Bibliography I : The Bab and the Babi Religion, Persian, Arabic Turkish +

A Letter of the Bab to Mulla Husayn Bushru'i, the First believer.

Bibliography I : The Bab and the Babi Religion, Persian, Arabic, Turkish and other non-European languages.

Stephen N. Lambden,  UC Merced.

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Select Bābī-Bahā’ī and other writers on the person and religion of the Bāb. For western language sources see the similarly organized Pt. II :

There exists a massive amount of writing in mss. and in print as well as diverse archival material, about the Bab, his followers and his religion. The bibliographical data is thus immense, even in western sources. It includes traveller, orientalist, missionary, diplomatic, academic sources and other categories of writing in manuscript and published form as books, papers and articles. Bābī-Bahā’ī generated materials relating to the history and theology of the Bāb and his followers and writings, cannot be comprehensively set forth in detail here. At present there  seems to be no adequate survey of Baha’i perspectives about the Bāb and his writings as set forth by either the central figures of the Bahā’ī religion - Bahā’-Allāh (d. Acre 1892), `Abd al-Bahā’ (d. Haifa, 1921) and Shoghi Effendi (d. London, 1957) - or by 19th-21st century  academics or Bahā’ī scholars and apologists living in Iran, the Middle East and elsewhere. The primarary scriptural writings of the central figures of the Baha'i religion will only very selectively be listed below; they figure in other bibliographies on this website.

I shall include in the entries below, select authors who wrote on the Babi and Baha'i or Babi-Baha'i religions with precedence given to authors of books and papers dealing mostly directly with the Bab and his religion. Many writers on Baha'i matters include materials about the Bab and his teachings since he came to be considered the "founder" of the [Babi-] Baha'i religion as expounded by its Guardian (vali-yi amr Allah) Shoghi Effendi Rabbani. Succinct biographical details will occasionally be spelled out below regarding authors of Babi-Baha'i materials as well as occasional images and/or data associated with such writers whatever their background or religious orientation.

Part II   of this bibliography  will list select sources pertaining to major disciples of the Bab and episodes with early Babi History.   A few western language bibliographical materials will be listed below as a number of them contain impotant Persian or Arabic primary and / or secondary sources. Mss and printed volumes of Babi-Baha'i history will also be listed below in this Part I as many of these writings contain important pre-Baha'i biographical and historical data pertaining to the Bab and his religion and followers. A comprehensive carrying out of this bibliographical task would include some consideration of the writings of  such leading followers of the Bāb as Mulla Muhammad Husayn Bushru'i (b. c. 1229/1813, Bushrū'ī / Boshrūyaʾī - d. 2 February 1849, Tabarsi, 1265/1849);  Muhammad `Alī, Quddūs (d. Bārfurush, 1265/1849), Fāṭimah Baraghānī, Tāhirah (d. Tehran, 1268/1852) and (among many others), Sayyid Yaḥyā Dārābī, Waḥīd (d. Nayriz, 1266/1850). Bibliography pertaining to such major Babi figures and disciples will again be very selectively listed in  this second bibliographical section below ( and in Bib. II for western languages) as will a few episodes within Babi history (I.II>). 

A further bibliographical division (III) will include books and articles pertaining to Mirza Yaḥyā Nurī (d. Famagusta, Cyprus, 1914), the half-brother of Bahā’-Allāh, a follower of the Bab from around fourteen years of age and  for some  the successor to the Bāb. It will include often polemical Azali Babi Baha'i debate as contained or reflected in diverse books, articles and other source materials. 

Among Bahā’ī writers who wrote about the Bāb and his writings one should consult the often prolific literary output of (to be selective) Mirza Abū al-Faḍl Gulpayiganī (d. Cairo, 1914); Muhammad Kázim Qazvíní, Samandar (d. 1918); Ḥajjī Mīrzā Haydar `Alī Iṣfahānī (d. Haifa, 1920); Hippolyte Dreyfus-Barney (d. Paris, 1928); Mirza Asadu’llah, Fāḍil-i Mazandarānī (d. Khurramshahr, 1957); Mīrzā Ḥabīb-Allāh Afnān (d. 1951); ʿAzīz-Allāh Sulaymānī Ardakāni (b. Kelateh Yazd-Abad near Sabzivah, 1901-d. Gunbad-Kavus, Mazandaran, 1985); Muhammad `Alī Fayḍī (d. 1957); `Abd al-Ḥamid Ishraq Khavarī (d. Tehran, 1972); Malik-Khusraví, Muhammad ‘Alí (b. Tehran, 1901-d. Australia, 1982); Hasan M. Balyuzi (d. London, 1980);  Alessandro Bausani (d. Rome, 1988); Amin Banani (b. Tehran, 1926 d. 2013); Firuz Kazemzadih (d. California, 2017); Abu’l-Qasim Afnan (d. England, UK. 2004); Muhammad Afnan (d. Canada, 2017); Kamran Ekbal (d.20XX); Denis MacEoin; Vahid Rafati; Abbas Amanat; Moojan Momen; Ruhu'llah Mehrabkhani; Fereydun Vahman; Peter Smith; Sholeh Quinn; Todd Lawson; Stephen N. Lambden; Juan R. Cole; John Walbridge; Ahang Rabbani (d. 2013); Nosratollah Mohammad Hosseini; Mina Yazdani; Fariduddin Radmehr; Firūz Barāqī; Youli A. Ioannesyan; Christopher Buck; Peter Terry; Necati Alkan;  Nader Saiedi and Omid Ghaemmaghami.

Several of these abovementioned writers of earlier generations on matters Babi-Baha'i, have entries devoted to them in the now well-known and ongoing Encyclopedia Iranica  (ed. Yarshater et al.) as well as in other reference volumes, books, articles and elecronic or internet sources.


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The Bab and the Babi Religion : Persian, Arabic, Turkish and other non-European languages.


