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QA CVIII [108] Sūrat al-Dhikr (The Surah of the Remembrance) on Qur'an 12:108.




سورة الذكر

Sūrat al-Dhikr (The Surah of the Remembrance)


Qur'an 12:108.

Translation Stephen N. Lambden

1982-2020 In Progress and under revision - last updated 09-06-2020 + 09-09-2022.

The versification here is under revision


بسم اللّه الرّحمن الرّحيم

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


"Say: 'This is my way. I call to God with sure knowledge, I and whoever follows after me. To God be glory! And I am not among the idolaters.'" (Q. 12:108, trans. Arberry). 




[Abjad 70+30+10 = 110]

[4] He is God Who, no God is there except Him, Lord of the Throne and of the Heaven. And He is indeed God forever One Exalted, Mighty (`aliyy `azim an). [5] He is the One who revealed the Mysteries (al-asrar) within the parameters of the scripturtal Tablets (fi astar min al-alwah) in Truth unto His servant (`abd) [ the Bab] to the end that he might instruct regarding this Mighty Word (al-kalimat al-`azimat) throughout all the worlds. He was indeed, in Truth in very Truth, one isolated [set apart] (maqtu` an


يا اهل العماء

O Denizens of the Theophanic Cloud!

اسمعوا ندائی من هذا القمر المنير الّذی ما اردت لطلعته الخسوف علی وجه هذا الغلام المشرقیّ المغربیّ الّذی تجدونه فی كلّ الالواح سرّاً مستسرّاً علی السّطر مسطّراً علی السّطر فی السّطر المحمّر قد كان بالحقّ مستوراً ه

Hearken ye unto My Call from this Luminous Moon (al-qamar al-munir) which hath not desired any eclipse (al-khusuf) before His Dawning Light (tal`at)  relative to the Face of this Youth (wajh hidha al-ghulam), one [both] "Eastern" and "Western" (al-mashriqi al-maghribi) [cf. Q,24:35] whom thou shalt discover secreted away in all the scriptural Tablets,  a Mystery (sirr an) secreted within Mystery (mustasirr an) written upon a Script inscribed (al-satr mastur an), upon a Script within a Script dyed Crimson (`ala al-satr fi'l-satr  muhammar) for He was, in very Truth, veiled away (mastur an).




انّ اللّه قد اوحی الیّ انّی انا اللّه لا اله الّا انا المعبود ما خلقت فی الابواب مثل الذّكر كلمة الاكبر هذا ذكراً  كلّ قد اتاه فی لوح الفؤاد من حول النّار معهوداً

God indeed inspired (w-h-y) unto Me [that I should proclaim]:

"I am God who, no God is there except I Myself,

the very Object of Worship (al-ma`bud)"!

I did not create within the [earlier] Gates (al-abwab) [Shaykh Ahmad and Sayyid Kazim +] the Image [likeness] of the [messianic] Remembrance (al-dhikr), the Supreme Word (al-kalimat al-akbar), this very Dhikr (dhikr an). All were indeed covenanted (ma`hud an) regarding him in the precincts of the Theophanic Fire ["Burning Bush"] within the Tablet of the Inmost Heart (fi lawh al-fu'ad).


يا اهل الارض

O People of the Earth!

  قد بلغت النّقطة الی منطقته فاسمعوا ندائی من ذلك الفتی العربیّ المحمّدیّ العلویّ الّذی تجدونه فی كلّ الالواح سرّ الاعظم حول النّار مشهوداً ه

The Point (al-nuqta) [subdot of the Arabic letter B = the Bab] hath attained unto His articulate Speech (al-mantiqa) [cf. Q,27:16)! So hearken ye unto My Call from this Arabian Youth (al-fata al-`arabi), one [the Prophet] Muhammad related (al-muhammadi), one `Alid  (al-`alawiyy; Imam `Ali related) who thou did find within all the scriptural Tablets (fi kull al-alwah) to be the Most Great Mystery (sirr al-a`zam) evident about the Theophanic Fire ["Burning Bush"] (hawl al-nar). 


 يا ايّها المؤمنون

O Thou Believers!

