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TB Masjid al-Aqsa




 Stephen N  Lambden UCMerced.

Last updated November 12 2004.

The Arabic Tablet of Baha'-Allah  translated below is from from the text printed in :

  • Kitāb-i mubīn.... Athar-i qalam-i a'lā, vol 1, 1st ed. Bombay 1308/1898, pp. 245-249. 2nd ed. BPT., Iran 120 BE/1964. 3rd ed. 153 BE/1996. Dundas, Ontario [Canada]: Persian Institute for Baha'i Studies,

During the West-Galilean or Acre (`Akka') period of his religious ministry Baha'-Allah (d. 1892) claimed to be a personification of the Masjid al-Aqsa, the "Furthermost Mosque" referred to in Qur'an 17:1 as well as the Meccan Ka`bah (bayt al-haram) and the Jerusalem Temple. That these edifices would be rebuilt or re-established in eschatological times in predicted in various Biblical texts and Islamic traditions. See, for example, the Lawh-i Hirtik .... 


            He is the Exalted, the Mighty.


The Call of God has assuredly been raised up from the right-hand side of the Divine Throne [uttering the words]:


“I, verily, am God, the Unique (al-wāḥid),  the Peerless (al-fard), the One (al-aḥad).


You shall in no wise inhibit  your ears  from hearkening unto the pure intimates (aṣfiyā’) [?] of the Word of God (kalimat Allāh). [4] Then be among such as turn unto Him with a purified heart. Such are assuredly of those who have sanctified their ears for hearkening unto the Divine Call from the Luminous Tree (al-shararat al-nūrā’)   raised up upon  the Blessed, Crimson Spot  (al-buq`at al-mubāraka al-ḥamrā’). [5] By God! The Promised One (al-maw`ūd)  has indeed appeared  in  His Name the Loving (al-wadūd) on the part of   One Mighty, the One Deliberate.  [6]  Emerge ye then from the cities of idle fancy for  the monarch of Certitude (sulṭān al-īqān)  has come with the Light of the All-Merciful (nūr al-raḥmān). [7] Wherefore has the matter been decreed on the part of God  the Peerless,  the All-Enduring (al-ṣamad). [8] Necks hath been humbly leveled before the theophany (ẓuhūr)  of  the brightness of the Horizons (nayyīr al-āfāq) for  the people hath been enveloped in veils of hypocricy (al-nifāq) [9] Under such circumstances did the Tongue of Divine Inspiration  (lisān al-waḥy)  cry out  ever- voicing the words:  [10] This is the Day whereon every atom (kull al-dharrāt)   utters  the cry,  `The King of Names and Attributes hath indeed come, He who took for himself neither a Partner (sharīk an)  nor a Son (walad).'  



Say: mystical gnosis (al-`ifrān)  is assuredly the gnosis of My Logos-Self (ifrān nafsī). [2]  Whoso has attained thereto has assuredly attained unto God.  And whoso turns away there from is among such as hath disbelieved in the verses of the All-Merciful. [3]  Of such account does the Tongue of Grandeur cry out and bears witness,  [saying],  `We have indeed ornamented the Kingdom with Our Name and the Empyrean with Our verses  So Fear ye God! O People and follow ye not all such as have disbelieved  ...



I am indeed the Masjid al-Aqṣā ("Furthermost Mosque") among you  and the [Meccan] Sanctuary of God (ḥaram Allah) before your faces,  the Sanctified House (al-bayt al-ḥaram) before all humankind (al-anām). [2]  Beware lest ye withold thine own selves from hath been ordained for thee...