḥīd Raʼfī dated May 1992.

Translations :

  • 1997. El poema del bendito = (Masnaví Mubarak). ed. trans. Juan A Guzmán. [Series: 27.'"> Colección de Poesía "Juan Ramón Jimémez", 27.] Huelva : Excma. Diputación Provincial de Huelva, D.L. 1997.  A  "versión literaria y prólogo de, Juan A. Guzmán".  52pp.
  • 19XX. Mathnavi-yi Mubarak. English trans. Frank Lewis (Univ. Chicago).