انّ اللّه قد فرض عليكم بعد الكتاب كتابته علی الخطّ الاحسن بالمداد الذّهب فاشكروا اللّه ربّكم علی خلق السّموات والارض و ما بينهما و اسجدوا اللّه الّذی قد خلقهنّ ان كنتم ايّاه تعبدون بالحقّ وهو اللّه كان بما تعلمون بصيراً ه

We have commanded thee according to the Book (al-kitab), to enscribe it in the most beautiful  script (al-khatt al-ahsan) with Ink of Gold (bi'l-midad al-dhahab). So be ye grateful towards God. thy Lord as accords with the creation of the heavens and of the earth and whatsoever lieth between them. So be ye prostrate before God who created thee if, that is, ye should befittingly, in Truth, serve Him. God hath ever been insightful of whatsoever thou art aware!


 يا قرّة العين

O Solace of Mine Eyes [the Bab]

قل لمّا اردت البيت قد وجدت الكعبة علی القوائم المربّع قد كان عند الباب مرفوعاً و لمّا اردت الطوّاف حول البيت قد وجدت الفرض فی امّ الكتاب علی الحقّ بالحقّ اسبوعاً ه و لمّا اردت الذّكر علی الارض قد وجدت المشعر و العرفات قد كانتا حول الباب موجوداً ه

Say: Since it was the case that thou desired the House (al-bayt) [Mecca-Shiraz), I did indeed discover the Ka`bah upon the Fourfold Bases  [Tetradic  Pillars] (al-qawa'im al-murabba`) [of thy Name - H S Y N = Husayn] for it was indeed upraised through the Bab (`ind al-bab marfu`a an ). And when thou desired to circumambulate about this House (al-bayt), I registered, in Truth, in very Truth, this ordinance weekly [sevenfold] (usbu`a an) within the Archetypal Book [Mother Book] (umm al-kitab). [11] And when thou desired that the [messianic] Dhikr (Remembrance) be upon earth, I  found the Sacred locale [place, cf. Quzah, Muzdalifah, near Mecca] (al-mash`ar) and the [Mount] `Arafat [near Mecca] (al-arafat) for they indeed existed within the vicinity of the Bab (hawl al-bab)!


يا ملأ الانوار

O Concourse of Lights!

تاللّه الحقّ انّ كلمة اللّه الاكبر لحقّ علی الحقّ المستسرّ و هو اللّه كان عزيزاً قديماً ه

و انّ سرّ هذا الباب و عر ؟ عظيم لو اجتمعت بحور السّموات و الارضين بالمداديّة و الاشياء كلّها علی القلميّة لن تبلغنّ و لايقدرنّ الّا علیا لف غير معطوفة كما الان كذلك الامر بالحقّ علی شكل السّماء و هيكل الارض و قدكان عند اللّه مولی العالمين موجوداً

By God the True One (al-haqq)! The Supreme Word of God (al-kalimat Allah al-akbar)  is, in very Truth, concealed (al-mustasirr) nigh  the True One. And He is God who hath ever been One Mighty, Pre-Existent [Ancient of Days] (al-`aziz al-qidam).  [13] Indeed! The Mystery of this Bab (sirr hadha al-bab) ....  if thou should gather together the Houris-Maidens of the heavens and of the earthly realms with the inks and all the varous items associated with [calligraphic] penmanship (al-qalamiyyat), they would never be able to attain any proficiency nor prove capable [of anything] except producing an unacceptable (ghayr ma`tufa) composition, as is currently the case [with everybody else]. Thus is this issue, in very Truth, as befits the mode of both heaven (shakl al-sama') and the configuration of the earth (haykal al-ard). It was found to be so determined  on the part of God, the Master of all the worlds.


يا اهل الجذب من هيكل التّوحيد

O Community of Ecstasy

through the Temple of the Divine Unity (haykal al-tawhid)!

اسمعوا ندائی من تلك الورقة المصفّرة المنبتة بالدّهن المحمّرة من الشّجرة المتحرّكة فی جوّ العماء هذه الّتی ما قدّر اللّه لاصلها شيئاً علی الارض و هی بامر اللّه فی الهواء من  العماء بايدی الذّكر قد كان مغروساً ه

[14] Hearken ye unto My Call from this Leaf dyed-Yellow, nourished [planted] through Crimson Oil from the [Sinaitic] Tree (al-shajarat) reveberating in motion (muttaharaka) within this firmament of the Theophanic Cloud (jaww al-`ama') for God hath not decreed for its basis (asl) any single thing upon the earth. Indeed! it exists at the Command of God (bi-amr Allah) in the very Atmosphere of the Theophanic Cloud (hawa' al-`ama'), something planted (maghrus an) by the hands of the [messianic] Dhikr (Remembrance).

