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The Asl-i kull al-khayr of Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Baha'-Allah- The "Words of Wisdom" - Mss. Texts



Opening paragraph + of the ms. of this scriptural Tablet in INBMC 26:170.

Asl-i kull al-khayr

("The Foundational Basis of All Good" or `The Source of All Good').

On Mss. and printed editions of the Asl-i kull al-khayr.

  • INBMC 26:170-171.
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Arabic Printed Text in :

  • Majmu`at Matbu`at-i  Alwah-i Mubaraka Hadrat-i Baha'-Allah.  [Yahya al-Din Sabri al-Kurdi, Sanandaji...] 9th Dhu`l-Qadah, 1338 / 25th July 1920. Cairo, Egypt : Matba`at al-Sa`adah (412pages), pp. 33-36 [= Lawh-i Asl-i kull al-Khayr]
  • Rep. of the above Cairo printed 1922 Arabic text. Wilmette, Illinois, Baha'i Publishing Trust (USA), 1978


English Translation of the Arabic Text Printed in :

  • Tablets of Baha'u'llah revealed after the Kitab-i Aqdas. Wilmette, Illinois: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 1978. Translation on pages, 
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In translation this four or so page Arabic text commences with the "He [is God] the One Elevated, the Most Transcendent" (huwa [Allah] al-aliyy al-a`la) which is a phrase often associated with the Bab as the representative of the Elevated Godhead. This is followed by the phrase from which this scriptural Tablet derives its name or title, namely Asl-i kull al-khayr. This indicating that it is expressive of the basis or foundation (asl) of "all good" or the totality of human well-being (al-khayr). The Arabic word here al-Khayr is Qur'anic being found quite frequently in the Islamic Holy Book (see Khassis, pp. 722-726).

The first basis is said to be al-hikma, Divine Wisdom. This is set down as, asl al-hikmat, namely, the foundational basis of Wisdom.