Sayyid `Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bab.

  • Selections from the writings of the Báb. Trans. Habib Taherzadeh; Universal House of Justice. Research Department.; Baháí World Centre. Haifa : Bahá'í World Centre, 1978, ©1976. Also Haifa : Baháʼí World Center; Southhampton [U.K.] : Camelot Press, 1982.
  • Muntakhabāt-i āyāt az āthār-i Ḥadrat-i Nuqṭah-ʼi Ūlá.  MMMA 134 BE/ Wilmette, Illinois, BPT., 1978/1984. 156 pages. Original Per. and Ar. texts of the Bab compiled in Selctions (above). 

Thousands of passages within the writings of Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Baha'-Allah (b. Tehran, 1817 - d. Acre, 1892) interpret the writings of the Bab. Many have a bearing upon aspects of Babi-Baha'i history, its proponents, martyrs and scholars as well as the antagonistic position of post mid. 1860s Azali Babi adherents. These texts and issues  cannot possibly all be detailed here. It must suffice to register only a few especially Bab / Babi related writings of Baha'u'llah followed by select writings of  subsequent Baha'i leaders, his son `Abdu'l-Baha `Abbas and his grandson Shoghi Effendi Rabbani.

Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Baha'-Allah (d. Acre, 1892).

  •  The Lawḥ-i kull al-ṭa`ām ("The Tablet of All Food") is an early Baghdad period (1270/1853 or early 1854) esoteric scriptural Tablet expository of  Qur'an 3:87 [93] and incorporating issues of Babi authority and religiosity. It is addressed to the Babi believer Ḥajjī Mīrzā Kamāl al-Dīn Narāqī (d. Narāq c.1298/1881). An inadequate printed text is found in Ishrāq Khavari (comp.) Mā'ida-yi āsmani IV :265-276 and a slightly better one in Rahiq-i makhtum II :416-426. A superior photocopied ms. is to be found in INBMC 36:268-277. 
  • Sūrat al-kifāya ("The Surah of the Sufficiency), c. 1853-5. For the  ḥarf al-jūd  ("the Letter of the Divine Bounty) whose precise  identity (a Babi entitled Jawad?)  is uncertain. This Arabic Surah begins:  "This is the Sūrat al-kifāya  (Sura of the Sufficiency). It was assuredly sent down on the part of the True One (min al-ḥaqq) regarding the question of knowledge  (fī jawāb al-`ilm)." It is apparently a defense of the early-mid. 1850s leadership role and Bābī authority of Mīrzā Yaḥyā Nūrī (c. 1834 - Cyprus,1912). The Arabic text of the Surat al-kifaya can be found in INBMC 36: 277-28. An annotated Lambden translation exists on  this website. For more than a decade Baha'u'llah acted as a defender of the status of Mirza Yahya Nuri.
  • Jawahir al-asrār ("The Gems of the Mysteries", Arabic c. 1861-2). There are several mss texts and printings of the original Arabic of this treatise written in reply to questions raised by Sayyid Yūsuf Sidihi (Isfahanī), a Shī`ī mujtahid and pupil of the Marjā al-Taqlīd, Shaykh Murtaḍā al-Anṣārī (1759-1864). See Jawāhir al-asrār in AQA III:4-88; INBMC 46:1ff  and INBMC 99.  An recent authorized Baha'i translation is well known.
  • Kitāb-i īqān ("The Book of Certitude", Persian, c. 1862).  There are again several mss texts and printings of the original Persian and a well-known authorized English translation by Shoghi Effendi. It was written in reply to the questions of an uncle, the Khāl-i Akbar ("Greatest Uncle") of the Bab Ḥāǰǰī Sayyid Muhammad, (1210-93/1795-1876) in demonstration of the veracity of the prophetic mission of the Bab. Refer Kitāb-i īqān, Hofheim-Langenhain: Bahā'ī-Verlag, 1980/ 136 BE (= rep. of the K. īqān, Egypt, 1934); Kitáb-i-Iqán: The Book of Certitude (tr. Shoghi Effendi). London: BPT.,1961  (See further, Quinn and Lambden. K.iqan in EIr.). 
  • Surat al-Dhikr , `The Surah of the Remembrance', an Arabic early Edirne or Adrianople period text, dating to the early-mid 1860s. It claims to be "a Book from the nuqtat al-ulya, the Primal Point", though from Baha'u'llah in  the persona of the Bab addressed to his followers, the "people of the Bayan". Arabic text in Athar-i alam-i a`la [AQA] IV: 236-244.
  • Lawh al-Nuqta (The Tablet of the Point). c. 1865-6? This fairly brief, largely Persian scriptural Tablet, opens with a Baha'/ Baha'u'llah centered basmala and continues. "This is a Book from the Primordial Point (nuqtat al-ula) and His Baha' (Glory)". It is dedicated and addressed to a Babi-Baha'i believer named Kazim (Samandar?) and (among other things) cites and interprets a few verses of the Qayyum al-asma' of the Bab. The position of Baha'u'llah as the promised one of the Bayan is celebrated and proclaimed (Haifa unpublished  ms. AO 1760, received Feb. 1987).
  • Lawh-i Mubāhalah (The Tablet(s) of the Mutual Execration). Several Tablets of Baha'-Allah have this title (cf. Qur'an 59: 61f) and date to the mid. to late 1860s. In various ways they address and challenge the claims of Mirza Yahya Nuri and his associates. They cement a division between Baha'is and Azali Babis through a planned (though never outwardly finalized) personal and theological confrontation between Baha'u'llah and Mirza Yahya, Subh-i Azal, at the mosque of Sultan Selim in Adrianople. One seminal `Lawh-i Mubahalah' dates to Jumad al-awwal 1284/Sept. 1867. It presents itself as a letter / book (kitab) from "this Youth" (Baha'u'llah) to all of the "peoples of the world" (cited Mazandarani, TZH 5: 39-46 unpublished ms.).
  • Lawh-i Nasir (The Tablet to Nasir).  This Arabic and Persian scriptural Tablet was written around 1866-7  after the Azali-Baha'i  `Most Great Separation' from Mirza Yahya and his followers. It is a reply to a question of Hajji Muhammad Nasir Qazvini (d. Rasht, 1300/1883) about the position of Mirza Yahya Nuri who had challenged the claimed theophanic claims of Baha'u'llah. Therein Baha'u'llah maintains that "The origins [genesis] of this [Babi-Baha'i] Cause (amr) were concealed (mastur) from all. No one was adequately aware thereof save two souls; one of these two being named Ahmad who suffered the martyrdom in the path of  his Lord and returned unto the ultimate abode (muqarr al-quswa), while the other was he who was named [Mirza Musa Nuri] al-Kalim "the Speaker" ("He who [like Moses] conversed", with God)  who at this moment can be found in our presence" (Majmu`a-yi Alwah-i Mubaraka, 174)". The  largely Persian text of the Lawh-i Nasir can be found in MAM (Cairo : 1333/1920. Rep. 1978: 166-202).
  • The  Kitāb-i badi` (The Novel / Regenerative/ Wondrous Book"), c. 1283/1866-7. One of the lengthiest (300 + pages) Persian, anti-Azali Babi  works of Baha'u'llah written as if by the Baha'i Aqa Muhamad `Ali Tambak-Furush (Tobacco Seller) to  Mirza Mihdi Gilani and penned by his amaneunsis Mirza Aqa Jan Kashani, Khadim-Allāh (`The Servant of God'). This lengthy apologia responds to and comments upon  issues and accusations raised in an anti-Baha'u'llah  letter of  the Babi Mirza Mihdi Gilani, an associate of Sayyid Muhamad Isfahani whom Baha'is reckon (among others) the eschatological Dajjal or Islamic Anti-Christ. Diverse issues of Babi thelogy and prophecy are found in this scriptural writing along with copious citations from diverse writings of th Bab. For the text see : Kitāb-i badī`nazil az sama'-i mashiyyat Hadrat-i Baha'-Allah. Printed from a facsimile edition/ copy of ms. in the hand of Zayn al-Muqarrabin [dated  13th of Rabi` al-Awwal, 1286 = 23rd June, 1869]. Reprint, Prague: Zero Palm Press, 148 BE/1992 and Kitab-i badi` nazil az qalam-i hadrat-i Baha'u'llah. Mu'assah-' Matbú'át-i Amrí Almān.  Hofheim-Langenheim : Bahāʼī-Verlag, 165 BE/2008.  200pp. + Index, 201-213 + 8pp. 1st. German printing of the Persian primarily based on a ms. in the hand of Zayn al-Muqarrabin (d.1903).
  • Lawh-i Sarrāj for Mullā / Mirza  `Alī Muhammad Sarrāj [incorrectly, Sirāj]. c. 1283-4/ c. 1867, the late Edirne (Adrianople) period. Thie Sarrāj or "the Saddler", "Leather-worker" had met the Bab during his stay in Isfahan (1846-7) and subsequently became a Babi then later an Azali Babi follower of Mirza Yahya. He was the brother of  Mullā Rajab `Alī ( d. [assassinated at] Karbala 185?)  entitled  Qahīr  ("Wrathful"  -- Rajab `Alī = abjad 315 as also is Qahīr) by the Bāb. His sister Fātimah Khānum (d.1335/1916) was the second wife of the Bab. A lengthy Persian work of anti-Azali Babi dialogue, the Lawḥ-i Sarrāj is a response to various questions relating especially to the titles, position or status of Mīrzā Yaḥyā, about how ḥurūf-i `aliyyīn ("elevated [sublime] letters [souls]")  can become the ḥurūf-i sijjīn ("debased letters [souls]").  For the text of the Lawḥ-i Sarrāj, the Tablet to `Alī Muhammad Sarrāj, see Ms. in  INBMC 73:198-231 and Ishraq Khavari comp., Ma'ida-yi asmani VII : 4-118.