و انّ هذا صراط ربّك قد كان فی امّ الكتاب مستقيماً ه

[15] This is indeed the Path of thy Lord (sirat rabbika) which hath ever been Straight (mustaqim an) according to the  Archetypal Book [Mother Book] (umm al-kitab).

و انّ هذا لهو السّرّ فی مستسرّ السّرّ علی السّطر تحت العماء فوق السّماء قد كان بالحقّ مسطوراً ه

[15b] This is indeed the Mystery secreted in mystery (sirr fi mustasirr al-sirr) above a [alphabet relatedl]  Script-Line (al-satr) beneath  the Theophanic Cloud beyond Heaven (takht al-`ama' fawq al-sama'). Such was indeed, in very Truth, so inscribed (mastur an).

و انّ هذا لهو الشّكل العربیّ فی الاثنين قد كان بالحقّ علی الحقّ حول النّار (+علی الحقّ) مشهوداً ه 

[16]   This is indeed the Arabic Configuration (shakl al-`arabi) in twofold form (fi al-ithnayn) [cf. `Ali + Muhammad]. Such was, in Truth, in very Truth, manifest (mashhud an) about the Theophanic Fire (al-nar)!

و هو الحقّ هيكل اليمنی فی السّبعين صراطان بالحقّ حول النّار مذكوراً ليكون المؤمنون فی ذلك الكتاب باسم الحقّ علی الحقّ مذكوراًه

[16b]   And He is indeed the True One [Truth] (al-haqq), the Embodiment of the Yemeni [Pillar] (haykal al-yamani) among the seventy (al-sab`in) expressing, in very Truth,  the Dual Path (al-siratan) evident about the Theophanic Fire (hawl al-nar)! This to the end that the believers might in this Book (al-kitab) be associated, in very Truth,  with the Name of the True One (bi-ism al-haqq).

و انّ هذا لهو النّورعلی الطّور و هو المتجلّی عن الاسماء فی ملأ الظّهور و هو الحقّ لايعلم بالحقّ علی ما هو الّا هو و هو اللّه كانعليّاً قديماً ه

[17]  This is indeed the Light upon the [Sinaitic] Mount (al-nur `ala al-tur). It is the the Revelation of the Divine Glory (al-mutajalli) expressive of the Divine Names (al-asma') within the Concourse of the Divine Theophany (mala' al-zuhur). He is indeed the True One (al-haqq) for none , in very Truth, knoweth what He is except Him. And He is God, One Elevated (`aliyy). Pre-Existent [Ancient of tDays] (al-qadim).

انّ هذا لهو الحقّ فی اللّحن الابطحی و هو السّرّ المتجلّی عن جسم العلوی و هو النّور المخزون علی هيئة لورقاء فی كبد الفاطمی تعالی بارئه عمّا يصف الظّالمون علوّاً كبيراً ه

 [17b] This is indeed the True One (al-haqq) as accords with the Melody of al-Abtaha [Quraysh, near Mecca]. Such is the Mystery of the Revelation of the Divine Glory (al-mutajalli) relating to the `Alid Body (jism al-`alawiyy). It is the Light Treasured Up (al-nur al-makhzun) in the form of  Leafy Foilage / a Dove (warqa') in the midmost-heart of Fatimah [the daughter of Muhammmad] (fi kabd al-Fatimi) - exalted be her Fashioner beyond whatsoever the evildoers describe - [for she is indeed]  one Elevated (uluww an), Mighty (kabir an). 

انّ هذا لهو السّرّ فی الاسرار الّذی قد كان حول الماء مسطوراً ه

[18] This is indeed the Mystery among the Mysteries (sirr fi'l-asrar) which hath ever been inscribed nigh the Watery Expanse (hawl al-ma')!

و انّ هذا لهو القطب فی ابحر الانوار الّذی قد كان حول النّار مستوراً ه

[18b] This is indeed the Apex-Pivot (al-qutb) in the Ocean of Lights (bahr al-anwar) which hath ever been concealed about the Theophanic Fire (al-nar).

و انّ هذا لهو النّور فی الانوار فی بحبوحة الجبال علی يمين العرش خلف القاف قد كان مكنوناً مخزوناً ه

[19] This is indeed the  Light amidst the Lights (nur fi'l-anwar) in the quintessence of the Mountain (buhbuhat al-jabal) at the Right-Hand side of the Divine Throne beyond [Mount] Qaf (al-qaf). It hath ever been Hidden and Treasured up (maknun an makhzun an).

