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Lawh-i Asl-i Kull al-Khayr, "The Foundation of all Good" / "Words of Wisdom" of Baha'-Allah Introduction


Manuscipt text from INBMC 36:170-171,

Lawh-i Asl-i Kull al-khayr (`The Source of All Good'), "Words of Wisdom"

Asl-i hull al-khayr (`The Source of All Good'), The Words of Wisdom - Introduction and notes.


Stephen Lambden, UC Merced, 2024.

In Progress - last uploaded 09-01-2024,


The text of this Arabic writing of Baha'u'llah most likely dates from the mid. to late Iraq or Baghdad period  c. 1856-63. Such is suggested by its position in the largely Baghdad period writings contained in INBMC 36, see pages 170-171 which are reproduced below from this apparently early manuscript :

INBMC 36:170-171.

An early writing of the Asl-i Kull al-Khayr with a possibly associated devotional note in the form of a protective supplication initially centering on the superlative of the triliteral H-F-Z meaning "to protect...preserve" .- possibly as the {Persian note indicates from the writings of the Bab. the Nuqtah or "Point: of the Bayan or perhaps from as cited by Baha'u'llah himself:

Persian Note of introduction:

This is a Supplication (du`a) - elevated be His Magnanimity (sha`an) - among the scriptural traces [athar writings] of the Primal Point [nuqtah-yi ulya) [the Bab], perhaps from the Kitab-i Panj Sha'n ?) in the script of (khatt)


In the Name of God,

the Most Preserving, the Most Preserving

(al-ahfaz al-ahfaz).

Praised be to God!

No God is there except Him,  the Most Preserving, the Most Preserving

(al-ahfaz al-ahfaz)

Say: God is the Most Preserving, the Most Preserving

(al-ahfaz al-ahfaz)

above every possessor of the Capacity of Preservation (dhu'l-ihfaz)!

He indeed possesses the ability to inhibit anyone from effecting thee within the dominions of the Sultan - Sovereign of Preservation (sultan ihfaz) be they operative within the heavens or upon the earth or whatsoever lieth between them. He createth whatsoever He willeth by virtue of His Command (al-amr)  for He is indeed the All-Preserving (huffaz an  ), the All-Preserving (al-huffaz an), the All-Protecting (al-hafiz an ).