`Abdu’l-Bahā’ `Abbs (1844-1921).

 The Letters or `scriptural Tablets' of `Abdu'l-Baha' `Abbas (d. Haifa, 1921), the son and successor of Baha'-Allah, are numerous, numbering perhaps 30,000. Many of them refer to the Bab or interpret matters pertaining to Babi-Baha'i history and doctrine. Only a few historical and other works can be mentioned at this point along with a few works of his grandson Shoghi Effendi (see below): 

Maqāla-yi shayksī-i sayyāḥ… c. 1886 CE.

  • 1891. A Traveller's Narrative written to illustrate the Episode of the Báb. [By 'Abd al-Bahā ibn Bahā'-Allāh.] Edited in the original Persian, and translated into English, with an introduction and explanatory notes, by E.G. Browne. 2 vols. Cambridge: Cambridge Unhiversity Press, 1891. Vol.1. Persian  text, vol. 2. Trans. and Notes.
  • 1930. A traveller's narrative written to illustrate the episode of the Báb. New York, N.Y : Bahaʼi Pub. Committee, 1930. A reprint of v. 2 of the 1891 edition of E.G. Browne. liii,  447 pages. 
  • 1975. A traveller's narrative : written to illustrate the episode of the Báb ; composed A.D. 1886 by 'Abbás Effendi, son of Behá'u'lláh, being an authentic description of the Persian Bábí movement, Babism, c. 1884-1886 ; Persian text, reproduced after the manuscript and translated into English, with a critical introduction, extensive explanatory notes and other texts and documents, and an index = (Maḳála-i-shakhṣí sayyáḥ). Amsterdam : Philo Press, 1975. liii, 447, 211 pages  (2 vols. in 1).
  • Maqaliyyih Shakhsī Sayyāḥ, "A Traveller's Narrative" written to illustrate the episode of the Báb. [ed. and revised reprint vol.1 of the 1891 EGB ed.] Hofheim-Langenhain, Baha'i Verlag, 112 pages.
  • 2004. A traveller's narrative written to illustrate the episode of the Báb. Los Angeles: Kalimat Press, 2004. 447 pages.
  • 2012. A traveller's narrative written to illustrate the episode of the Báb. Volume 1, Persian text. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press,  2012.
  • Risala-yi `ammah (Tablet to the Aunt), a responce to the Azali half-sister of Baha'u'llah, full sister of Mirza Rida'-Quli and eldest sister of Mirza Yahya Nuri, Shah Sultan,‘Izziyyih Khanum (d. 1322/1904). See Bib. III.

