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Risala al-Qaṭīfīyya Q. 26 The Mi`raj




Risala al-Qaṭīfīyya,  JK 1 Pt.ii 114-147. A very important and lengthy (over 30 page) Arabic risala in reply to 71 questions posed by Shaykh Aḥmad ibn Sāliḥ ibn Tūq al-Qaṭīfī. Of uncertain though probably early date the Risāla Qaṭīfiyya is published in Jawāmi' al-kalim [1273] vol I/2 pp.114-147. See further Ibrahimi, Fihrist, 272-277.  Al-Aḥsā’ī responded six or seven times to complex questions of al-Qaṭīfī.

Stephen Lambden translation

Last Uploaded 09-10-2015

Question twenty-six here concerns the meaning of the Mi`raj :