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Tafsir VI Qajar Era Shi`i Islamic Tafsir Literatures (1796-1926).


Qajar Era Shi`i Islamic Tafsir Literatures (1796-1926).

Stephen Lambden

In progress - last uploaded 24-02-2016. 


Sabzawārī, Hajji Mulla Hadi Sabzavār (Khurasan) ( 1212-1289 AH = 1797-1873 CE).

This important theologian and poet  authored more than fifty works in Arabic and Persian most notably on Sadrian philsophy and mysticism as well as  cherished poetical compositions.  He is not well-known for his Tafsir writings but had a great influence on his pupil Mullā Muhammad, Sulṭān ʿAli-Shāh Gunābādi, an important Neʿmatāllāhi Sufi and founder of the Gunābādi order, who wrote the important Tafsir work entitled Bayān al-saʿāda (so Nasr EIr.).