  تذكرة الوفآة في ترجمة حياة قدماظ الاحبآء Tadhkirat al-vafā ... 1919.

  •   تذكرة الوفآة في ترجمة حياة قدماظ الاحبآء Tadhkirat al-vafā fī tarjamat ḥayāt qudamāʼ al-aḥibbāʼ. Haifa: Abbasiyya Press, 1342/1924.
  • تذكرة الوفآة في ترجمة حياة قدماظ الاحبآء / Tadhkirat al-wafāʼ fī tarjamat ḥayāt qudamāʼ al-aḥibbāʼ. Hūfhāym : Muʼassasah-ʼi Maṭbuʻāṭ-i Amrī-i Ālmān = Germany: Hofheim-Langen-hain, Baha'i Verlag, 2002. 232  pages.
  • Memorials of the Faithful, trans. [of the above] Marzieh Gail, Wilmette, Illinois: Baháʼí Pub. Trust, 1971. xii, 208 pages. Reprint 1975, 1997.
  • Makātīb-i Hadrat-i ʿAbd-al-Bahā'. Eight vols. consist of compilations of Persian and Arabic texts  or scriptural Tablets alwah (sing. lawh) of `Abd al-Baha' `Abbas. The first three vols. bear the title Makātīb-i Hadrat-i ʿAbd-al-Bahāʾ and were published in Cairo through Faraj-Allāh Zakī al-Kurdī between 1910/1912 and 1922 .The Baha'i  compiler and editor Faraj-Allāh Zakī al-Kurdī, was at times resident in Cairo, Egypt, during the lifetime of `Abd al-Baha' who himself approved of the  early Cairo printings. The Makātīb-i Hadrat-i ʿAbd-al-Bahā', vols. IV-VIII were published in Tehran: Mu`assa-yi Milli-yi Matbu`at-i Amri, 121-134 BE/1966-1978. A CD printing of scanned images of all of the above listed eight vols. of Makātīb appeared on a 2000 dated CD Rom with the heading, `Makatib-i-`Abdu'l-Baha'. See further woth select PDfs. `Writings of `Abd al-Bahā’, `Abbas Effendi (1844-1921 CE)' online at

Shoghi Effendi Rabbani / Shawqī Afandī Rabbānī (c. Haifa, 1896-d. London. Nov. 4th 1957).

As the Vali-yi Amr Allah (Ar. Wali Amr Allah), the `Guardian of the Cause of God', Shoghi Effendi was a prolific writer in Persian, Arabic and English. Several of his Books and letters express the authorized Baha'i view of the person, station, religion and teachings of the Bab. A few examples of his lengthier books and letters are:

Zarandī, Mullā Muhammad (Nabīl) (d. 1892) and Shoghi Effendi :

  • Tarīkh [= Dawn-Breakers] ed. and trans. (Part I) Shoghi Effendi as `The Dawn-Breakers: Nabil’s Narrative of the Early Days of the Baha’i Revelation’. Wilmette: Baha’i Pub. Trust., 1st ed. 1932. Many later, sometimes revised editions, 1974 etc.
  • God Passes By. Shoghi, Effendi; George Townshend; National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States and Canada. National Programming Committee.Wilmette, Illinois: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 1944 (numerous reprints).
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  • توقيعات مبارکه حضرت ولى امر الله : خطاب به احباى شرق / Tawqīʻāt-i mubārakah-i Ḥadrat-i Valī Amr Allāh : khiṭāb bih aḥibbā-yi sharq. Lānginʹhāyn : Lajnah-ʼi Millī-i Nashr-i Āthār-i Amrī bih Lisān-i Fārsī va ʻArabī, 1992. 649 pages. Trans of God Passes By  published in Germany. 
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Mīrzā ʻAbd al-Ḥusayn Āwārah was the son of Mulla Muhammad-Taqī, Ākhūnd Taftī. He became a widely travelled Baha'i teacher for almost two decades during which time he closely associated with `Abdul-Baha' who highly praised his important Babi-Baha'i history in two volumes, the al-Kawākib al-durriyya. This came to be translated into Persian and was several times reprinted.  Āvārah ultimately turned against `Abdu'l-Baha' and wrote a three volume refutation of the Babi-Bahaʾi religion entitled  Kashf al-ḥiyal ("The Uncovering of Deception") which was  published in Tehran during 1307-10 Sh./1928-31 and reprinted a number of times (see below). See Iraj Afshar, EIr. Vol. III/2 ,133 :

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  • 2005 in EIr. "NABIL-E AKBAR, title of Āqā Moḥammad Qāʾeni, a prominent Bahai author and apologist (b. Now Ferest [Razmara,Farhang IX, p. 428], a village near Qāʾen, 23 Ramaḍān 1244/29 March 1829; d. Bukhara, 13 Ḏu’l-ḥejja 1309/6 July 1892)". Nabil-i Akbar was one learned in Islamic jurisprudence and philosophy, a Babi then Baha'i. The celebrated Lawḥ-i ḥikmat (Tablet of Wisdom) of Baha'-Allah was adressed to him or written in his honour.

