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QA LXII [62] Sūrat al-Awliya' (The Surah of the Intimates) on Qur'an 12:61.


 Part LXII


  سورة الاولياء

Sūrat al-Awliya' (The Surah of the Intimates)

on Qur'an 12:61.  


Translation Stephen N. Lambden



بسم اللّه الرّحمن الرّحيم

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


"They said, 'We will solicit him of our father; that we will do.'" (Q. 12:59, trans. Arberry). 




[Abjad  30+5+10+40 = 86]

[4]  God  is He  who, no God is there except Him. And He is God who hath ever been All-knowing about everything (bi-kulli shay')


O people of the earth!

Be ye powerfully upright/ supportive of the Religion of Justice (al-din al-qist). Testifying [as martyrs] (shuhada') before God unto the Dhikr (messianic Remembrance). Do not forbid yourselves of the Bounty of the Book (fadl al-kitab) for God hath indeed sent down therein all of whatsoever was in the greatest sacred scrolls [literatures] (suhuf al-akbar). Then ask of the Dhikr (messianic Remembrance) regarding his knowledge to the end that thou be, through the Bounty of God, the True One (al-haqq), knowledheable regarding the Dhikr.  


O Thou Believers!

Fear ye God! and be supremely elevated by God, thy Lord. Be sincere about the Covenant (mithaq) and before the Greatest Remembrance (al-dhikr al-akbar). God hath indeed raised up [commissioned] on the part of the (messianic) Proof (al-hujjaj) twelve Wali (Intmates) for Himself! The people have no idea about their Bounty save whatsoever the (messianic) Dhikt hath bestowed upon them through this Bab (Gate). And God is well-informed about everything.   

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