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TB Devotions-Prayers

Translations from Arabic and Persian of Bahā'-Allāh and `Abd al-Baha' by Stephen Lambden.


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Say: O my God! O my God! I beseech Thee by the blood of Thy chosen ones (damm awliya'ika), through which the faces of the Supreme Concouse and the companions of the Crimson Ark hath been dyed crimson,  to make me one who crieth our in Thy Name and is steadfast in the Cause. Thou art indeed One Mighty, Powerful, Bounteous.


A prayer  of Baha'-Allah for Jināb-i Āqā Mīrzā Āqā

Translated June 2015.

A  scriptural Tablet in the form of a supplication for Jināb-i Āqā Mīrzā Āqā by Mīrzā Ḥusayn `Alī Nūrī, Bahā’u’llāh.

He is the All-Hearing, the Listener!

Say : Glorified be Thou, O my God! I beseech Thee by Thy Bounty and by means of Thy hosts and by virtue of the Light which sheds splendor upon the Cities of Thy Knowledge and of Thy Wisdom, that Thou may ordain for me that which will draw me nigh unto Thee! Then write down for me that which will make me one that singeth out Thy melodies and is one firmly established in Thy love. Thou indeed art One All-Powerful, Mighty and Most Excellent. 

A prayer of `Abd al-Baha' for the competancy of a physician.

Translated April 2005. Under revision 30-08-2015+ 

Abu Sinan
Jinab-i Aqa Mirza Habib Duktur, Upon him be Baha' Allah al-abha (the Glory of God, the All-Glorious).

He is God. 

O my God, O my God!  I verily have turned unto Thee and my whole being is thoroughly imbued through the oceans of Thy healing.  O Lord, assist me in the service of Thy servants and the treatment of Thy dependents. Assist me likewise to sacrifice myself for the healing of every malady, the quenching of every thirst, and the soothing of every agony. And if Thou dost not assist me in my sacrifice, I would be naught but the fountainhead of disease and be unable to cure the infirmities of a single soul.
Lord, Lord!  Assist me and magnify my ability in Thy healing of the sick. Thou verily art the Healer, the Sufficer, the One Who Cures every sickness and disease. Thou art indeed One supremely Powerful over all things.
`Abdu'l Baha Abbas