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A Tablet of the Bab to the erudite mujtahid and crypto-Babi `Abd al-Wahhab Qazvini (d.c. 1265/1847 or c. 1270/1853).







`Abd al-Wahhāb Qazvini

A Tablet of the Bab to  the erudite mujtahid and perhaps crypto-Babi `Abd al-Wahhāb Qazvini (d.c. 1265/1847 or c. 1270/1853) as  transmitted by Muhammad Kazim Samandar (1844-d.1918) in his Tarikh (History), the Tarikh-i Samandar (1st edition       2nd ed.            , p. XXX-X)


Beta Translation Stephen Lambden frpm the Arabic-Persian text printed in Tarikh-i Samandar, XX (reproduced above).

In Progress - under revision -last corrected 25-07-2021.


Huwa Allah

He is God

Exalted be His Mighty Modus Operandi. 

[To] His Eminence, One Sacred (jinab qudsi), an address to the Most Noble of the Pilgrims (khitab ashraf al-Hajj), the very esteemed Qiblah [itself] (qiblah-i muhtaram), Hajji `Abd al-Wahhab, may God perpetuate His Luminous (munuwwar) Benevolence [towards him].

He is God, Exalted be He!

O Qibla of Benevolence (qiblih-i mu`ayyad) and the Locus of Obedient Glorification (muta`-i mumajjad),  may God forevermore perpetuate thy bounty (fadl). While it was the case  that thou failed to attain [in Siyah Dehan near Qazvin] to the human persona [form, surat = the Bab] which is an expression of the nobility of the Divine Presence (sharaf-i hudur),  nonetheless by virtue of the decree of the spirits (hukm al-arwah), the hosts of the army assembled expressive of a stream of loving kindness (junud-i mujannadah-i rishtah-i muhabbat) thou indeed attained a union  worthy of remembrance. It was such that through the Will of God (mashiyyat Allah) and His Almighty Power (qudrat), such was the caue of the dissipation [uplifting of  intervening] darkness...