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Part II. 03. Enoch-Idris, Hermes and other Antediluviam Figures and their sacred Books ...



Part II. 03.

Enoch-Idris, Hermes and other allegedly Antediluviam Figures and sacred books associated therewith in Islamo-Biblical and Babi-Baha'i Prophetology.

Steohen Lambden UC Merced.

Revised from 1980s Ph.D -2002.


03. Enoch = (Heb. , ḥānōk)  = (Ar) Idrīs, a Prophet, Nabi (Gen 4:17f; Q.x 2 = 19:57; 21:85).
 Enoch the biblical son of Jared who "walked with God" (Gen. 5:21-4), an "upright man and a prophet" (Q.19:57-8; 21:85). Numerous legends are related of Enoch,  Idrīs (Vajda, EI2 III:1030-1; Fraade, `Enoch’ Enc. Rel.5:116-118)  in Islamic sources. He is "said to have introduced several sciences and arts, practised ascetic piety, received revelation, and entered paradise while still alive" (Fraade, `Enoch’ Enc. Rel. 5:116-118).

Babi-Baha'i Interpretations of the story of Enoch

Enoch is occasionally mentioned in Bābī-Bahā’ī sources as the father of ḥikmat (wisdom-philosophy, etc) and, as in Islamic sources, is equated with the first of the thrice born Hermes’ (Martin, `Hermes’ DDD:771-783; `Hirmis’, EI2 III:463; BA* L.-Ḥikmat, tr.148; Ma’idih 7:143).