TB Madīnat al-rida' 1 - Introduction

Lawḥ-i Madīnat al-rida'

(The Tablet of the City of the Radiant Acquiescence)

of Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Baha'-Allah (1817-1892).


In progress, last updated 19-09-2016

Stephen Lambden UCMerced.

This fairly lengthy ( XX page) Arabic scriptural Tablet of Baha'-Allah opens with the following heading : " This is the Madinat al-Rida', the City of Radiant Acquiescence". It is followed by a new Babi basmala, often used by Baha'-Allah during the mid-late Baghdad (Iraq) period : "In the Name of God, the Elevated, the Most Transcendent" (bismillah al-`aliyy al-a`la). It alludes to the personal name and elevated status of the Bab who first name was `Ali meaning elevated - cf. the name of the first twelver Imam `Ali ibn Abi Talib (d.40/661). The Surat al-ashab then continues : 

The Mercy of God maketh mention, in very truth, of His servant that he might thereby be one chosen by the Supreme Concourse (al-mala' al-a`la) such that he might, at every moment, render thanks unto his Lord in that His Bounties upon him have been realized and upon the peoples of the heavens and of the earth....