Edward Granville Browne (1862-1926) on the religion of the Bab.

`Edward Granville Browne (1862-1926) on the religion of the Bab, the Babi-Baha'i religions'.

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Edward Granville Browne (1862-1926) [= EGB] studied the relgion of the Bab and interacted with Babis and Baha'is  throughout his life. Yet, this British born orientalist and Cambridge professor, never exactly professed himself a Babi, Azali or  Baha'i. He became especially  close to the religion of the Bab in his early years having first come accross the Babi religion in Cambridge in 18XX in the course of reading the text of Les Religiones ... (1st ed. Paris 1865) of the French travellor, writer and orientalist  Gobineau   (d.      ). Then, during his `Year Amongst the Persians' (1887-8), he sought out and became fascinated with the writings of the Bab and had numerous dealings with Babis-Azalis and Baha'is.

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