Ghadimi, Riaz L. / دکتر رىاض قدىمى

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Trained as a Muslim cleric in Karbala, Najaf (Ottoman Iraq) and Isfahan (Persian-Iran), he became a Baha'i in 1876 and wrote numerous books, treatises and epistles many of which contain materials about the Bab and Babi history. See Bibliography at :

  • Sharh-i āyāt-i muvarrikhah ("Commentary on the Chronological Proof texts"). Shanghai, 1344/1925 etc).
  • Risāla-yi `Ayyūbiyya (`The Job Related Treatise (this remains in ms.) in order to attract Jews (of Hamadan, etc) Christians and others to the Bahā’ī religion.
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  • 1315/1898. Kitāb al-farāʼid fī bayān wujūh aqsām al-dalīl wa'l-burhān wa-jawāb masāʼil intaqada bi-hā ḥaḍrat al-shaykh ʻAbd al-Salām ʻalá ahl al-Īqān. with the patronage of Hajji `Abd al-Karim Tehrani and Mirza `Ali Muhammad Shirazi, and financed by Mirza Hasan Khurasani and Faraj-Allah Zaki al-Kurdi.  Cairo: Maṭbaʻat Hindiyya bi'l-shari`a al-Mahdi bi'l-Azbakiyya, 1315/1898. 731 + xxv pages.  
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  • Tarīkh al-Bāb wa'l-Bābiyya ("The History of the Bab and the Babi religion"). A version of this historical text  was commissioned by Yaqʿūb Ṣarrūf, the editor of the Egyptian magazine المقتطف Al-Muqtaṭaf ("The Digest"; Published in Beirut and Cairo), after the assassination of Nasir al-Din Shah in 1896. Refer, Rasā’il wa raqā'im, 291-303 and Cole, trans. Letters and Essays, 95-109. 
  • Risla Iskandariyya ("The Alexandrine Tract").  Written in reply to questions raised by E. G. Browne about, among other things,  the life of Baha'u'llah and the authoriship of the Tarikh-i Jadid ("New History") of Mirza Husayn Hamadani (see below). Its title derives its name from the Russian Orientalist Aleksandr Grigor’evich Tumansky (1861-1917) with whom Gulpayigani had links and to whom it is dedicated. For the text see Rasā'il wa raqā'im, 48-89 and trans. Cole, Letters and Essays, 43-83).

  • Ḥujaj al-Baha'iyya. Ḥujajʹul-Behayyeh : The Bahaʹí proofs; and, A short sketch of the history and lives of the leaders of this religion. 2nd ed. by Mirza Abul-Fazl ; translated by Ishtael-Ebn-Kalenter. Chicago : Grier Press, 1914. 288 pages.

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  • Kashf al-Ghiṭā `an hiyal al-a`dā' (The Uncovering of the Veil  from the Schemes of the Opponents). 2 vols. [Turkistan] Tashkent/ Ashkabad n.d. (c. 1919). An unfinished Persian work completed by  Sayyid Mahdĩ Gulpaygānī and others. In the printed edition only 132 of 438 pages seem to have been written by Gulpayigani himself. It is in part a responce  to E. G. Browne's publication in 1910  of the Kitāb-i Nuqtat al-Kāf which he attributed to the Babi Hajji Mirza Jānī Kāshāni. This latter work of Gulpaygāni and others was viewed unfavourably as an Azali Babi corruption by `Abd al-Bahā' who ultimately advised its removal. Several copies, however, survived. The printed edition contains some important works of the Bab and of such Babis as Tahira, Qurrat al-`Ayn. For some details see Balyuzi, EGB and the Baha'i Faith, 1970 index; MacEoin, Sources, 136-139.
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See further the articles by Muḥīt Tabātabā'ī :

  • Kitābī bī nam bā nāmī tāza, in Gawhar, Year 2, parts 11-12 (1353/1974), 952-961.
  • Tārīkh-i qadīm wa jadīd, 2 part s, in Gawhar, Year 3, parts 5-6 (1354/1975), 343-8, 426-31.

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al-Ḥasanī, Sayyid  ʻAbd al-Razzāq (c. 1922-1972 or 1980). حسني، عبد الرزاق   See:

  • السيد عبد الرزاق الحسني : و آثاره الكتابية في بحر خمسين سنة من حياته، ١٩٢٢-١٩٧٢ / al-Sayyid ʻAbd al-Razzāq al-Ḥasanī : wa -āthāruhu al-kitābīyah fī baḥr khamsīn sanah min ḥayātihi, 1922-1972. Beirut: Maṭbaʻat Dār al-Kutub, 1973. 38 pages .Also Beirut:Maṭbaʻat Dār al-Kutub, 1980. Biography of this `Iraqi intellectual and wide ranging writer on, for example, the history of Iraq, the history of religions, the Shi`i community, hadith literature, the al-Ṣābiʼūn, the Sabeans, the al-Madhhab al-Yazīdī or Yezidees  and revolutionary history.
  • البابيون في التاريخ / al-Bābiyyūn fī al-tārīlkh or al-Babiyun wa'l-Baha'iyun ... Ṣaydā / Sidon : Maṭbaʻat al-ʻIrfān, 1349 /1930. 
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Hidāyat, Riḍā Qulī Khān (Lālā-bāshī) (b. Tehran, 1215/1800–d. Tehran, 1288/1871) was a courtier, prolific historian and poet in the service of the Qājār kings (r. 1794–1925). Hidāyat is his pen-name. He resided at one time with Ḥāji Mirzā Āqāsi and later entered the service of Nāṣir-al-Din Shah. His Tārīkh-i Rawḍat al-ṣafāʼ-i Nāṣirī is an historical work comissioned by Nāṣir al-Din Shah and constituting an edition (vols. 1-7) and supplement (vols. 8-10) to Mirkhwānd's Rawḍat al-ṣafā fī sīrat al-anbiyā’ wa’l-mulūk wa’l-khulafā’ (Garden of Purity respecting the Lives of the Prophets, the Kings and
the Caliphs; 7+1 vols.) of the late Tīmūrid writer Muhammad ibn Khwāndshāh ibn Maḥmūd, Mīrkhwānd  (d. 903/1498). See further art. Losensky in  EIr. Vol. XII/ 2 (2003), pp. 119-121  (+ see also bib. here).

