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TB Birthday 2

Lawḥ-i milād-i ism-i a`ẓam (1)

(A Tablet for  the Birthday of the Greatest Name).

Lawḥ-i milād-i ism-i a`ẓam

 The Tablet of the Birthday of the Greatest Name, Bahā'-Allāh.

Trans. Stephen N. Lambden 

Translated from Mā'ida-yi  āsmānī 4:342.


He is the Most Holy, the Most Great

[1] This is the month in which the Greatest Name  (al-ism al-a`ẓam)  was born, the one through whom the limbs of all mankind (farā’iṣ al-`alam) were made to quake, through whose footsteps the Supreme Concourse (al-malā’ al-a`lā)  and the denizens of the Cities of Names  (madā’in al-asmā)  were blessed. [2] At this did such [elevated beings] shout with joy, magnified exceedingly and gave praise with their very soul and spirit (al-rūḥ wa’l-rīḥān).  [3] They exclaimed, ‘By God! This is indeed the month through which all other months were made resplendent,  through which the Hidden Treasure  (al-kanz al-makhzūn)  and the Concealed Secret (al-ghayb al-maknūn)  were made manifest.’  [4] They did indeed cry out with the most elevated Call (al-nidā’) amongst the denizens of the kingdom (bayn al-warā al-mulk), exclaiming,  [5] ‘This assuredly is the Day of the birth (al-mawlūd) [Bahā’u’llāh] through which the Countenance of all Existence (thaghr al-imkān)  beamed with joy,  [6]  when  trees were weighed down [with fruit,]  [7] oceans were made to surge, [8] every mountain rejoiced,  [9]  Paradise did cry out,  [10] the Rock (al-sakhra) did shout


Then did all things exclaim,

‘O concourse of created existence!

Speed ye unto the Dawning-Place of the Countenance of thy Lord, the Merciful, Compassionate.’ [12] This is the month whose Paradises attained unto the Lights of the Countenance  (anwār wajh)  of their Lord, the All-Merciful and the Nightingale (Dove, al-warqā’) warbled  upon the Lote-Tree beyond which there is no passing (sidrat al-muntahā). [13] Thereat were the hearts of those nigh unto God enraptured, though most of the people remain among the heedless. [14] Blessed be unto whomsoever hath realized the  [identity of the messianic person] of the One Promised in the Books of God, the Mighty, the Praised One.  [15] And woe unto whosoever hath turned  aside from he who hath been approached by the Supreme Concourse  (malā’ al-a`lā) and caused every wayward unbeliever  to be thunderstruck.

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