Bibliography II: The Bab and the Babi Religion -Select Western Sources

Bibliography II: The Bab and the Babi Religion -Select Western Sources. 

Stephen N. Lambden UCMerced.

In progress 22-04-2015.

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Lambden, Stephen (UK+USA)

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A doctoral thesis submitted by MacEoin (Faculty of Oriental Studies King's College, University of Cambridge), in July 1979. This thesis contains  (after the Preface, Acknowledgements, List of Abbreviations and Introduction) six chapters: (1) The Religious Background, 6-49 (2) Shaykh Aḥmad al-Aḥsā'ī, 50-94 (3) Sayyid Kāẓim Rashtī, 96-124 (4) From Shaykhism to Babism, 126-155 (5) Some Aspects of Early Babi Doctrine, 156-183  and (6)The Babi Da`wa among the Shaykhis and the Break with Shaykhism, 185-229.

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