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  • Tārīkh-i Rawḍat al-ṣafāʼ-i nāṣirī.

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  • "QODDUS, Moḥammad-ʿAli Bārforuši" in EIr. 2009. Available online at

Ibn-i Abhar, Muhammad-Taqi (1270-1337/1854-1919), son of Mirza ʿAbd-al-Raḥīm Iṣfahānī (d. 1290/1872), a Shiʿite mujtahid, crypto-Babi and Baha'i. Cf. Lambden, “Ebn Abhar,” in  Encyclopaedia Iranica VII, 661-2.  1996

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Iqbāl, 'Abbās / `Abbas Iqbāl Āshtiyānī (1897-1956).

See Umīd Qanbarī, زندگى‌ نامه و خدمات علمى و فرهنگى شادروان دکتر عباس اقبال آشتىانى / Zindagīʹnāmah va khadamāt-i ʻilmī va farhangī-i shādravān Duktur ʻAbbās Iqbāl Āshtiyānī (= Majmūʻah-i zindagīʹnāmahʹhā, 60). Tehran: Anjuman-i Āthār va Mafākhir-i Farhangī, 1386Sh/2007 or 2008. 188 pages; Lida Andisheh, ʻAbbās Iqbāl Āshtīyānī (1897-1956) : a study in modern Iranian intellectual history'. Ph. D. University of Utah 1982. xii, 277 pages. 

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حاج مىرزا حىدر على اصفهانى

  • Dala'il-i irfan (Proofs of the [Babi-Baha'i] Gnosis"). Ms. unpublished.
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For further details see ʻAbd al-Ḥamīd Ishrāq Khāvarī; Ṣāliḥ Mawlavīʹ (ed. comp.) and  Vaḥīd Raʼfatī (Introduction)   اشراق خاورى : زندگى، آثار و خاطرات / Ishrāq Khāvarī : zindagī, āthār va khāṭirāt. Madrid [Spain] Mādrīd : Bunyād-i Farhangī-i Niḥal, 2009. 480 pages. Also :  ىادنامۀ اشراق خاورى Yādʹnāmah-ʼi Ishrāq Khāvarī. ("Remembrance of Is̲h̲ráq Khávarí"). ed. Vahid Rafati. In series: Majmūʻah-i diyār-i andīshah, 27. Madrid : Bunyād-i Farhangī-i Niḥal, 2014.

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Jānī Kashani, Hajji Mirza (d. 30th Dhu'l-Qadah, 1268/15th Sept. 1852 CE).

In 1847 this Kashani Babi along with his two brothers - Hajj Mirza Isma'il and Hajji Mirza Ahmad - met and accomodated the Bab for a few days at their home in Kashan. This in the course of his exile and eventual imprisonment in Maku (Adhirbayjan, NW Persia).  For further details see Browne, 1893, The New History, xivff; MacEoin, art. `Nuqṭatul-káf in EI2  (+ bib. here) and his Sources, Ch. VI pp. 134-152; Appendix VII and VIII, pp. 211-214 as well as McCants and Milani 2004, 2008, etc (see below).

  • كتاب نقطة الكاف : در تاريخ ظهور باب و وقايع هشت سال اول از تاريخ بابيه = Kitáb-i Nuqṭatul-káf, being the earliest history of the Bábís. Leyden, E.J. Brill; London, Luzac & Co., 1910. "E.J.W. Gibb memorial" series, v. 15. Allegedly compiled by Hájji Mírzá Jání of Káshán between the years A.D. 1850 and 1852. Ed. from the unique Paris ms. suppl. persan 1071, by Edward G. Browne. See also above under Browne, E.G. Contains   297, xcv pages 2 plates, 5 facsimile texts.  This volume contains the former's "Index of chief contents of the Persian Bayán": pages [liv]-xcv. See further :

Denis MacEoin, "Nuktat al-kaf" in EI(and see further the bib. here)  and his Sources, Ch. VI (pp.134-152) and index.  McCants, William, F.  and Kavian Milani. `The History and Provenance of an Early Manuscript of the Nuqtat al-Kaf Dated 1268 (1851-52).'  Iranian Studies 37:3 (September 2004), 431-449. 

 Imortant discussion of the date and authorship etc of the  Nuqtat al-Kaf can be found in William McCants and Kavian Milani,

  • “The History and Provenance of an Early Manuscript of the Noqtatol-kāf Dated (1851-52),” Iranian Studies 37/3, September 2004, pp. 431-50 (in which the 1268 and 1909 manuscripts are introduced).

See further, Kavian Milani,

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Kasravī Tabrizi, Aḥmad (b. 1890 - d. 1946 CE)

See زندگانى من : ده سال در عدليه، چرا از عدليه بىرون آمدم / Zindagānī-i man : dah sāl dar ʻAdlīyah, chirā az ʻAdlīyah bīrūn ām̄adam. Köln : Mehr, 1377/1998. 343 pages. Also Piedmont, Calif. : Shirkat-i Kitāb-i Jāhān, 1990. 343 pages.

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  • شیخی‌گری، بابی‌گرایی، بهایی‌گری

Faza'i, Yusof = Yūsuf Faz̤āʼī (b. Bahar, Hamadan....)

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Kāzem-Beg (1802- c.1870), Alexander (Mīrzā).

