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TB Khalil, Muballigh-i Shirazi -Translation



Lawh-i Muhammad Ibrahim Khalil, Muballigh-i Shirazi 

of Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Baha'-Allah (1817-1892).


The  Lawh-i Khalil, Muballigh-i Shirazi 

Translation Stephen Lambden

Last uploaded 19-10-2015

In the Name of God, the Knowleageable, the All-Knowing

(al-`alam al-`alim).

Praised be to God Who made the ornament of the Scriptural Tablets (taraz al-alwah) to be numerologically significant (al-`idad) through the al-wahid ("The One" = abjad 19) which  hath ever been sanctified above [mere] numeration [unicity] (al-ahad). He made it [the wahid = 19] to be the source [genesis] of   ...

So when the theophany (tajallī) was realized by virtue of His Sovereignty (sulṭān),  above its pillars (arkān) there was manifested the [number] four which [number] is completely realized in the [number] ten (4 = 1+2+3+4 = 10). And by means of it, the levels of numeration (maratib ruqumāt) were fully realized in the modes (maqāmāt) of the Dhikr and of the allusive indications (al-ishārāt). By virtue of the vision of every insightful one (baṣīr) nigh the acme [seal] of this level [station] (khatam hadha al-maqām) was the form-image of the beginning (sūrat al-bada’) relative to the genesis of the numbers (al-arqām).

At this did the sun of the Divine Names (al-asmā’) radiate forth from the horizon of this heaven expressing the various levels and the scripts (al-maratib wa’l-khaṭūṭ)  delimited according to the numbers of the al-wāw (“w” = 6) and the al-hā’ (“h” = 5) which were established above them in the worlds of realization (`awalim al-imḍā’) beyond that of the divine Decree (al-qadā’). Then when the scripts (al-khaṭūṭ) were made manifest, the ornamentation was realized by means of the Divine Names (al-asmā’) according to the number of Our Name al-Bahhāj (the Blissful = abjad 11).

We ornamented thereby the first haykal (talismanic Temple) and made it to be the genesis of causality (mabdā’ al-`ilal). Then We then separated therefrom the Haykil (Temple) and the Names (al-asmā’) until the Hayakil (temples) were completed up till  the ninth Haykal (Temple).



 Now as for what thou enquired about regarding the days (al-ayyam) which We made to be a manifestation of al-ha' ("H" abjad = 5) in the kingdom of origination (malakut al-insha') ....