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TB Surat al-Damm I

Sūrat al-Damm (The Surah of Blood). c. 1865-6?)

of Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Baha'-Allah



Stephen Lambden UCMerced.

The five or so page Edirne [Adrianople] period Arabic Sūrat al-Damm (The Surah of Blood) dates to around 1865-6 and was written for Mulla Muhammad Zarandi, Nabil-i A`zam. It opens as follows:


This is the Surat al-damm (The Surah of Blood)

It was indeed sprinkled down from the Ocean of the Unseen (bahr al-ghayb) to the end that it be a sign of My Manifestation [Theophany] (zuhuri) betwixt all the worlds.

He is the Eternal (al-baqa')

enthroned (fi'l-`arsh) by virtue of My Name, the Glorious, the All Glorious (al-bahiyy al-abha).

O Muhammad [Nabil-i Zarandi]

Hearken ye unto the Call of thy Lord! from this location (al-maqam) which the hands of all existing things (al-mumkinat) have never attained neither the inmost hearts within all the realms of existence (af'ida al-mawjudat)... 



A fairly brief scriptural Tablet this Arabic text concludes as follows:

Mss. and printed texts :

  • AQA IV:


Shoghi Effendi, Gleanings sect. XXXIX [39] = AQA IV: 64-5.

Juan Cole

  • Internet posted trans of the Surat al-damm.
  • See also Cole,`I am all the Prophets': The Poetics of Pluralism in Baha'i Texts by Juan R. I. Cole (Department of History, University of Michigan), in Poetics Today 14, no. 3 (Fall 1993):447-476. This article is largely based upon the Surat al-damm of Baha'-Allah.