Muhammad `Ali, Hajji Ibn Qasim Olgy, Alexander Kasimovich, Kazem Beg (b. Gilan, 1802-1870) of the Department of Oriental Languages, Kazan University and, from 1855, first dean of the Faculty of Oriental Languages, St. Petersburg University.  Alexander Kazem Beg wrote on the religon of the Bab in Russian from c. 1865.

  • Бабъ и Бабиды: религіозно-политическія смуты въ Персіи въ 1844-1852 годахъ. Содержитъ: 1) Біографію Баба, 2) Историческое изложеніе о Бабидахъ и 3) Обзоръ иьъ ученія. Russian. So WordCat.

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Kirmānī, Hajjī Mīrzā Muhammad Karīm Khān (d. 1288/1871). See below Supplement  II Shaykhism and Anti-Babi Polemic.

Lisān-al-Mulk, Sipihr (`Celestial Sphere'), Kāshānī,  Mirza Muhammad Tāqī ( b. Kashan, 1216 or 1217/1801-2 - d. 1297/ 1880). Siphir's ناسخ التوارىخ Nāsikh al-tawārīkh (The Supplanter of Histories)  was a major, very influential, though defective source for the life and teachings of the Bab and aspects of Babi history such as the Babi upheavals and the lives of certain of his major disciples including Tahira, Qurrat al-`Ayn. It began to be printed in lithograph editions from about 1273-6 and during later 1270s then 1280s AH, from c. 1858 through into the 1860s and beyond. These19th century lithograph printings of the Nāsikh include  Tehran 1860; 1888-9; early 1890s as well as editions in Bombay, 1892, etc. (Storey. 1:152f, 1247; Minorsky, `Sipihr’ EI2 IX:658).  The Nāsikh al-tawārīkh was known amongst Bābī-Bahā’ī leaders and writers; in part because their updated supplements contain often inaccurate and critical accounts of Bābī beginnings and historical episodes. In an unpublished letter of `Abd al-Baha' to Lotfullah Ḥakīm, the Nāsīkh al-tawārīkh is strongly criticized.

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Mubagajian Artpet [Atrpetean],

An Armenin writer and historian most famous amongst modern Baha'is for his publication of allleged portraits (drawings and photographs) of Babi notables (see Bijan Masumian ADD).  Cf. Sarkīs Mubāyjīyān.  Տժվժիկ / Tzhvzhik by Ատրպետ, 1860-1937, Erevan : Hayastan Hratarakchʻutʻyun, 1969, 1975.

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Mu`īn  al-Salṭana Tabrizi, Ḥājji Mīrzā Muhammad.

See MacEoin, Sources, 175-6. His Bab/Babi History ends at 1848/9 and exists in several incomplete mss.

  • Tārīkh-i Amr  (History of the Babi-Baha'i Cause). Unpublished ms.  Photocopy in Afnān Library UK.
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Naʻīm Iṣfahānī/ Sidihi, Mirza Muhammad (b. Sidih c. 1272/1855-6 - d. 1915). نعيم اصفهانى  He was a poet an an author of Babi-Baha'i testimonia-istidlaliyya a few of which have been printed. See Avarih, Kawakib II:192-3; Browne, Materials, 341-358; MacEoin, `Bahaism. xii. Bahai Literature' in EIr. Vol. III/5, pp. 471-475.

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    SEE H-Baha'i Collected works :

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`Letters of the Living', Major Disciples of the Bab and select Persons and Episodes within Babi History. 


ملا حسين بشروئي

Mulla Muhammad Husayn (b. Bushrū'ī / Bushrūyaʾī c. 1229/1813- d.  Tabarsi, 9th Rabīʿ I 1265 /2 February 1849), son of Hajji Mullá Abd-Allah and a disciple of Sayyid Kazim al-Husayni Rashti (1259/1843). See frther MacEoin, Sources, 117-8.; Amanat R&R.

Barāqī, Firūz.

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Mullā ʿAlī Muhammad (Quddūs),

  • “Collected writings”, available online at  

Bāstānī Pārīzī, Muḥammad Ibrāhīm. Vādī-

See MacEoin, Sources, 105-107.

Ism-A'lláh al-Asḍaq (The Name of God, the Most Veridical),  a Shaykhī, Bābī and Baha’i Mullā Ṣādiq Muqaddas-i Khurāsānī (d.1306/1889), was entitled Ism-Allāh al-Aṣdaq by the Bā Lambden “Ebn Asdaq,” in  Encyclopaedia Iranica VII, 670-1. 996.

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Ṭāhira (The Pure One), Qurrat al-`Ayn (Solace of the Eyes), Fāṭima Baraghānī (b. Qazvin c. 1817 - d. Tehran 1852).

A Shaykhī sage, poetess and Bābī Martyr  of great importance in the evolution and development of the religion of the Bab. Some of her poems and writings have been published though many remain in ms. She was the eldest daughter of  Mullā Muhammad Ṣāliḥ al-Baraghānī [al-Qazvini] and Amina  (1202-1268 AH = 1787-1851 CE). A Shi`i-Shaykhi and ultimately Bābī apologist and martyr, this revolutionary Babi woman  is today internationally famous. Before coming to faith in the Bab (1819- 1850) in 1260/1844, she (like other members of her family) was a very learned and accomplished adherent of the Shi`i-Shaykhi school whose founding master Shaykh Ahmad ibn Zayn al-Din al-Ahsa'i (d. near Medina, 1241/1826) and (after 1826) and his successor, Sayyid Kazim al-Husayni al-Rashti (d. Karbala, 1259/1843) whom she greatly admired. By the 21st century there have come to exist perhaps forty to fifty or more books and papers about Tahira several of which have recently been published. Her numerous poems and prose writings in Persian and Arabic await adequte editions, studies and translations. The now numerous books and articles about Tahira often contain details about the religion and teachings of the Bab. Much of her poetry, treatises and letters, etc., is designed to expound and promote the religion of the Bab.

See further, Amanat, R&R    ; MacEoin, Sources, 107-117.

