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TB Surat-Allah (The Surah of the Godhead) II


(The Surah of the Godhead)

of Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Baha'-Allah (1817-1892).

Notes, Translation and Commentary.

Stephen Lambden, UCMerced.

In progress 03-11-2015

This is the Surat Allah, the Surah of the Deity!

It was, in very truth, sent down from His Sanctified, Mighty, Luminous Empyrean (jabarutihi al-muqaddas al-`aziz al-munir)! O `Ali after Nabil [Muhammad `Ali]. Hearken ye unto the Call of thy Lord at this moment when He desires to take his leave from amongst you  for the hands of the tyrannical have conspired againist us, and thereby ...  







So By My Life!

One subject to decree (al-muhkam) is indeed more endowed with grace than  a thousand rulers while the        (al-marnus) is more elevated than a thousand overseers; one wronged [oppressed] (al-mazlum) is far superior to a [whole] city of tyrants (madinat al-zalimin)! So should thou     thy Beloved in this respect then be wholly detached from all things. Then emerge from behind the veils of quietude and cry out, in very truth, in the manner of My wondrous accents. Soar up then unto the very kingdom of detachment with wings sanctified (al-muqaddas), supremely transcendent (al-muta`ali), uplifting (al-tayyar), subtle (al-latif) and elevated (al-rafi`).