انّ هذا لهو القمص الظّهور و السّرّ البطون فی الكتب السّماء قد كان حول السّرّمسطوراً ه

[19b] These are indeed the "Garments" (al-qumus) expressing the Theophanic Manifestation (al-zuhur) and the Mystery of the Inmost Depths (sirr al-butun) in the Books of Heaven (kutub al-sama') for such hath ever been inscribed in the precincts of the Mystery (hawl al-sirr).

ان هذا شجرة الفؤاد علی طور السّيناء قد كان للّه الحقّ مشهوداً ه

[20] This is indeed the Tree of the Inmost Heart (shajarat al-fu'ad) upon Mount Sinai (`ala tur al-sina') for such hath ever been evident (mashhud an) before God, the True One (al-haqq).

انّ هذا ورقات القدس فی سرر الافلاك من الصّفاات قد كان حول النّار مكتوباً ه

[20b]. These are indeed the Leaves-Scrolls-Doves of Holiness (waraqat al-quds) within the Thrones of the Heavenly Spheres (surur al-aflak) for such was of the heavenly ranks (saffa'at ) on high, forever written down in the precincts of the Theophanic Fire (al-nar).

وانّ هذا لهو الحقّ فی امّ الكتاب قد كان حول النّار مقضيّاً ه

[21]. This is indeed the True One (al-haqq) in the Archetypal [Mother] Book (umm al-kitab) for such hath ever been ordained about the Theophanic Fire (al-nar).

و ان هذا لهوالنّقطة فی البدء قد تظهّرت علی مركز الختم بالحقّ باذن اللّه القديم محموداً ه

[22]. This is indeed the Point expressive of the Genesis of Re-determination (nuqtat al-bad') for it was manifested, in very Truth,  at the centre of the Seal [Ringstone] (markaz al-khatm) with the permission of God, One Pre-Existent [Ancient of Days] (al-qadim), One Praiseworthy (mahmud an).

انّ هذا لهو السّرّ فی تحميد الكتاب علی سرائر المجد من حكم النّار و الماء قد كان سوإً ه

[23]. This is indeed the Mystery (al-sirr) expressive of the Laudation of the Book (tahmid al-kitab) above the Couches of Glory (`ala sara'ir al-majd) according to the Decree of the Theophanic Fire and the Watery Expanse (hukm al-nar wa'l-al-ma') for such was indeed of Perfect Proportion (sawa')!

انّ هذا فدّة من السّرّ الاحمد العربیّ مركز العرش فی الماء بالحقّ للّه القديم قد كان ساجداً و محبوباً ه

[24b]. This Redemptive Ranson (فدّة  fidda?)  expresses the Mystery (al-sirr) of the [sacrificial condition of the] Arabic Ahmad (Most Praiseworthy) (al-ahmad al-`arabi) [the dead infant son of the Bab?] at the very Centre of the Divine Throne (markaz al-`arsh), in very Truth, within the Watery Expanse (al-ma') before God, the Pre-Existent [Ancient of Days] (al-qadim) for He was indeed ever one Prostrating (sajid an), one Beloved (mahbub an).

انّ هذا لهو السّرّ المسطّر فی قلب النّبی الّذی قد كان بالحقّ العلیّ مستوراً ه

[25]. This is indeed the Mystery of the Script [Line] (sirr al-satr) in the heart of the Prophet (qalb al-nabi) who hath ever been, in very Truth,  One Elevated [named] `Ali (al-`aliyy), one concealed (mastur an).

انّ هذا لهو الغيب المستتر فی صدرالولیّ الالمعی العربیّ قد كان حول النّار مسطوراً ه

[26]. This is indeed the Unseen (al-ghayb) secreted in the breast of the glimmering  [radiant], Arabic Wali (al-wali al-alma` al-`arabi) [the Imami  channel of Divine Providence] who hath ever been, one inscribed ( mastur an) nigh the Theophanic Fire (al-nar).

انّ هذا لهو الدّرّ الجليلی الصّدف الخليل فی البحر العماء حول العدن قد كان باللّه الحميد محفوظاً ه

[27]. This is indeed He who is the Glorious Pearl (al-durr al-jalili), the Pearl of the Friend (sadaf al-khalil) [Abraham] in the Ocean (al-bahr) which is the Theophanic Cloud (al-`ama') proximate to Eden (hawl al-`adn) which hath ever been preserved (mahfuz an) in God, One indeed Praiseworthy (bi'llah al-hamid).

