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TB - Sūrat al-qadīr (Surah of the Omnipotent) of Baha'-Allah I



سورة القدير



Introduction Trans. Stephen Lambden

from the text in  AQA4:317-320 (cf. Ganj, 51-55)

Under revision and completion - last uploaded 01-06-2016

The Surat al-Qadir (Surah of the Omnipotent) is an Arabic epistle of Baha'-Allāh  most probably addressed to a Bābī entitled al-Qadir. It is oriented around the theme of the theophany, significance and human manifestation of the Name of God, the Omnipotent (al-qadir). It contains what seems one of the earliest expressions of Baha'-Allah's dissatisfaction with the inadequate leadership role of his half-brother Mirza Yahya Nuri, Subh-i Azal (c. 1834-1914). This Tablet most likely dates to the early-mid Edirne (Adrianople) period (c. 1865-6?).


هذا سورة القدير

The Surat al-Qadir opens with an announcement of its title, the Sūrat al-qadīr  or `Surah of the Omnipotent'. The Divine adjective or name al-qadīr, apparently indicates God or His representative, as one supremely powerful within the universe of inner and outer being.


A note on the name of God al-qadir in Islamic and Babi-Baha'i literatures  




قد قدرناها في جبروت البقاء وانزلناها علی العباد ليكون لهم سراجا مضيئا


We indeed decreed it in the omnipotent sphere of Eternity (jabarūt al-baqā') and We sent it down unto Our servants that it may be a radiant Lamp for them. 


  هو الحق البهى الابهى    

He is the

Ultimately Real One, the  Glorious, the All-Glorious


فسبحان الذی قدر مقاديركل شيئی فی الواح عزّ محفوظ  و خلق كل شيئی علیشاٌن لو يصفن انفسهم عن غبره الوهم و الهوی  ليصعدن

So Praise be unto He who determines the  measures of all things in Mighty, Preserved Tablets. And He created in everything the capacity, should they purify themselves from the dust of idle fancies and vain-imaginings, they would assuredly ascend up unto the loftiest seats of power and would ...


Be ye not like he whose command We elevated among the servants and spread abroad his mention in the lands. Then when he perceived himself in a position of might and elevation, he manifested pride towards He who created him and aught else besides...