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TB Qur'ān 36:14a Introduction



Commentary on Qur'ān 36:14a

"And We strenghtened [the two of] them with a third"


Introduction and Notes

Stephen Lambden UCMerced.

198X= 2015 - being completed.

This scriptural Tablet (lawh) of Baha'-Allah commences with the following neo-Babi basmala

In the Name of God, the Most Creative, the Most Inaccessible, the Most Holy, the Most Glorious.


"Whereupon the Tongue of God cried out in all things (kulli shay'), "I, verily, am the One Who Liveth (al-ḥayy) in this Horizon which hath, in very truth, appeared. In the Supreme Concourse (al-malā' al-a`lā) was he named with the Name of "Exalted One" (= `Alī), the Transcendent (al-alīyy al-a`lā).  Then, in the cities of Names (madā'in al-asmā') with the name of the One Resplendent, All-Glorious (al-bahiyy al-abhā) [= Bahā-Allāh]. Then [also] among the concourse of things originated (malā' al-inshā') with this Name [Ḥusayn] by virtue of which the [eschatological] tumult (al-ajāj) hath been raised up...