T Baqara Bab Tr


Extracts from the Khutba prefacing the Tafsīr Sūrat al-Baqara (Commentary upon the Surah of the Cow = Q.II)

Trans. Stephen N. Lambden UCMerced.

In progress - last revised and updated 17-10-2015


In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

 [1] Praised be to God Who manifested himself (tajalla) unto the spheres of existent Being (al‑mumkināt) through the ornament of the disengaged Point (bi‑ṭaraz al‑nuqṭat al‑mumfaṣilat) sprung out of the Abyss of Origination (lujjat al‑ibdā’) unto, in and towards Existent Being...  [3] Through it He created Dual modality (zawjiyya) and He created "I‑ness" [Individuality] (al‑aniyya). [4] And the Divine Will (al‑mashiyya) was mentioned through the Dhikr of the Eternal [Cosmic] alphabet, (bi‑dhikr al‑handasah al‑azaliyya) which is other than God. [5] And it, it is indeed (fa‑hiya hiya) the Primordial Eternity (al‑azaliyya al‑awwaliyya) without termination of eternality. [6] Nay rather! It, it is [indeed] the Dawning Place of the Sun of the Divine Oneness (shams al‑ahadiyya) glistening forth from the Eternal Perpetuity (al‑ṣamadāniyya al‑bāqiyya) through the Eternity of the Divine Ipseity (bi‑baqā’ al‑huwiyya) [which is] of the Empyreal domain (al‑jabarūtiyya).


 [1] So Oh! Truly wondrous Ornament (fa‑ya na`ma al‑ṭarāz) of the snow‑white [letter] "A" (alif al‑bayḍā’) coming into being subsequent to the [primordial phenomenon of the] differentiated Point [itself sprung] out of the Creative Reality. [2] Thus, it, it is indeed of the Ornament of Bahā’ ("Glory‑Beauty") (al‑ṭarāz al‑bahā’) in the Pillar of Laudation (rukn al‑thanā’)! [3] Then indeed it, it is assuredly the yellow Ornament (al‑ṭarāz al‑safrā’) in the snow‑white Pillar (rukn al‑baydā’)! [4] Wherefore indeed it, it is the Ornament of Origination (al‑ṭarāz al‑badā’) in the green Pillar (rukn al‑khuḍrā’)! [5] Then [also] it is assuredly the Ornament of Origination (al‑ṭarāz al‑badā’) in the Logos-Soul [Persona] of the Crimson Pillar (fī nafs al‑ḥamrā’)!  [6] Shouldst thou say Crimson (al‑ḥamrā’) then would it be ornamented [coloured as] yellow through the [effect of the] snow‑white (al‑safrā’ bi’l‑bayḍā’) [reality]. [7] And shouldst thou say green (al‑khuḍrā’) it would [indeed] be ornamented [coloured as] snow‑white (al‑bayḍā’) through the [effect of] the crimson (bi’l‑ḥamrā’) [reality]. 


 [1] So Oh! Blessed be this [Reality] for it, it is [the power] of pre-eternal reddenning (muḥammirat azaliyya), the [power] of perpetual whitening (mubayyiḍat ṣamadiyya), [the] originative greenness (mukhaḍḍirat a[i]badiyya) and the [power] of heavenly yellowing (muṣaffirat malakūtiyya). [2] Again, It, it is assuredly the reiteration of the Point in the outstretched [letter] "A" through the pre‑existent creative Power. And "no God is there except Him"...

(INBMC 69/II:2‑3).