Bakhtiyari, Isfandyar.

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  • In memory of the hundredth anniversary of the martyrdom of Qurrat al-ʻAyn. 1368/ XXXX / 22nd Sept. 1949 ? "This booklet includes brief biography of Qurrat al-ʻAyn, some of her poetry, prayers, and other writings" See Harvard Univ. Library, Repository Homa Rouhi (Sarlati) :$3i

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Nuqabāʼī,  Ḥusām  / حسام نقبائي

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The Mazandaran Upheaval at Shaykh Tabarsi  (October 1848- May1849). The shrine of Shaykh Tabarsi is situated near  near Barfurush, Mazandaran.

Refer : Nabīl Zarandi (Nabil-i-Aʿzam), The Dawn-breakers: Nabíl’s Narrative of the Early Days of the Baháí Revelation,            ; Momen SBBH 1844-1944: 91-99;

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"This article transcribes and glosses a nineteenth-century Mazandarani document on Babi-state conflict at Shaikh Tabarsi. Collected in 1860 in the town of Barfurush, it was published five years later by Boris Andreevich Dorn in Perso-Arabic characters, The text is the first known prose document based on natural speech in the modern Mazandarani language. The language of the text is fundamentally the same as that spoken today in the Persian province of Mazandaran, located south of the Caspian Sea. As one expects, however, there are certain extinct traits in the text, which could be identified only by comparison with other surviving Mazandarani documents of the same period. The text will contribute to the study of the largely understudied language of Mazandaran, particularly to its development since the composition of the text. It may also serve as a supplementary historical document for the historic incident it narrates"(cited from the prefaced summary note in Borjian 2006: 381),  

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The Zanjan Upheaval and Babi leadership (May 5th 1850-1851). 

"... The Bābīs, under the leadership of Mullā Muḥammad ʿAlī-i Zand̲j̲ānī surnamed Ḥud̲j̲d̲j̲at (‘the Proof’), barricaded themselves in the citadel called Ḳilʿa-i ʿAlī Mardān Ḵh̲ān. After various turns of fortune the Bābīs, who numbered more than 3,000, were cruelly massacred... (extract from Bausani art. Babis in EI2).

See Sipihr, Nasikh; Hidayat, Rawdat al-Safa-yi Nasiri;  Mazandarani, KZH II; III: 175-185;  Momen BBR 1844-1944: 114-127.

Mullā Muhammad-ʿAlī al-Zanjānī, entitled Ḥujjat, "The Proof", (1812 - 1851).

He led around 2000 Babis ... 

See MacEoin, Sources, 116-117.

Mirza Husayn-i Zanjani, He was commissioned by Bahaullah around 1880
to write a report on the siege of Zanajn.

  • Tarikh-i waqayi‘-i Zanjan 

Haydar Big, son of Din-Muhammad, Hujjat’s military commander

  • Account of the Zanjan upheaval in the London ms. of the New History of the Bab (see Hamadani, New History, 139–68).

‘Abd al-Ahad / Aqa Naqd-‘Ali (two brothers). 

  • “Personal Reminiscences, the memoir of an Azali who had been a child during the siege; the narrative of ‘Abd al-Ahad’s brother, Aqa Naqd-‘Ali, quoted in Nicolas, Ali Mohammed, 332, 338–40  (Aparently lost; so Walbridge, 1996).

Āqā 'Abdu'l-Ahad-i-Zanjānī / Edward G Browne trans.

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NAYRIZ, نى ر‌ىز  A town in Fars, south of Iran, 220 km SE., of Shiraz.

Leading Babis and the Nayriz, Upheavals (May 1850-1853).

"... at Nayrīz in Fārs, another heroic Bābī insurrection took place, led by one Sayyid Yaḥyā-i Dārābī, who had been converted by the Bāb at S̲h̲īrāz and who had assumed the name of Waḥīd; the Bābīs, barricaded within the old citadel of the town, defended themselves bravely, with the sympathy of the population, for several days until they were all massacred (January 1850)." (extract from Bausani, art. "Babis" in EI2).

Sayyid Yaḥyā Dārābī, Waḥīd (b. Yazd c.1226/1811- d. Nayriz, 1266/1850).

He was the son of Sayyid Ja`far Dārābī, ibn Abī Isḥāq Mūsawī Burūjirdī Kashfī (b. Eṣṭahbānāt in Fārs, 1189/1775, d. Borūjerd 1267/1851) on whom see further Andrew Newman, Sayyid Ja`far Dārābī in EIr. Vol. VII/1, 9-10. 

Moojan Momen, EIr. 1994/2011. `DĀRĀBĪ SAYYED YAḤYĀ'   :

"In 1261/1846 Waḥīd was asked by Moḥammad Shah (1250-64/1834-48) and Ḥājī Mīrzā Āqāsī (q.v.) to investigate the claims being put forth by the Bāb (Nicolas, p. 233; Nabīl, pp. 171-72)." (Momen EIr.)

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Hussein Ahdieh,


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A further webpages on this site will include a bibliographical listing of  largely secondary writings and documents about Mirza Yaḥyā Nurī (d. Famagusta, Cyprus, 1912) and related Azali Babi developments. Further supplementary bibliographes can also be found here covering predominantly western language materials as well as Abrahamic (Jewish, Christian and other) responces to the Babi-Baha'i religions and Islamic, Sunni Shi`i-Shaykhi  anti-Babi-Baha'i polemic. See : 

  • Bibliography II: The Bab and the Babi Religion -Select Western Sources.
  • Bibliography III. Mirza Yahya Nuri and Azali Babism.
  • Bibliography Supp. I . Pre-Islamic Abrahamic religions - Jewish, Christian and other responces to the Babi-Baha'i religions.
  • Bibliography Supp. II. Islamic Anti-Babi-Baha'i Polemic - Sunni, Shi`i and Shaykhi ...