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QA XXVII [27] Surat al-abwab (The Surah of the Gates) on Qur'ān 12: 26




 سورة الابواب  

  Sūrat al-Abwab [Anwar]

(The Surah of the Gates [Lights])

Qur'ān 12: 26

Translation Stephen N. Lambden



بسم اللّه الرّحمن الرّحيم

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


"Said he, 'It was she that solicited me'; and a witness of her folk bore witness, 'If his shirt has been torn from before then she has spoken truly, and he is one of the liars; but if it be that his shirt has been torn from behind, then she has lied, and he is one of the truthful.'" (Q. 12: 26 trans. Arberry). 




[Abjad 1+30+40+100 = 171]

[4]  The elevated Dhikr-Allah (Remembrance of God) is [hidden] within [the mystery of] the depth of the [alphabetical] (fi al-sirr al-satr) line, about that is, the [alphabetical] line (al-satr) which was indeed inscribed in the Mother Book (umm al-kitab) about the Theophanic [Sinaitic] Fire  (al-nar).  [5]  


SWB : 51-2.

O YE peoples of the earth!

During the time of My absence I sent down the Gates unto you. However the believers, except for a handful, obeyed them not. Formerly I sent forth unto you Aḥmad and more recently Kázim, but apart from the pure in heart amongst you no one followed them.

What hath befallen you, O people of the Book?

Will ye not fear the One true God, He Who is your Lord, the Ancient of Days?...

O ye who profess belief in God!

I adjure you by Him Who is the Eternal Truth, have ye discerned among the precepts of these Gates anything inconsistent with the commandments of God as set forth in this Book? Hath your learning deluded you by reason of your impiety? Take ye heed then, for verily your God, the Lord of Eternal Truth, is with you and in very truth is watchful over you...

Chapter XXVII.


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