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Tablet to the Third Haykal / Letter of the Living, Muhammad Bāqir Bushrū'ī (d. Ṭabarsī 1265 /1849).


Tablet to the Third Haykal / Letter of the Living, Muhammad Bāqir Bushrū'ī (d. Ṭabarsī 1265 /1849).

Muhammad Zarandí Nabíl-i A’zam (d. 1892), Tarikh ed. and trans. Shoghi Effendi Rabbani (d. 1957) as `The Dawn-Breakers: Nabil’s Narrative of the Early Days of the Bahá’í Revelation, (1932; Rep. Wilmette, IL, USA: Bahá’í Publishing Trust, 1996.


Tablet to the Third Haykal / Letter of the Living, Muhammad Bāqir Bushrū'ī (d. Ṭabarsī 1265 /1849).

Trans. Stephen Lambden, UC Merced, 199X+ 2021.

Last updated 02-08-2021. In progress and under revision


This is that which We sent down unto the third (li-thālith man āmana) to believe in God and in his verses. Therein is a Memorial-Remembrance (dhikra) for all the worlds (li'l-`ālamīn).


Huwa- "He is"


In the Name of God, the Deliberate  (al-muta`ammid), the Exalted (al-`aliyy).



[1] Praised be to God unto Whom is rendered Glorification from [whomsoever is] within the heavens and upon the earth. [2] No God is there except Him, the Mighty (al-`aziz), the Unapproachable [Inaccessible, Apophatic] (al-mani`). [3] He is the One in Whose Hand is whomsoever is within the Lāhūt (the Divine Realm) of the Logos-Command (lahut al-amr) and the Creation (wa'l-khalq). [4] No God is there except Him the  Inwardly Might Generating (muta`azziz), the  One Elevated (al-rafi`), the Unapproachable [Inaccessible, Apophatic] (al-mani`).



This is a missive [letter, book] (kitāb) from [the letter] al-Thā' [al-thālith = the Fruit = al-thamarah = the Bab] unto the third to believe (thālith man āmana) in God and in His verses [signs] (ayat)  for He is One Mighty (al-`aziz), the Self-Subsisting (al-qayyum).



O Third Haykal (Temple) (haykal al-thālith) in the Book (al-kitāb)!


Bear thou witness that He is indeed One  especially Powerful (al-muqtaddar), the Fate Generating (al-qaydur). [3] He is the One who created thee and provided for thee and made thee to be the Throne of His Theophany (`arsh zuhurihi) representative of Him. No God is there except Him. 

[4] Say: We are all on account of His Bounty (jūd) such as may make enquiry [do ask questions] (sa'ilūn). [5] Unto Him belongeth the Dominion (mulk) of the heavens and of the earth and whatsoever lieth between them. [6] No God is there except Him.

[7] Say: We are all by virtue of Him devoutly obedient! [qānitūn].

[8] Say: God is never content with anyone except such as do dwell within the shadow of the Truth (zill al-aqq). [9] This is indeed the True One-Truth (al-aqq) in all the scriptural Tablets (al-alwā), [10] Hence ye should so testify or, O servants, if ye be capable of equity!


[1] Such is what We sent down in the Book in which there is a separation of everything. It is a matter which cometh from Us for We are indeed well-informed. [2] We do indeed give life and cause to die then we cause to die and [again] make to come alive. [3] We are indeed the  the Life-Giver [Regenerator] (iya' cf. muyi) who dieth not and in Our grasp is the Kingdom of the Lāhūt of everything  (malakūt al-lāhūt kull shay'). [4] We assuredly do activate [empower] whatsoever We will and We indeed do validate whatsoever We come to promise!



Say: Fear ye God! O thou concourse (al-mala')!

Act ye in line with what God sent down, something calamatous [a chastisement] (al-`udhab) of thy Lord, assuredly something severe (la-shadid). [2] He is indeed the One who causeth to enter beneath His shadow whomsoever He willeth. [3] And if it be in line with established  justice (al-`adl al- ) He causeth such to exit therefrom!

[4] Say:   Whomsoever testifieth to the truth of His Lord shall assuredly enter into the Gates of Felicity (abwāb al-na`im).

[5] Say:   Whomsoever refuseth to believe in the verses of His Lord shall assuredly find themselves within the Gates of Hellfire (abwāb al-jaim) [cf, Gehenna, the fiery Hell , Ar. jahannam].

[6] This is what God hath sent down in the Book (al-kitāb) unto His servant (`abd) for therein is a warning (tandhir) for all the worlds.


[1] Say: He never rewardeth [needs to reward] with any  measure of beneficence (mann) whomsoever is within the Jabarut (the realm of Divine Power) of the Hahut (the Apophatic realm of `He-ness') of everything (kull shay')  for He is One Supremely knowing (`allam), All-Knowing (al-`alim)!  [2] [A relationshp with] The Forgiver of sinfulness [forgiveness of sin]  (ghāfir al-dhanb) is the recompence [reward] for [or rivulet of ] everything ["the All"] (mujzi' [mujri] al-kull)! [3] No God is there except Him!, the True One (al-haqq), the One expressing Certainty (al-yaqin)! [4] And Praised be to God, One Beloved (al-mahbub) of the heavens and of the earth, the Sovereign of all the worlds (sultan al-`ālamin).

His  servant the [Messianic] Dhikr (Remembrance).

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