انّ هذا لهو الفرّار من كلّ المفرّ بالحقّ و هو اللّه كان عليك بالحقّ شهيداً ه

[28]. This is indeed the one in flight, a fugitive (al-farrar), in very Truth, from every place of refuge (al-mafarr) [cf. Q. 75:10; 51:50]. And of this God hath ever been Witness thereto (shahid an).

وانّك قد كنت فی القدس ركن التّسبيح بالحقّ فی نفس التّكبير علی الحقّ بالحقّ تكبيراً ه

[29]. And Thou indeed were in Holiness [Sanctity] (fi'l-quds), in very Truth, the Pillar of Glorification (rukn al-tasbih) in the Logos-Self of Greatness (nafs al-takbir), in Truth, in very Truth, one especially magnified [Great](takbir an).

انّ هذا لهو الطّلق المغربیّ بالحقّ علی الشّعر العلویّ للسّحق بعد الحلّ قد كان فی نقطة النّار مستوراً ه

[30]. This is indeed, in very Truth,  western liberality [separation, divorce?] (al-talq/talaq al-maghribi) according to the `Alid-Elevated poet (`ala al-sh`ar al-`alawiyy) as pertains to that remoteness (al-sahq) which follows resolution (al-hall). Such hath ever been veiled away in the Point of Theophanic Fire (al-nar)!

انّ هذا لهو البراق فی ملأ العلیّ لايشبه البرقاء شيئاً مثله و انّه المثل الاعلی فی كلّ العماء قد كان حول النّارمشهوداً ه

[31]. This is indeed the al-Buraq ('The Lightening" Steed) amidst the Supreme Concourse (fi nala' al-a`la) for no single thing can describe this "Lightening Steed"  (al-buraq), even [in fact] His Image [likeness] (mithl). He is indeed the Supreme Image (al-mithl al-a`la)  within every Theophanic Cloud (fi kull al-`ama'). Such was  evident (mashhud an) indeed about the Theophanic Fire (hawl al-nar). 


يا اهل الفردوس

O ye Inhabitants of Paradise

علموا سبيل العبودية من هذا الطّير المدفّ / المورّق  فی جوّ العماء و المغمّس فی بحر المسك الحمراء و اسحقوا انفسكم بهذا النّارالبيضاء باللّه الحقّ ان استطعتم لتمكنّ الشّرق و الغرب باذن اللّه مالك الارض والسّماء و هو العليم بالحقّ و هو اللّه كان علی كلّ شیء قديراً ه

Be ye informed of the Pathway of Servitude (sabīl al-`ubudiyya) through this Bird (al-tayr) [the Bab] which flappeth its wings in the Firmament of the Theophanic Cloud yet is submerged in the Ocean of Crimson Musk (bahr al-misk al-hamra') for thereby do some [spiritually] annihilate themselves [their lower selves] in / through God, the True One (bi'llah al-haqq), through this Snow-White Fire (al-nar al-bayda').  If thou art capable  be empowered, with the permission of God, the Ruler of Earth and Heaven (mālik al-arḍ wa’l-samā’), with authority throughout the East and the West. He is indeed, in very Truth,  the All-Knowing, And He is God who hath ever been Powerful over all things (kull shay’). 


قل يا قرّة العين

Say: O Qurrat al-`Ayn!

انّی انا البهاء و هذه سبيل اللّه ادعوا الی اللّه وحده و الی بقيّة المنتظر

وانّی انا النّاظر فی المشرقين علی بصيرة بالحقّ انّا  و من اتّبعنی قد كنّا علیا لحقّ بالحقّ حول النّار مسئولاً ه

I indeed am al-Baha' And this is the Path of God (sabil Allah)!

So summon ye unto God alone and unto the expected Baqiyyat [Allah] (the Remnant of God) for I am indeed One that is observant of the two Easts (al-mashriqin),  One Insightful regarding the Truth, of "I am" [God] (basirat bi'l-haqq ana)! And whoso followeth Me  hath indeed, in Truth before the Truth, ever covered up one Elevated (`aliyy/`Ali) enquiring (mas'ul an) nigh  the Theophanic Fire (al-nar)!


 يا ملأالانوار

O Concourse of Lights!

اسمعوا ندائی من هذا الطّير المغنّی فی جوّ السّماء علی لحن داود النّبی رفيعاً ه

Hearken ye unto My Call (nida') from this Bird (al-tayr) who warbleth within the firmament of Heaven according to the elevated accents of David, the Prophet (dawud al-nabi) :


الیّ الیّ

     حكم المائين و فی النّارين 

Unto Me, unto Myself  is the Decree (hukm) of the Dual Watery Expanses (al-ma'ayn) and throughout the Dual Fiery Theophanies (al-narayn). 


و الیّ الیّ

حكم الهوائين فی الارضين

And Unto Me, unto Myself is the Decree of the Dual Atmospheres (al-hawa'ayn) within the Dual Earths (fi'l-ardayn)!


 و الیّ الیّ

اربع الحرفين فی الاسمين

And Unto Me, unto Myself  are the Four Letters (H-S-Y-N= Husayn?] in the two Names (`Ali + Muhammad)!


و الیّ الیّ

اربع الهوائين فی السّطرين من سرّين

And Unto Me, unto Myself Are the four Atmospheres (al-hawa'ayn) in the Dual Scripts (al-satrayn) expressive of the Dual Mysteries (sirrayn)!


 و الیّ الیّ

حامل العرش سبعیّ و احدیّ

And Unto Me, unto Myself is the Bearing of the Divine Throne (hamil al-`arsh) through Seven and One

[Q, 69:17 = " The Angels will be at its extremities and above them eight will. on that [eschatological] Day, bear the throne of thy Lord". Note that the personal name of the Bab has 7 letters (3+4 = `Ali + Muhammad). Then there is another Bab related duality making eight (see Q. 59:17  above and QA  108:38b below).


و الیّ الیّ

الجنّات الثّمان محكی و مخفی

And Unto Me, unto Myself are the Eight Gardens of Paradise (al-jannat al-thaman), merely Intimated (al-mahkiy) are they and Hidden Away (al-makhfiy)!


 و الیّ الیّ

حكم النّورين الاوّلين فی الطّورين

And Unto Me, unto Myself is the Decree regarding the Dual Primordial Lights (hukm al-nurayn al-awwalayn) in the twin Sinaitic Mounts (al-turayn).


 و الیّ الیّ

حكم النّيّرين فی السّطرين الاخرين من دينك البطنين

And Unto Me, unto Myself is the Decree regarding the Twin Fiery Realities within the Two Subjoined Lines (al-satrayn al-akhirayn) (see the 2 Arabic letters "b"s in al-Bab) expressive of Thy doubly esoteric religion (din al-batnayn).


 و الیّ الیّ

حكم السّموات فی ثمانية من الباب فی هذا الباب بابين

And Unto Me, unto Myself Is the Decree regarding the "Eightfoldness" of the Bab (thamaniyya min al-bab) given that this Bab is two Babs (babayn)!


و الیّ الیّ

  حكم الارضين فی سبعة من الباب بالحرفين

And Unto Me, unto Myself is the Decree regarding the Dual Earths (al-ardayn) expressive of Seven on account of the Bab having Two Letters (al-bab bi'l-harfayn)!


و الیّ الیّ

  الامر و الحكم و لا اله الّا هو ربّنا وحده لا شريك له و هو اللّه كان عليّاً كبيراً ه

And Unto Me, unto Myself Is the Command-Cause and the Decree (al-amr wa'l-hukm). No God is there except Him! Our Lord Alone. Of this there is no doubt. And He is God ever one Exalted (`aliyy an ), Mighty (kabir an).


يا قرّة العين

O Qurrat al-`Ayn!

قل كلّ ما اجری اللّه من قلمی فی ذلك الكتاب ما كان الّا باذن اللّه الحقّ و ما حمل الكتاب فی سرّ ذلك الباب الّا حرفاً من الباب الّذی قد كان من حول الماء مشهوداً ه

Say: Everything that God hath caused to flow forth from My Pen (qalam) in this Book was nothing other than what came with the permission of God, the True One. And none has proved capable of bearing [the revelatory magnitude of] this Book (kitab) centering on the secret of this Bab (sirr dhalik al-bab) except irelative to but a single letter (harf an)  from the Bab who hath ever been evident (mashhud an) nigh the Watery Expanse (min hawl al-ma'). 


 و سبحان اللّه الحقّ الّذی لا اله الّا هو و هو اللّه كان بكلّ شیء قديراً ه

And Praised be to God! The True One (al-haqq) who, no God is there except Him. And He is God who hath ever been Powerful over all things (kull shay').


و هو اللّه كان عن العالمين غنيّاً ه

And He is God, One Independent of all the worlds!